Five things you can do in Noida on weekends!


Well let’s be candid about things, we generally don’t get time to explore things in the weekdays. Then why make your weekends humdrum, particularly when you have stuff to experience in Noida. While there are umpteen things that you can do in Noida, I’ll try and mention a few of them. Try these whenever you get time and give a feedback if time permits you.


Go shopping in the sector 18 area and Atta Market: We love shopping and if we don’t love shopping we love the people who love shopping. So directly or indirectly we all love shopping! Sector 18 is like the life of the town here in Noida and you’ll observe that the area always blazes a trail as far as style is concerned! The best thing about sector 18 lavish shopping area is that its modest cousin the ‘Atta Market’ resides in the neighborhood. Yeah that’s right, the atta market is just opposite at arm’s length from sector 18 and you can buy stuff from the atta market at a really reasonable price. From clothes to utensils, toys to furniture everything is available in this market. Pay a visit for a unique and closer to reality experience.


Go for some sports: Get that adrenaline rushing, sweat out all the frustration! Take sports, anything that befits your skills and interests. You can visit the Noida stadium in sector 21. The stadium has multiple facilities like Table tennis, badminton and others. Take a few friends with you and enjoy the game. Alternatively you can also visit the Decathlon Noida just beside the GIP ball. You can buy sports related stuff and play basketball, table tennis as well!


Explore Cafes and Restaurants: Noida has many god restaurants and cafes where you can hang out. Sector 18 Noida apparently offers many such places. The sector has many coffee chains and many brilliant restaurants as well. To name a few of them, you have Desi Vibes, Pind Baluchi, KFC, Punjabi by Nature and many others. You can never get short of culinary options in Noida for sure!


Take a long drive on the Express way: Well that a great idea, innit! Long drives are always a superb temporal way to run away from stress. Just grab the key of your bike or car and go for a long drive. Luckily Noida has an awesome Noida-Greater Noida expressway that you can enjoy. The roads are nice and you can just have an escape away from the maddening crowd, traffic and honking of the city!


Explore Street Food: I always try to explore street food. Noida has some delicious street food joints. Although you’ll find many street food points but a few of them are just brilliant. Try the ‘Chhole Bhature’ at GuptaJi’s near the golf course metro station in sector 31. You can try Aunty’s Momos in sector 18 as well just behind the Bikanerwala. These are just a few of them named here in this blog post.



Keep exploring the city and keep spreading information about the city as well!




5 Rajat Kapoor movies you must watch!


Rajat Kapoor does theater, he does movies of different sorts and he for sure is a versatile actor. Often we complain about the shortage of realistic cinema in Bollywood these days. That’s mostly because movies of the aforementioned sort don’t usually get a place in the multiplexes and if they get they run short of audience. Still there are people who want to watch realistic cinema, they value it and they cherish it!


I have tried to muster a collection of Rajat Kapoor movies. Out of that collection, here I am listing five movies I think are less watched but deserve attention. I am pretty sure you’ll like these. This list is purely out of my personal experience, so no lies and no canards either!


Raat Gayi, Baat Gayi: A movie that is a brilliant satire on the so called high suave society. The protagonist Rajat Kapoor gets so drunk at a party that he doesn’t remember iota about what happened that night. Throughout the movie he is skeptical about things, confused and this confusion leads to interesting events.


I’m 24: A movie in essence about online dating. A movie that demonstrates how reality can be different than what we see online! The protagonist dates a girl online and tells us that he is really good looking but in reality it is a different story altogether. A simple yet impressive story and definitely leaves an impact on the audience.


Bheja Fry: The story of Bheja fry revolves around a simpleton guy. Rajat Kapoor in this particular movie plays the role of a suave man, apparently a character that really suits his persona. The movie is sure to tickle your funny bone. It is a simple story but with some really strong and impressive performances.


Hulla: Another Rajat Kapoor movie that is simple yet extremely relevant. The movie displays the life of a couple living in a gated society in Mumbai. The man gets disturbed by the whistling watchman and scolds him for the same. On the other hand, the secretary of the society insists that the whistling is for the safety of the society. The movie is an extremely interesting one and showcases day to day activities that happen around us.


Siddharth: The Prisoner: Well this one is a pure Rajat Kapoor show! He hardly speaks in the movie but his gestures and expressions speak aloud! It is a story of a writer who by fate gets a briefcase full of cash but in the process lost his manuscript. So the crave waves between greed and selflessness. Rajat Kapoor with this brooding looks does absolute justice to the role. In the end, he leaves it all. He leaves it all to start afresh!


Well these are just some of the Rajat Kapoor movies mentioned here. He has done umpteen number of movies and keeps experimenting to serve something new and different to the audiences.

Meeting a school friend- A fantastico experience!



Man is a social animal. We all have friends and everyone requires friends as well! Life becomes awesome and fantastico when we are enjoying with our friends. A friend is someone who cares for us and someone who always supports us. We all have friends and we share our secrets with them. Thus we at times heavily hinge upon our friends as well! Friendship is truly a fantastico thing! Life is so nice when you have the companionship of friends! I always believe that a friend should have empathy for his friends! A friend is someone with whom you share all your joys and inspiration, that’s the fantastico thing about friendship!


We make a lot of friends in our school life. School life is an awesome time. We learn, educate ourselves and in the whole process we make a lot of friends as well! I am pretty sure that everyone loves and misses his or her school life for sure. We do a lot of naughty things in the span of our school life. School life for sure is a fantastico experience! The friends we make in our school life are always special. The memories with them remain with us for a lifetime. The term ‘best friend’ is something that we use a lot in our school life. Often we write essays and paragraphs describing our best friend. School life is all about friendship, education and fun!


When I came to college I made new friends and the dynamics of the life changed a bit as well! The college life is a tad different from the school life. We become professionally a tad more aware in the college times. One day I found my old school friend on a social networking website and then we started chatting like anything. We chatted for hours at a stretch and then we exchanged numbers. We called each other several times and it was really like reliving the school times. We eventually decided to meet and that truly was a fantastico thing!


We met after almost a decade and we were talking like brothers. We discussed how we used to play cricket and football for hours at a stretch during our school life. That was really a fantastico thing! I still remember that banter and it was really a candid one! We discussed our professional life and our personal life as well! We decided that from now on we will definitely stay in touch and meet very often also. We discussed a lot of the funny incidents that happened with us in the past in the school life and it was truly a fantastico thing to do.

Please visit your school friends and I am sure you will love it as well! Meeting a school friend is always a fantastico experience!


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The impact of movies on common people!


Man always needs some source of recreation and fun! For recreation people often travel, listen to music, read or watch movies! Cinema has always been a part and parcel of our lives! At times we travel through the movies we watch! We Indians carry a great fad for movies and to be candid we are tad emotional about cinema as well! These movies have a huge impact on us. People often try to imitate in real life what they watch and observe in movies. These movies impact us and our lives in many ways. Some impact that the movies make on our lives is not apparent while some are apparent ones.


We often make our role models by watching and observing the actors in the movies. Very often you will see that the protagonist has a huge impact on the youth! The protagonists in the movies have a huge impact on us! We try to imitate their style and we do it very often as well! As a teenager even I had a huge fad for movies and used to put the posters of the actors in my room. The main actor in the movie often inspires us and we somehow relate to the plot as well! Thus the actors in the movies have a huge impact on us.


Movies are a great source of recreation and fun as well! We often opt to go for movies to entertain ourselves. Thus movies have a huge impact on us and are a part and parcel of our lives as well! Everyone carries crave to be entertained! Whenever we feel bore or want to entertain ourselves, we go to watch a movie. This also gives us a chance to interact with others. When we go for movies we often go with our family or friends, thus it gives us a chance to spend time with others as well! There are many movie halls in almost every city itself are a proof that movies have a huge impact on common life!


Movies often give us a message and educate the common people as well! It is really amazing that movies contribute to the betterment of the society as well! There are a lot of movies that give a positive message to the society! Thus movies impact the society as well! People often get educated through the movies as well! There are a lot of movies made on the theme of social awareness, patriotism and others. We easily remember what we see and observe in movies and this helps us to educate ourselves and be more socially aware about various things!


It is really amazing how cinema impacts us and our lives! Thanks to all the directors, actors and others for making some fabulous movies for the common people!



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The FANTASTICO feeling you get whenever India wins a cricket match!



The fad for cricket is simply enormous in this nation. Cricket is really like a religion in India! The fantastico thing about cricket fans in India is that they are emotionally attached to the cricket team and they are always optimistic about the Indian cricket team. I am an ardent fan of cricket as well! I must confess that this sport has given me some fantastico moments and memories in my life! Cricket has always been like a part and parcel of my life! I still remember my childhood days when I used to either watch or play cricket whole day long!


I think a lot of people who are born in the 90s would remember Sachin’s fantastico innings at the Sharjah! The cricket matches at Sharjah used to be extremely exciting! That was truly a fantastico moment for all the cricket fans of the nation. We still remember that innings and whenever we watch it still excites us! That’s the beauty of cricket in this fantastico nation! The craze for Sachin is also huge in India.


We still remember the final that the Indian cricket team won in the Natwest series. Chasing a three hundred plus score was never easy against the English cricket team. It was a major win abroad for the Indian cricket team. All thanks to Kaif and Yuvraj who helped us make a comeback in the match and then eventually we won the match as well! That truly was a fantastico partnership between the two youngsters that helped us win the match! We still remember that match and we still relish it!


India winning the T20 world cup was also a fantastico moment for all the Indian cricket fans! It was a new format of the game and we performed really well to grab the world cup! This world cup gave the fans some really close encounters. The way Indian players adapted to the latest format of the game was really fantastico and amazing! The Indian team winning the T20 world was a special thing for all the cricket fans of the nation!


Then came the big thing, we won the world cup 2011 and it was a fantastico moment for all the people of the nation! People came out on the streets to celebrate the victory of the world cup. The final was played at Mumbai and our captain finished the match with a majestic six! The thrill was truly fantastico and the entire nation danced in joy! The Indian captain holding the world cup was a proud moment for all the citizens of the nation! This was the second time that we won the cricket world cup.


Whenever the Indian cricket team wins, we all get a fantastico feeling! Let us wish that our team keeps winning to bring more pride to our nation!




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Entertainment- ‘Kahin Bhi, Kabhi Bhi’ with the new Tata Sky+ Transfer


Well, there is not even an iota of doubt that television and the internet has become a part and parcel of our lives! We can’t imagine a life without internet and television. Our entertainment heavily hinges upon these two and thus these are of cardinal importance. That said, we have moved onto smaller screens these days! Yes, I am talking about our cell phones! We want our cell phones to be our TV, to be our laptop, to be our music player et al. Yeah, so we sort of multitask with our cell phones.


So people who are heavily dependent on their cell phones use them for entertainment purposes as well! The people who commute on a daily basis using public transport are heavily dependent on their cell phones. They use their cell phones to listen music, watch videos et al. The main problem that the people who commute on a daily basis to their offices face is that by the time they reach their places back from work, its either too late to watch television or they are too tired! So apparently, they miss out their favorite shows, movies and matches.



Well, to be candid I use my cell phone a lot for entertainment purposes while I am commuting to my office from my place! I love watching shows, movies and sports. TV shows like Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory are my favorite. I think these shows are cool and the humor is simply amazing. Seinfeld is all about how simple things can be so humorous if presented in a nice manner. There is humor all around us. You find interesting and funny people everywhere, its just about observation! The street is full of moments, you just need to have the curiosity to pick them up! I still remember I was famous in my college days for my fad for these  shows. Now its a thoroughly different story, I rarely get time to watch the latest seasons of my favorite shows. At times even if I reach my place on time, the TV room is already occupied and again I miss to watch my shows!


I am glad that now we have the new Tata Sky+ Transfer that gives us the facility to record our favorite TV shows and transfer the same to our cell phones, tablets, I-pads etc. This really simplifies a lot of things, I will not miss out on my favorite shows and matches now. I can record my favorite shows and then transfer them to my cell phone using the new Tata Sky+ Transfer. So, that I can watch them anytime and anywhere. Its like you have all your favorite stuff in your cell phone, cool! Now I can watch my favorite shows while travelling to my office and I can keep myself updated with the latest seasons and trends as well! Even on weekends, if some important work comes up that doesn’t mean I have to miss my TV shows or matches, they are all saved in my cell phone! This really is revolutionary technology by Tata Sky that truly befits the modern lifestyle!

The Gourmands starving for food! Wish we had TinyOwl!





India has always been a land of ardent food lovers. People in India love eating like anything. Albeit, the concept of becoming health conscious is getting prevalent these days but the number of food lovers has not seen any abatement either. In this era of lavish restaurants and coffee chains, people are missing the experience of the great street food culture of India. When you love food, it is always on your priority. As the great George Bernard Shaw said- “There is no sincerer love than the love of food”. You can gauge a lot about a person by this eating habits and the choice of food he prefers to eat.


We were four bachelors living our life to the fullest. The common thing among us was the fad for food. Yes, we were all foodies and every weekend we used to plan to eat something special and really mouthwatering. It was a typical Sunday in the month on May, the temperature was really on the higher side. We had a plan to remain hungry till evening and then go for Biryani in night at our favorite Biryani point located in the outer side of the city. We were so excited about eating our favorite Biryani after starving all day long!


A friend of mine said with full zeal, ‘Biryani coupled with Cold-Drinks would be heaven’. The others nodded in agreement. We played football in the day time in the scorching sun and by the evening we were all exhausted and hungry. The clock struck 7 and we all started getting ready to go outside and eat like typical gourmands we were! We got ready and left from our flat to reach at the Biryani point which was like 1.5 hours away from our place. We were so hungry and excited that we could sniff the Biryani even from miles away. We reached the destination but to no avail! Our favorite Biryani point was closed, we were so disappointed and frustrated that we were almost in tears. What to do now! We were in the outer side of the city and there wasn’t any other eating option available there. Also, it would take us at least an hour to reach back to our place and by that time it would be too late! We were starving and the only option we had was to grab some cold drinks and snacks at the 24 by 7 outlet. We took this option as this apparently was the only option. What started as an exciting day ended with disappointment and frustration!


I wish we had something like TinyOwl at that moment. Things would have become a lot simpler! The app is just apt and tailor-made for this aforementioned situation or rather for any situation of such sort! The app has got such beautiful User Interface, we could have selected dishes of our choice and placed the order. The app also gives us the facility to track the order! Well for all the ardent food lovers, TinyOwl is your go to app!