It is the Indian values that make us win!


We Indians are known for our values and culture. That is what makes us special! The love for the nation is a natural phenomenon, something that I’ve always believed you don’t need to teach. India has always had a rich heritage and culture that is eclectic in nature. We have our values and that is what differentiates us from others. We aren’t materialistic, we value people over things. We believe that God made people to be loved and things to be used but unfortunately nowadays people love things and they use people!


I’ll share a candid experience, a situation wherein I kept my patience and didn’t leave my Indian values and things took care of themselves then. I was introduced into a new project and the project lead was an American guy, nerd who hardly spoke. We were total seven people in the team and I was the last and the youngest to join. The other five people were Indians as well and were pretty pedantic in nature. As I was new in the team I didn’t have a lot of idea about the project and apparently most of the discussions were esoteric. Things became tough, I couldn’t perform as no one was ready to transfer the project knowledge or help me get started with things.


Months went by but I didn’t lose hope. I started working doubly hard. To be candid, there were times when I felt like leaving the job but I wanted to leave on a good note. We Indians respect people and no matter how arrogant a person is, if you continue showing good behavior he will eventually succumb to your good natured personality. That’s what I did as well; no matter how bad I was treated initially I kept respecting others. Good behavior, patience and hard work helped me carve a niche for myself in the team.


The project lead called me one day in his cabin. I was surprised to hear that I was given a promotion. He said to me: ‘Things weren’t easy for you in the beginning but I appreciate your hard work. I have seen guys quit jobs for reasons like these. What made you stay here? I’m just a tad curious to know!’ I smiled and thanked him for the promotion letter. I told him: ‘We Indians are known for our values. We respect people and we always maintain our honesty towards our work. That said we like winning people! Yes you are right, I could have left the job as well but I wanted to prove a point.’ Well he looked pretty impressed and we shook hands as if we both understood each other.



You shouldn’t compromise your values just because things get tough at times. After all that is what we Indians are known for! We are extremely glad that Lufthansa recognizes the global Indian influence and is celebrating the same which is extremely apparent in their latest TVC. This definitely makes Lufthansa #MoreIndianThanYouThink


Uttar Pradesh politics experiences a paradigm shift!


The politics in Uttar Pradesh traditionally has been politics of caste and religion. Yeah let’s call spade a spade. Things take time to change and it takes a lot of efforts to bring such ideological changes. The political parties will continue to be-fool us as long as we get trapped in their plots. For the past few decades political parties have be-fooled us a lot on the name of religion and caste. This has led to nothing but hatred and failures. This election has witnessed something different and marvelous. People apparently are rising above caste and religions and this for sure is a great sign for the state! Let’s try and keep things this way as long as we can. Let’s pledge to keep our nation and national interest above personal gains and profits. Let us keep voting on basis of development and progress in the upcoming elections as well! Let us try and help Uttar Pradesh achieve what the state really deserves. Uttar Pradesh would have been a different story if people realized this a few decades back, but let us let bygones be bygones and work towards building a state that has umpteen opportunities for the youth and treats people of all religions equally without any sort of discrimination!


The results stamp the fact that people of Uttar Pradesh have risen above politics of caste and religion. It is extremely pleasant to see that the new generation recognizes development. For the past decades political parties have be-fooled people on the name of religion and caste. This only led to division and marred our unity. Demonetization is accepted as long as it aspires to mitigate corruption. Surgical attacks are welcome if they boost national pride and patriotism. We hope that the new State government takes things notches up cultivating umpteen opportunities for the youth. When you have the same party incumbent at both state level and center then there is no scope of excuses. Let’s start afresh and aspire to make a state that will keep voting on the basis of issues like development, national interests et al.


Akhilesh Yadav in essence did a fair job. The family feud and the alliance with INC may have just hit the image. You can’t really blame petty things like the aforementioned when you know there was something huge like Modi in the grand scheme. Again, Akhilesh did nothing wrong but had a competition that’s way beyond him and beyond all political parties in conjunction as well for that matter!

Haseeb Hameed carrying the legacy forward!



Players of Indian origin playing international cricket for England has apparently been a culture. In this ongoing test series Hameed makes a debut and carries the legacy forward. The young guy looks calm and has got the quintessential English technique as well! The young man’s patient innings in one of the test matches showcased his temperament as well. Never easy for a debutant to play in India when the whole crowd (apart from a few tourists taking sun bath) is hostile and the ball is turning like anything.


Hameed isn’t the first one of Indian origin to play for the English. There have been many players of Indian origin who played for England and were pretty known faces in the cricketing world. It all started with Ranjitsinhji, the king who played cricket for the England team. Ranjitsinhji is regarded as one of the greatest batters of all time. The Ranji Trophy is named after him and carries a cardinal significance in the domestic circuit. After Ranjitsinhji his nephew Duleepsinhji carried the legacy forward and player cricket for the English at the international level. The famous ‘Duleep Trophy’ is named after him and is pretty famous in Indian domestic cricket.


In recent times as well many Indian origin men have played for the England cricket team. Nasser Hussain, Ravi Bopara, Ronnie Irani, Monty Panesar are players of Indian origin who have played for England at the international level. These players have done well at the highest level as well and they are known worldwide. So Haseeb is just carrying the legacy forward and the young guy looks promising as well. Tour of India is always a fantastic learning experience.


An Interview with the Great Indian Litterbug!








We know that the concept of clean India is mushrooming everywhere in the nation but there is always a rebel! Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the well-known and the stinking “The Great Indian Litterbug”. As they say, “Rebel is nonconformists”. The man is a living example and openly opposes the clean India movement. Although the guy is a little shy of media but on a special request he finally agreed for an interview. When he agreed for the interview, I was really ecstatic! Apparently the most untidy man in the nation agreed to give me his precious time.


The appointment was set, he told me all that he could give me was thirty minutes. He also warned me not to bring any perfumes, deodorants or room fresheners with me. He said that he is allergic to fragrances. Also, he made me promise him that I will not take a bath the entire week before interviewing him. I can take a bath only after the interview is done and dusted. I had no options. I agreed on all fronts. The place was set, the time was fixed. I was a tad nervous but then I recollected courage and went for the interview. He came on time as well. That’s how the interview went:


Me: “Hi Sir! Thanks for your precious time”

“Well, that’s okay. I am a very generous person.” He said throwing a wrapper from his pocket.

Me: “I can see that! You don’t keep your things, you throw them away.”

The Great Indian Litterbug: “Yes! You got it plumb! That’s the reason I keep throwing my waste in public. I am a REBEL actually!”

Me: “Rebel? How can you say that you’re a rebel?”

The Great Indian Litterbug: “Yes I am a REBEL- Ruining Environment By Excreting Litter”

Me: “Well, that’s your definition of Rebel. Amazing!”

The Great Indian Litterbug: “Was that sarcasm?”

Me: “No, no that was out of appreciation. What are your thoughts on the clean India movement?”

The Great Indian Litterbug: “I don’t support that movement. I am a true patriot!”

Me: “Well, that’s okay. Why don’t you support the clean India movement?”

The Great Indian Litterbug: “That’s a little complicated and probably beyond your understanding capabilities.”

Me: “Sir, please elaborate. I will try my level best to understand it”

The Great Indian Litterbug: “It is about the nation’s economy. I don’t want our country to face pecuniary embarrassments. The nation has to be stinking to be rich! I want my country to be stinking rich but no one understands me.”

Me: “Okay, got it. So you want the entire nation to be dirty and untidy. You hate cleanliness, don’t you?”

The Great Indian Litterbug: “Yes! That is why I spit everywhere and I throw my thrash anywhere. Okay, now your time is over. I have to go and spread waste. There is a lot of responsibility on me. The nation heavily hinges upon people like me!”


Note: This blog post is written to promote The Great Indiana campaign by The Times of India.