Meeting a school friend- A fantastico experience!



Man is a social animal. We all have friends and everyone requires friends as well! Life becomes awesome and fantastico when we are enjoying with our friends. A friend is someone who cares for us and someone who always supports us. We all have friends and we share our secrets with them. Thus we at times heavily hinge upon our friends as well! Friendship is truly a fantastico thing! Life is so nice when you have the companionship of friends! I always believe that a friend should have empathy for his friends! A friend is someone with whom you share all your joys and inspiration, that’s the fantastico thing about friendship!


We make a lot of friends in our school life. School life is an awesome time. We learn, educate ourselves and in the whole process we make a lot of friends as well! I am pretty sure that everyone loves and misses his or her school life for sure. We do a lot of naughty things in the span of our school life. School life for sure is a fantastico experience! The friends we make in our school life are always special. The memories with them remain with us for a lifetime. The term ‘best friend’ is something that we use a lot in our school life. Often we write essays and paragraphs describing our best friend. School life is all about friendship, education and fun!


When I came to college I made new friends and the dynamics of the life changed a bit as well! The college life is a tad different from the school life. We become professionally a tad more aware in the college times. One day I found my old school friend on a social networking website and then we started chatting like anything. We chatted for hours at a stretch and then we exchanged numbers. We called each other several times and it was really like reliving the school times. We eventually decided to meet and that truly was a fantastico thing!


We met after almost a decade and we were talking like brothers. We discussed how we used to play cricket and football for hours at a stretch during our school life. That was really a fantastico thing! I still remember that banter and it was really a candid one! We discussed our professional life and our personal life as well! We decided that from now on we will definitely stay in touch and meet very often also. We discussed a lot of the funny incidents that happened with us in the past in the school life and it was truly a fantastico thing to do.

Please visit your school friends and I am sure you will love it as well! Meeting a school friend is always a fantastico experience!


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