Five things you can do in Noida on weekends!


Well let’s be candid about things, we generally don’t get time to explore things in the weekdays. Then why make your weekends humdrum, particularly when you have stuff to experience in Noida. While there are umpteen things that you can do in Noida, I’ll try and mention a few of them. Try these whenever you get time and give a feedback if time permits you.


Go shopping in the sector 18 area and Atta Market: We love shopping and if we don’t love shopping we love the people who love shopping. So directly or indirectly we all love shopping! Sector 18 is like the life of the town here in Noida and you’ll observe that the area always blazes a trail as far as style is concerned! The best thing about sector 18 lavish shopping area is that its modest cousin the ‘Atta Market’ resides in the neighborhood. Yeah that’s right, the atta market is just opposite at arm’s length from sector 18 and you can buy stuff from the atta market at a really reasonable price. From clothes to utensils, toys to furniture everything is available in this market. Pay a visit for a unique and closer to reality experience.


Go for some sports: Get that adrenaline rushing, sweat out all the frustration! Take sports, anything that befits your skills and interests. You can visit the Noida stadium in sector 21. The stadium has multiple facilities like Table tennis, badminton and others. Take a few friends with you and enjoy the game. Alternatively you can also visit the Decathlon Noida just beside the GIP ball. You can buy sports related stuff and play basketball, table tennis as well!


Explore Cafes and Restaurants: Noida has many god restaurants and cafes where you can hang out. Sector 18 Noida apparently offers many such places. The sector has many coffee chains and many brilliant restaurants as well. To name a few of them, you have Desi Vibes, Pind Baluchi, KFC, Punjabi by Nature and many others. You can never get short of culinary options in Noida for sure!


Take a long drive on the Express way: Well that a great idea, innit! Long drives are always a superb temporal way to run away from stress. Just grab the key of your bike or car and go for a long drive. Luckily Noida has an awesome Noida-Greater Noida expressway that you can enjoy. The roads are nice and you can just have an escape away from the maddening crowd, traffic and honking of the city!


Explore Street Food: I always try to explore street food. Noida has some delicious street food joints. Although you’ll find many street food points but a few of them are just brilliant. Try the ‘Chhole Bhature’ at GuptaJi’s near the golf course metro station in sector 31. You can try Aunty’s Momos in sector 18 as well just behind the Bikanerwala. These are just a few of them named here in this blog post.



Keep exploring the city and keep spreading information about the city as well!




The impact of stress on productivity!


In this era of rat-race and cut throat competition, the term is extremely common! People often use this term and the professionals use it even more. Stress actually reduces our productivity so we should always try to mitigate stress in our lives. There are many demerits of stress and it leads to decline always. So we must always try to stay optimistic and cheerful in life to avoid stress and increase the productivity. Stress has great potential to reduce our productivity in both personal as well as professional life! Try to remain happy and have an optimistic approach in life. Also, always try to help others and discuss things!


A great way to reduce stress is to exercise. Yes, working out can really help to reduce stress in life and I have observed this myself. Hit the gym and sweat out all your frustration and stress! That’s a great idea to stay healthy and to mitigate stress at the same time. People who exercise daily are happier and have lesser amount of stress levels in their life. So I would advice all to start hitting the gym not only to stay fit but also to reduce the stress levels. A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body! Health is of great importance in life!


You should also try to socialize to reduce stress! Go out and make few friends. Often being alone or lonely becomes a major reason for the stress in life! Instead one must try to socialize and mingle with others in the society. This way you can share your joys as well and it’s always great to have a nice social circle in life. Thus try to socialize a bit in order to mitigate stress in life. Always, remember that the impact of stress on productivity is huge and detrimental as well! So, step out and meet some people!


Another great way to reduce stress and its impact on productivity is by travelling! Yes whenever in stress, travel! Travelling is a great thing to do and try to travel like a local! Travel to explore things in depth. Travelling has a great positive impact on us and this helps to reduce the negative impact of stress. I have observed it myself that travelling does wonders to your confidence and is a great way to reduce stress as well!


Don’t take things too seriously in life. This needs to be implemented in the professional life in particular. Also, try to refrain from indulging in negative gossips or conversations. Positivity is extremely important in life and it also helps to increase productivity as well! Try to meditate as well if possible to reduce the stress levels in your life. Try to make sure that stress doesn’t impact your productivity in both personal as well as in professional life!

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Fantastico experience at Lucknow!



India has many states and each state offers something unique. Every state has a lot of history associated with it and thus exploring these is always a fantastico experience! You should keep travelling and exploring places, it gives you a chance to interact with a lot of people in the process. Travelling is always a fantastico thing to do. So, keep travelling and keep exploring places. I have explored a few of the Indian states and it is always a fantastico experience. Each state has its own language, culture and its own traditions. This is the most beautiful and fantastico thing about the various Indian states. That is the reason that tourists keep visiting our nation in large numbers.


If you haven’t visited Uttar Pradesh yet then you must for sure plan a trip to this state of India. Uttar Pradesh has various cities of historical and cultural importance. So, you can visit and explore many places in the state. The state is extremely rich in culture and heritage. The state has some great spots for people who have fad about wildlife as well! Thus you also get a chance to explore a few forest areas in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Also, the state has various places of religious importance as well. The state has some extremely holy cities like Ayodhya, Varanasi and others. These cities have huge cultural values. Thus, visiting the state is always a fantastico experience for anyone who loves travelling.


I visited Lucknow and indeed it was a fantastico experience! The city also happens to be the state capital. The city has many monuments and buildings of historical importance. Also, the city has some building with modern architecture as well! There are various amusement parks in the city as well. Also, the city has a zoo that you can visit for fun and entertainment. The city has many monuments of Mughal style architecture and there is huge heritage associated with these monuments. The city offers a lot for those who like to shop as well! You can wear ‘kurtas’ of different sorts. Lucknow is famous for ‘chicken kurta’ in particular. Thus, the city offers a fantastico shopping experience as well!


If you are a foodie then for sure you will love the city Lucknow! The city is a fantastico place for food lovers as well! The city offers a variety of cuisines. The non-vegetarians can surely try biryani and kababs here and it will for sure satisfy their taste buds! The food in this ‘nawabi’ city is really awesome! The place is filled with awesome food joints and offers a lot in terms of taste. You can try desserts of different sorts as well! The place is extremely famous for ‘kulfi’, an ice-cream dessert!

It was really a fantastico experience visiting the place!


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The Fantastico road trip to Rishikesh!



I love travelling and I love riding bikes as well! Travelling is always a fantastico experience! Travelling helps you enhance your personality as well! Often I go for bike rides with my friends and it is great fun! Riding on bikes gives a great thrill that truly is unmatched! It makes you feel alive and you get that adrenaline rush. Bike rides with friends late in the nights is always an awesome experience! I along with my friends decided to go for a bike ride to Rishikesh and truly that was really special!


We were six friends on three bikes and we decided to proceed with our road trip plan! We left from Delhi in the evening around 7pm and it was a tad chilly in the month of January. The weather was really awesome for an exciting bike ride! The first stop or rather break that we took was in Meerut which is less than hundred kilometers from Delhi. We stopped at an unconventional food joint in Meerut and ordered some stuff for us! We took some rest at Meerut as well! Bike rides are always fantastico and great fun! We decided to stay in Meerut for some time and explore the city a little before we leave the city. It also helped us to recharge and rejuvenate ourselves. I must say that Meerut has some awesome and fantastico food joints and is a nice place for food lovers as well!


We decided to take the second stop after a few more hours. The second stop we took was in Roorkee which is in UttaraKhand. The place is awesome and we had a nice tea session with snacks in Roorkee. We also took some pictures at the IIT Roorkee and it was great fun! We also explored the city and interacted with a few local people as well! The city is pretty clean and has some nice places to chill out and enjoy. We stayed in Roorkee for a couple of hours and then we decided to leave and continue with our bike ride! Roorkee was truly a fantastico experience for us!


It took us around eight hours to reach Rishikesh and the view of the city and really fantastico. We were amazed by the natural beauty of the place and it was extremely scenic as well! We explored the city and met a lot of tourists and local people as well! The city has rich heritage and culture associated with it. We explored the Ram Jhula and the Laxman Jhula as well and we were amazed by the construction and architecture of these fantastic bridges! The city offers some great and fantastico coffee shops where you can get drinks of various sorts. The view from these coffee shops is awesome and fantastico as well!


It was really a fantastico road trip!

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The impact of technology on common life!


This era is surely about technology and technological advancements! We are surrounded by technology and surely technology has become a part and parcel of our lives. Our lives definitely heavily hinges upon technology these days. In this era of rat race and cut throat competition we surely cannot shun the importance of technology in our lives. Technology for sure has touched various aspects of our life! The way modern science and research has made technology accessible to the common man is also a commendable thing! We use technology for most of our works these days. It is really amazing how technology has made a lot of things easier for us. Technology has really helped to reduce human efforts.


If we have to travel somewhere we use technology for that. Travelling is always fun. There are fast and convenient modes of transport these days, all thanks to the advancements made in technology. In the past, travelling from one place to another used to be a herculean task but that is definitely not the case anymore. You don’t need to worry a lot these days even if you have to travel great distances. People these days travel across countries and continents with ease and comfort! Travelling has really become easier with technology and it has helped mankind to increase productivity as well!


Talking to people has also become easy due to technological advancements. Man is a social animal and talking helps to reduce a lot of problems. It is a part and parcel of our lives. People can now connect and talk with others using the gadgets like mobile phones. Internet has played a huge role in technological advancements. People used to write letters in the past, now people have the luxury to communicate with anyone in a jiffy using the mobile phones and the internet.


These days even shopping has gone online because of the technological advancements. You don’t need to go out of your homes to shop these days. People have choice to select from various shopping sites these days. So people can choose, pay and shop from their homes these days without any need to go outside. Also, these shopping sites help users to connect with sellers living at a far distance as well!


Food ordering has also become easy and convenient due to the technological advancements. So technology has given us the facility to order food items of our choice in a jiffy. Users can now choose from a list of restaurants and place their order with ease and comfort. Now you can satisfy your hunger with ease these days! So in case you don’t have the facility to cook or you are too lazy to cook, you can place your order easily! All thanks to the technology!


Thus technology has made a huge impact on common life

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Fantastico experience at Jaipur!






India is a fabulous nation and the place is just apt for the people with fad for travelling. Truly you can explore a lot in this fantastico nation. I have travelled and explored quite a few places in India. I have explored few states and must say that each offers a unique taste! That is another fantastico thing about this great nation; you get a lot of variety in almost everything.


The more you travel, the richer you become! I reached Jaipur with this thought in mind. I really believe that travelling not just helps you enhance your personality but also helps you to become a better human! You get a chance to meet and interact with a lot of people while you are travelling. This really is a fabulous thing.


After reaching Jaipur, the first thing I did was to look for some fabulous eatery options. I found one at the outer side of the city and the experience I must say was fantastico! The food at these unconventional joints can sometimes be amazing and out of the world. Looking out for food stuff was the first thing I did after reaching Jaipur!


I took a normal hotel in the heart of the city. The reason I took the hotel in the heart of the city is that it offers great connectivity. Thus, you get access to various famous parts of the city. I started my journey with exploration of the markets in Jaipur. I must say that for shopping Jaipur is really a fantastico place! You can buy some really awesome traditional outfits from Jaipur. Outfits that are loyal and help you standout in the crowd! Also, there are a lot of options in jewellery as well! Thus the place is a fantastic shopping hub as well, providing a unique shopping experience. Make sure you sharpen your bargain skills if you are planning to shop in Jaipur!


The fantastico and the royal city has a lot of places that you can visit. I started with visiting the Jal Mahal, the think unique and amazing about this palace is that it’s in water! The Jal Mahal is a really scenic palace and a great place to visit for people fond of photography. The palace truly amazes you with its beauty.


After visiting the Jal Mahal, I decided to visit the Nahargarh Fort on the advice of a local man! The brilliant and magnificent palace stands tall and is a must visit place as well! The fantastico thing about the Nahargarh Fort is that the whole city of Jaipur is visible from this fort! The view from the Nahargarh Fort is truly amazing and breathtaking!


The beautiful city of Jaipur has many awesome places to visit! I am sure you’ll love this fantastico city whenever you visit it! Keep travelling folks!



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My City- My Noida



India is a fabulous nation and it offers a great deal of variety as well! India is a land of multiple languages, religions, races, cultures etc. We all live together in this great nation. I have lived in a few cities and to be frank each city has something unique to offer! There is something special about every city! When you select a city to live in you need to keep certain things in your mind. The city should offer decent opportunities, the city but be well designed as far as the infrastructure is concerned. You should be able to connect with the people of that place, that’s important as well!


I have been living in Noida for almost a decade and I have developed a kind of bond for this city. I came to college to do my graduation and that was real fun time. I made a lot of new friends during my graduation days. Truly, I enjoyed my college life in this city. I have a lot of friends here. After I completed my graduation, I landed my first job in Noida itself. Then I switched a few jobs but I have been living in this very city. This city is kind of my city now!


There are a lot of things that this city offers. Noida is close to Delhi which itself is a brilliant advantage. The city also has metro connectivity to Delhi which is again a huge plus point. The place is apt for career oriented young people. The city has a lot of training institutions and training centers. There are a lot of decent opportunities across various domains for software folks in this city as well! Also, the city offers a lot for people aspiring to make careers in journalism and media. Thus as far as career opportunities are concerned, the city has a lot to offer. The city also has some fabulous restaurants and food joints! So it’s a decent place for foodies as well!


You can enjoy long drives on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway! The Expressway has been designed brilliantly for an awesome drive experience. The road is well designed to ensure great driving experience. Offices of many MNCs, BPOs, and ITES firms are located along this high-speed link. Owing to good connectivity of the area and infrastructure many residential sectors have also come up along the Expressway. A great thing about this Noida Expressway is that the Expressway is toll-free for all times!


Noida is fast emerging as a popular destination for party goers with a reverberating nightlife. Noida nightclubs boast of great music, hi-tech sound systems and decors that range from simple to dramatic. On weekends you can party all night long in Noida…and at some clubs during the week too. So put your dancing shoes on and get ready to groove!

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