The Gourmands starving for food! Wish we had TinyOwl!





India has always been a land of ardent food lovers. People in India love eating like anything. Albeit, the concept of becoming health conscious is getting prevalent these days but the number of food lovers has not seen any abatement either. In this era of lavish restaurants and coffee chains, people are missing the experience of the great street food culture of India. When you love food, it is always on your priority. As the great George Bernard Shaw said- “There is no sincerer love than the love of food”. You can gauge a lot about a person by this eating habits and the choice of food he prefers to eat.


We were four bachelors living our life to the fullest. The common thing among us was the fad for food. Yes, we were all foodies and every weekend we used to plan to eat something special and really mouthwatering. It was a typical Sunday in the month on May, the temperature was really on the higher side. We had a plan to remain hungry till evening and then go for Biryani in night at our favorite Biryani point located in the outer side of the city. We were so excited about eating our favorite Biryani after starving all day long!


A friend of mine said with full zeal, ‘Biryani coupled with Cold-Drinks would be heaven’. The others nodded in agreement. We played football in the day time in the scorching sun and by the evening we were all exhausted and hungry. The clock struck 7 and we all started getting ready to go outside and eat like typical gourmands we were! We got ready and left from our flat to reach at the Biryani point which was like 1.5 hours away from our place. We were so hungry and excited that we could sniff the Biryani even from miles away. We reached the destination but to no avail! Our favorite Biryani point was closed, we were so disappointed and frustrated that we were almost in tears. What to do now! We were in the outer side of the city and there wasn’t any other eating option available there. Also, it would take us at least an hour to reach back to our place and by that time it would be too late! We were starving and the only option we had was to grab some cold drinks and snacks at the 24 by 7 outlet. We took this option as this apparently was the only option. What started as an exciting day ended with disappointment and frustration!


I wish we had something like TinyOwl at that moment. Things would have become a lot simpler! The app is just apt and tailor-made for this aforementioned situation or rather for any situation of such sort! The app has got such beautiful User Interface, we could have selected dishes of our choice and placed the order. The app also gives us the facility to track the order! Well for all the ardent food lovers, TinyOwl is your go to app!


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