An Interview with the Great Indian Litterbug!








We know that the concept of clean India is mushrooming everywhere in the nation but there is always a rebel! Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the well-known and the stinking “The Great Indian Litterbug”. As they say, “Rebel is nonconformists”. The man is a living example and openly opposes the clean India movement. Although the guy is a little shy of media but on a special request he finally agreed for an interview. When he agreed for the interview, I was really ecstatic! Apparently the most untidy man in the nation agreed to give me his precious time.


The appointment was set, he told me all that he could give me was thirty minutes. He also warned me not to bring any perfumes, deodorants or room fresheners with me. He said that he is allergic to fragrances. Also, he made me promise him that I will not take a bath the entire week before interviewing him. I can take a bath only after the interview is done and dusted. I had no options. I agreed on all fronts. The place was set, the time was fixed. I was a tad nervous but then I recollected courage and went for the interview. He came on time as well. That’s how the interview went:


Me: “Hi Sir! Thanks for your precious time”

“Well, that’s okay. I am a very generous person.” He said throwing a wrapper from his pocket.

Me: “I can see that! You don’t keep your things, you throw them away.”

The Great Indian Litterbug: “Yes! You got it plumb! That’s the reason I keep throwing my waste in public. I am a REBEL actually!”

Me: “Rebel? How can you say that you’re a rebel?”

The Great Indian Litterbug: “Yes I am a REBEL- Ruining Environment By Excreting Litter”

Me: “Well, that’s your definition of Rebel. Amazing!”

The Great Indian Litterbug: “Was that sarcasm?”

Me: “No, no that was out of appreciation. What are your thoughts on the clean India movement?”

The Great Indian Litterbug: “I don’t support that movement. I am a true patriot!”

Me: “Well, that’s okay. Why don’t you support the clean India movement?”

The Great Indian Litterbug: “That’s a little complicated and probably beyond your understanding capabilities.”

Me: “Sir, please elaborate. I will try my level best to understand it”

The Great Indian Litterbug: “It is about the nation’s economy. I don’t want our country to face pecuniary embarrassments. The nation has to be stinking to be rich! I want my country to be stinking rich but no one understands me.”

Me: “Okay, got it. So you want the entire nation to be dirty and untidy. You hate cleanliness, don’t you?”

The Great Indian Litterbug: “Yes! That is why I spit everywhere and I throw my thrash anywhere. Okay, now your time is over. I have to go and spread waste. There is a lot of responsibility on me. The nation heavily hinges upon people like me!”


Note: This blog post is written to promote The Great Indiana campaign by The Times of India.








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