5 Rajat Kapoor movies you must watch!


Rajat Kapoor does theater, he does movies of different sorts and he for sure is a versatile actor. Often we complain about the shortage of realistic cinema in Bollywood these days. That’s mostly because movies of the aforementioned sort don’t usually get a place in the multiplexes and if they get they run short of audience. Still there are people who want to watch realistic cinema, they value it and they cherish it!


I have tried to muster a collection of Rajat Kapoor movies. Out of that collection, here I am listing five movies I think are less watched but deserve attention. I am pretty sure you’ll like these. This list is purely out of my personal experience, so no lies and no canards either!


Raat Gayi, Baat Gayi: A movie that is a brilliant satire on the so called high suave society. The protagonist Rajat Kapoor gets so drunk at a party that he doesn’t remember iota about what happened that night. Throughout the movie he is skeptical about things, confused and this confusion leads to interesting events.


I’m 24: A movie in essence about online dating. A movie that demonstrates how reality can be different than what we see online! The protagonist dates a girl online and tells us that he is really good looking but in reality it is a different story altogether. A simple yet impressive story and definitely leaves an impact on the audience.


Bheja Fry: The story of Bheja fry revolves around a simpleton guy. Rajat Kapoor in this particular movie plays the role of a suave man, apparently a character that really suits his persona. The movie is sure to tickle your funny bone. It is a simple story but with some really strong and impressive performances.


Hulla: Another Rajat Kapoor movie that is simple yet extremely relevant. The movie displays the life of a couple living in a gated society in Mumbai. The man gets disturbed by the whistling watchman and scolds him for the same. On the other hand, the secretary of the society insists that the whistling is for the safety of the society. The movie is an extremely interesting one and showcases day to day activities that happen around us.


Siddharth: The Prisoner: Well this one is a pure Rajat Kapoor show! He hardly speaks in the movie but his gestures and expressions speak aloud! It is a story of a writer who by fate gets a briefcase full of cash but in the process lost his manuscript. So the crave waves between greed and selflessness. Rajat Kapoor with this brooding looks does absolute justice to the role. In the end, he leaves it all. He leaves it all to start afresh!


Well these are just some of the Rajat Kapoor movies mentioned here. He has done umpteen number of movies and keeps experimenting to serve something new and different to the audiences.


Let’s not shun realistic cinema!


Movies or rather cinema is nothing but an extension of your society. That is about real cinema that is not in the trend these days when unrealistic movies are mushrooming like anything! At time you feel who is to be blamed for this! The audience is definitely to be blamed for promoting or more importantly enduring non-serious cinema with a broad smile on face. An acute problem is that it’s not just the audience’s fault; we have limited (rather no) access to quality cinema! Apparently we are facing oligarchy in Bollywood as a result only few selected big banner movies get promoted or screened at multiplexes. As a result the youth has limited access to realistic cinema.


The purpose of cinema is not mere entertainment but also a source of inspiration or information. A few non-serious movies or romantic movies are good but these shouldn’t hinder the other authentic movies to be screened. We have been observing this for long, a good movie comes in and goes out without anyone getting even an iota of idea about it! Serious cinema, centric cinema has the power to impact the society and can lead to positive changes. I am not sure movies like ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ and ‘Befikre’ have the potential to change or impact the society in a positive way! A cardinal reason I am writing this post is that I often come across promotions for movies like the aforementioned but seldom do I see serious movies getting promoted or pushed.


The Bollywood has some really talented folks and they continue their good work of making quality and sensible cinema without expecting fiscal returns! Probably this is because they love their job and they take it as their responsibility to not allow abatement of cinema quality. I didn’t see Masaan getting promoted in any of the TV shows; neither did I see Manjhi in the news often. Movies like Sir Kay Kay Menon starring Rahasya, Rajat Kapoor starring ‘Mithya’ didn’t get the deserved attention as well. These are just a few examples the list is a long one.


Now let’s try and break the shackles! Please try and support realistic cinema as often as you can. It is a treasure that we need to preserve. Actors like Ranvir Shorey, Rajkummar Rao, Vinay Pathak, Kay Kay Menon, Rajat Kapoor and others keep coming up with extremely interesting and well thought projects. Let us promote sensible cinema, after all it is for us to relish!

The love for music in India!


India is a land of culture and heritage. People in India love art and culture. India gives you full freedom to demonstrate and exhibit your art. That is a wonderful thing about this great nation. As a tourist you have many places to explore in India. India has huge amount of history associated with it. India is extremely rich in music as well. People in this part of the world simply love music. Music is like a part and parcel of life for the people of India. As an artist or a musician you will have ample of opportunities in India and if you are talented you will surely go a long way. The fad for music in this great nation is really huge and immense! Music is beyond the limitations and boundaries of languages.


Historically also India has been really rich in music! You can hear stories and tales about Indian musicians very often. Indian music has great amount of history associated with it. The fact that India has various states and each state has its own language just adds to the diversity of Indian music. You can easily hear and observe music of various sorts in this great nation. Also, you can hear and observe music of various genres in this great nation. So as far as music is concerned, India for sure offers a great deal of variety. If you are planning to travel to India, please ensure that you explore the music as well and I am sure that you will love it! India is extremely rich in music.


Radio has played a huge role in advertising music in India. In villages in particular people still use radios to listen to music and entertain themselves. The radio plays music for different types and in different languages. People heavily hinge upon radio in villages for the entertainment thing. The different type of radio stations play music in different languages and dialects, thus making it very interesting indeed! The radio has really helped to make music accessible in remote areas as well in this nation. Radio is a great source of recreation in India.


The Bollywood is another big reason for the love and fad of music in this nation. People simply love bollywood movies not just in India but outside the nation as well! We can say that the bollywood connects the people. Indian land has produced some great musicians across various fields and genres. The fad for bollywood in India is amazing! India has some amazing singers, some amazing instrument players and other many great artists as well! The crowd of this great nation loves the musicians and the artists. The immense fan following of musicians in this great nation is a live example of the fad of music in India.

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Explore music of different types!



Mankind has been making music since time immemorial. Music has always been a part and parcel of human life and thus the significance of music is huge in human life. People make music, people listen to music and people enjoy music as well! Music is something really special to mankind. Thus music has tremendous importance. Music also helps us to reduce the stress levels and the anxiety. Music takes us into a different zone altogether! Thus, the communion of humans with music is truly special. Music is a great company when you are alone or whenever you feel lonely. You should have companionship with music for sure, it is really amazing!


Music is not limited to just a set of types. Music is huge and vast! Music is really deep and you can keep exploring it. The insatiable desire to explore more and more music is never ending! Music also knows no boundaries or limitations of languages or geographical locations. Music is beyond all the worldly limitations and boundaries! If you listen to the rhythm of the nature, you will observe music all around you! Music is something cosmic and really amazing! People often listen to music to entertain themselves but music also has a deeper meaning for life! The diversity in music always amazes me and you should keep exploring music of different sorts as well!


You should always try to land in unknown land! It helps you grow and enhance your personality. This was you gain experience in life which is always a great asset. You should keep trying different things and keep experimenting in life. In the end, it all counts as an experience and it really precious as well! Likewise with music as well you should keep exploring music of different sorts. Try to inculcate the habit of exploring music in deep! You should try to listening music of different genres just to know and experience the difference in them. Things that are done practically are always better understood. So, try out different genres of music and observe what is special in each of them. Tell you what; each genre has something unique and special to offer. The more you explore, the more surprises you’ll get!


You can also try to explore music by exploring songs in different languages. This will also enhance your knowledge about various languages. This is another way to explore music in deep! Another way to explore music is to travel and listen to music made by the locals of different places. This is really a special experience and you will get to know the diversity in music as well! I am pretty much sure that you will be amazed to observe that music various so much with geographical distances. So, don’t limit yourself and keep exploring music in depth!

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The impact of movies on common people!


Man always needs some source of recreation and fun! For recreation people often travel, listen to music, read or watch movies! Cinema has always been a part and parcel of our lives! At times we travel through the movies we watch! We Indians carry a great fad for movies and to be candid we are tad emotional about cinema as well! These movies have a huge impact on us. People often try to imitate in real life what they watch and observe in movies. These movies impact us and our lives in many ways. Some impact that the movies make on our lives is not apparent while some are apparent ones.


We often make our role models by watching and observing the actors in the movies. Very often you will see that the protagonist has a huge impact on the youth! The protagonists in the movies have a huge impact on us! We try to imitate their style and we do it very often as well! As a teenager even I had a huge fad for movies and used to put the posters of the actors in my room. The main actor in the movie often inspires us and we somehow relate to the plot as well! Thus the actors in the movies have a huge impact on us.


Movies are a great source of recreation and fun as well! We often opt to go for movies to entertain ourselves. Thus movies have a huge impact on us and are a part and parcel of our lives as well! Everyone carries crave to be entertained! Whenever we feel bore or want to entertain ourselves, we go to watch a movie. This also gives us a chance to interact with others. When we go for movies we often go with our family or friends, thus it gives us a chance to spend time with others as well! There are many movie halls in almost every city itself are a proof that movies have a huge impact on common life!


Movies often give us a message and educate the common people as well! It is really amazing that movies contribute to the betterment of the society as well! There are a lot of movies that give a positive message to the society! Thus movies impact the society as well! People often get educated through the movies as well! There are a lot of movies made on the theme of social awareness, patriotism and others. We easily remember what we see and observe in movies and this helps us to educate ourselves and be more socially aware about various things!


It is really amazing how cinema impacts us and our lives! Thanks to all the directors, actors and others for making some fabulous movies for the common people!



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Importance of Music in our life!


The communion between music and mankind has been since time immemorial. Music makes us land in a different zone altogether! The companionship of man and music is truly special and awesome! Music has always been a part and parcel of our lives. People look at music with different perspective. Some people look at music as recreation, some look at it as a passion and some take music as a profession. Some opt for music as a medium to reduce stress. Thus music has a cardinal importance in our lives!


We often use music as a source of recreation. Whenever we feel bore we tune into our favorite songs and entertain ourselves. Thus, a lot of people look at music as entertainment. They listen to music for fun and they take music as a recreational activity. So, music is something that people opt for when they want to get entertained. Music as a medium for entertainment is a cardinal part of our lives!


Some people listen to music to mitigate the stress. Yes, music helps to reduce stress and boredom as well! Listening to good music and really help uplift your mood! Thus whenever you feel alone or sad, tune into your favorite song and rejuvenate yourself! Music helps to change mood and this reduces the stress. Thus, music as a medium to reduce stress is a superb option! It is amazing that music helps us to refresh mood and rejuvenate ourselves! Music is also your friend when you are alone in solitude!


For some people music is passion. They are extremely passionate about music. Some people take music as a fad and their passion for music is pretty apparent as well! You may meet some people who take music as their best friend or companion. For them music is like life! They detach themselves from the worldly things and get lost in the music. Music has a great importance for these people and they love it beyond all the worldly limits!


Music can be a career option as well! A lot of people pursuit music as a profession. You may have heard about the singers, composers and others. These are the ones who choose music as a career option. A lot of the times, passion culminates into this choice of profession. Music as a career choice is a nice option as well! If you get a chance to make your passion your profession, you must definitely do it!


Music is beyond the boundaries of language! Music is something that is really universal. Music knows no limitations or boundaries. People have created music in various languages and music is beautiful and special in all the languages. You don’t need to know a language to understand its music! You just connect to the music naturally and that is the best part of it!



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Five reasons you must watch the movie ‘Maqbool’




















Bollywood keeps producing amazing stuff and makes you marvel at the sheer creativity. I saw ‘Maqbool’ for the first time a few months back and this movie really amazed and impressed me! Everything about the movie is amazing! The dialogues are superb and the acting is intense and extremely real. I saw it for the first time on my cell phone to be candid but since then I have seen the movie almost a dozen times. Although, the movie is an adaptation of the Shakespearean play ‘Macbeth’ but still the uniqueness is there.


There are numerous reasons you must watch the movie, a few of them are:


Pankaj Kapoor’s powerful and magnificent role:

Pankaj Kapoor played the role of Jehangir Khan (Abba Ji) in the movie and this role is apparently the strongest of them all. There is not even an iota of doubt that Pankaj Kapoor did full justice to the role. The power just oozes from his face and his personality looks extremely dominating. His Urdu pronunciation looks so authentic and it just adds to the effect! If you really want to see the acting skills of the master Pankaj Kapoor you must watch the movie ‘Maqbool’.


The plot is extremely interesting:

Well it is needless to say, the movie is an adaptation of a Shakespearean play so the plot has to be simply awesome! The plot is really interesting and keeps you glued at every moment. The twists and the turns in the plot are simply amazing.


The dialogues of the movie are simply amazing:

This by far is the strongest thing about the movie. The dialogues are deep, intense and extremely sarcastic. The dialogue delivery is amazing as well may it be Tabu, Pankaj Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, Piyush Mishra or others! The dialogues by Ompuri and Naseeruddin Shah playing the role of witches are extremely witty and sarcastic. You must definitely watch the movie carefully to pay full attention to the dialogues.


Tabu (Lady Macbeth) plays the role of a strong and gusty woman:

Well it would probably be correct if we say that Tabu is actually the hero in the movie! Her role is amazing and she does full justice to it! She plays the role of a woman who desires, who has ambitions, who craves and who is envious of the rivals!


The sarcastic duo of the witches played by Ompuri and Naseeruddin Shah:

Originally in the play also, the witches play an important, interesting and somewhat weird role! It is the witches who predict that Macbeth will be the king of kings in the future. It is the witches who instigate Macbeth to try to dethrone the king. The role is extremely played well by the veteran actors Ompuri and Naseeruddin Shah. The sarcastic dialogues between the dynamic duos are simply amazing and tickle your funny bone!


So if you haven’t seen the movie yet, watch it now without any further delay! The movie is sure to thrill and amaze you!