Uttar Pradesh politics experiences a paradigm shift!


The politics in Uttar Pradesh traditionally has been politics of caste and religion. Yeah let’s call spade a spade. Things take time to change and it takes a lot of efforts to bring such ideological changes. The political parties will continue to be-fool us as long as we get trapped in their plots. For the past few decades political parties have be-fooled us a lot on the name of religion and caste. This has led to nothing but hatred and failures. This election has witnessed something different and marvelous. People apparently are rising above caste and religions and this for sure is a great sign for the state! Let’s try and keep things this way as long as we can. Let’s pledge to keep our nation and national interest above personal gains and profits. Let us keep voting on basis of development and progress in the upcoming elections as well! Let us try and help Uttar Pradesh achieve what the state really deserves. Uttar Pradesh would have been a different story if people realized this a few decades back, but let us let bygones be bygones and work towards building a state that has umpteen opportunities for the youth and treats people of all religions equally without any sort of discrimination!


The results stamp the fact that people of Uttar Pradesh have risen above politics of caste and religion. It is extremely pleasant to see that the new generation recognizes development. For the past decades political parties have be-fooled people on the name of religion and caste. This only led to division and marred our unity. Demonetization is accepted as long as it aspires to mitigate corruption. Surgical attacks are welcome if they boost national pride and patriotism. We hope that the new State government takes things notches up cultivating umpteen opportunities for the youth. When you have the same party incumbent at both state level and center then there is no scope of excuses. Let’s start afresh and aspire to make a state that will keep voting on the basis of issues like development, national interests et al.


Akhilesh Yadav in essence did a fair job. The family feud and the alliance with INC may have just hit the image. You can’t really blame petty things like the aforementioned when you know there was something huge like Modi in the grand scheme. Again, Akhilesh did nothing wrong but had a competition that’s way beyond him and beyond all political parties in conjunction as well for that matter!


Ten reasons to live in U.P.


Uttar Pradesh is a special state and there is no doubt about it! It’s a part and parcel of this great nation. Uttar Pradesh has immense history associated with it. Also, the state’s contribution towards the freedom to the nation is a special thing.

If you live or you’ve lived in U.P., you know what it feels like. If you haven’t, here are ten reasons you must come and live in U.P..

U.P. is ‘Nawaabi’ and ‘Shayaraana’:  Yes, the state is a state of the Nawabs. People here are blessed with immense ‘tehzeeb’ and live a life of ‘fursat’! You will get to hear ‘shayari’ of all sorts, for all moods! ‘Shayari’ for the broken heart and ‘shayari’ to inspire the youth! If you want to taste the ‘Nawaabi’ and ‘Shayaraana’ flavour of the state, visit the capital city of Lucknow.

Muskuraiye, aap Lucknow main hain (Smile, you’re in Lucknow)”


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Winning is a state of mind!

India Today Conclave 2014

Winning is definitely a state of mind! It takes a lot of mental effort, dedication, devotion and of course determination. It is a lot more than mere defeating someone. You must know how to win, it’s an art. You don’t need guns to win; sometimes even a smile will suffice! Winning inundates you with confidence, brings you tranquility and gives you that adrenalin rush. You feel that in your nerves, the thrill and the excitement. Winning is not just about brains, it’s about hearts as well! When you win, others should also win with you. A win that benefits all is for sure more valuable. So, win to make others win along with you. It is not just about being winners, it’s about making winners as well!

Winning means bringing a smile on someone’s face-

Win to make people smile. A win for a smile is an excellent trade. If about connecting people with you that makes you winner. The more people you connect with you, the more powerful you become. Nothing can be as good as human company or empathy!

Winning means making the nation better-

If your nation improves and is moving forward on the path of development and progress, that is always a victory and a decent milestone for you. If you succeed in making your nation better, you are without even an iota of doubt, a winner. People have given their lives for this great nation and they are true winners, always! Learn to serve nation, winning shouldn’t be confined to personal interests.

Winning means making things better for future-

Win to make a better tomorrow. When I say a better tomorrow, I mean a better tomorrow for everyone around. Keep winning and keep improving things. If winning helps you move towards a better future, than definitely its worth a try. Keep trying, keep fighting.

Winning means staying young-

Yes, the enthusiasm and zeal of a winner never dies with age. Like wine, a winner gets better with age and keeps improving himself. So, stay young and keep the winning spirit and the fire burning!

 Winning is being modern yet traditional-

Often people tend to forget their traditions and culture in the pursuit of modernity. Winning is being modern and at the same time not shunning our traditions and cultures. A winner values traditions and tries to carry the legacy forward.

 Winning is making a better society-

Winning is trying to make this world a better place and contributing in this benevolent mission in one way or the other. We all belong to the society we live and we all are responsible for the good or the bad things that prevail in the society. We should not criticize the evils that prevail in the society, if we have never tried to eliminate them. People who have contributed to the mission of eliminating evils from the society are true winners.


Winning is spreading peace and harmony-

Let us try to win hearts. Let us try to spread peace and harmony in this beautiful world. We all are humans, let us all try to live in harmony. It is the mental strength that plays a huge role in the pursuit of a true victory. To win with a gun is easy, to win with a flower in hand is difficult and requires tremendous mental strength. To win a piece of land may be easy but to win hearts demands true devotion. Again, winning is a state of mind. Races are won in the minds, much before they actually begin on the tracks.

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An Immune India


To Support the noble cause initiated by- Dabur Chyawanprash

There is no doubt that health is wealth and a country’s overall growth and development heavily hinges upon the health of the citizens. In a country like India where there is a huge gulf between the people belonging to the higher stratum of the society and those belonging to the lower stratum, keeping overall health of the nation on the higher side becomes a bit tough! A huge percentage of the nation’s population suffers from poverty, malnutrition et al. It is really sad and weird to see ample food being wasted in a lavish party and on the other hand people starving because of hunger. It would be really good if people start managing things properly and stop wastage of food.

Let us contemplate on a few points that can help us build an immune India-

Better Health Education-

Better or rather proper health education must be given to children from the very beginning. They must know that health is not just about physical health. Health means overall health- Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Government bodies must come forward to ensure better health education to children in remote areas as well.

Healthy Habits-

It is the duty of the elders to set example for the children by being health conscious themselves. The things children see and observe around them remains in their memory forever. So instead of just being theoretical, the elders also need to be practical and set good examples for the children. This will help children develop good habits.

 Use Social Media to Promote Health Awareness-

This era is all about social networking and micro blogging. Making use of these social networking and micro blogging sites for promoting health awareness would not only be a benevolent deed but also fair and correct use of social media. Posting a facebook status or tweeting about health awareness can really help us spread the word.

Promoting and Participating in Health Campaigns-

We should promote and participate in the health campaigns that are organized around us. We often hear about such health campaigns organized in our society but we usually shun them! Going to blood donation camp and donating blood will really make you feel like heaven. We can also participate is such events and campaigns and give our views and ideas about how to enhance the immunity of the overall nation.

Better Health Facilities-

The government must come forward to ensure better health facilities in hospitals across the nation. Special funds must be raised for hospitals in remote areas and villages. Camps must be organized in villages to help people understand the cardinal importance of health in their lives. There are a lot of superstitions that hamper health development; efforts must be made to make people understand the difference between fiction and facts.

A child represents a nation’s future. Our children are our future. We must give our best to ensure an immune and healthy India. We must lead by example and ensure that we leave good habits in our children.

“After all, it’s not important what you leave to your children; it’s what you leave in your children”.

Health is wealth

Do you want to be a NRI?

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Well, different people have different definitions of NRI. Some people call them- “Not Required Indians”, while some label them as “Not Reliable Indians”. But it really gets my goat when I see so many youngsters carrying an ardent desire to leave India and settle abroad. If it’s just for education, knowledge or experience then it is okay. Otherwise, our culture is so vivid and rich and there is so much to improve in our country. Then, what is the point in going to an alien land and serving an alien country. It is like you just consume, without giving anything back to the nation! As it remains, patriotism is a totally natural phenomenon- Nobody can teach patriotism!

 When they leave India, they are filled to the brim with emotions. They say they are putting everything at stake to go to learn or earn, so that they can serve their nation better. Soon after a few years, they land in a limbo! They either make excuses of getting stuck in a quagmire or play gimmicks to justify their decisions. Gradually, they plunge into gadget freaks, fast-food lovers, fancy car lovers and fast paced life lovers. The concept of self-concept overtakes patriotism. Although, the Indians living in foreign land find it a bit difficult to confess or admit this fact! I still remember, I saw a man in a party. He was looking suave, wearing a black color suit and having a Rolex in his left wrist. He was telling everyone, how much he missed India! He said- “I have been living in America for more than two decades, they don’t have any emotions whatsoever. It’s like a “machine life” there. No one really cares about you there, I miss my nation so much, specially the rich Indian culture”. Everyone was listening to him with great attention. Suddenly, there was a power cut. Power Cuts and summers are like best buddies, they go “hand in hand”. Everyone was sweating, I was observing that man and he was getting really uneasy. Finally, he gave vent to his emotions- “You know what, that is what I hate about India. The power cuts, the traffic jams- It is so bloody crowded here. No roads, no modern facilities. It is like too below par, when you compare it to the US”.

We have seen and heard a lot of British and American TV Series mocking and making fun of the NRIs, demonstrating how they make funny excuses for staying in the foreign land. Professor Rajesh Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar), in the famous series THE BIG BANG THEORY told a FBI agent- “Please don’t send me back to India. It is so crowded there! Here in US, I can live as a care-free bachelor. In India, it is like impossible”.  Even in the epic British comedy series GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME you get to see such examples, many of them! For instance, in an episode when a father tells his son that all hair products are actually Indian, the son refuses to accept this fact. The father shouts back at him- “What do you know? You think all we had in India was partition! Not true; we also had side-partition”.

 Well living in India or settling in a foreign country is thoroughly an individual’s decision. But we must try to keep the patriotism in us burning and serve the nation in whatever way we can- Jai Hind!



The rise and rise of Garbage bin- Also Published in Half Baked Beans!

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The rise and tremendous success of Garbage bin is a classic example that creativity, talent and hard work get what they actually deserve, sooner or later! In this era of rat-race and cut-throat competition, you need to do something out of the box to get recognition. The grand success of Garbage bin also stamps the fact that ‘ART’ still holds a special place in this world. The whole concept is a cock-tail of fantastic animation, innocent gags and great execution.

 Reasons for the tremendous success-

  1.      The cardinal reason of the success is the fact that every human carries crave to relive the ephemeral joys of childhood. Whenever we get a chance to go back the memory lane, we grab it impulsively. So, it serves the purpose of a “Time Machine” and who wants to miss a ride in it!
  2.     Simplicity is another reason for the grand success. It is a cliché but still applies- Simplicity intensifies beauty. Garbage bin is indeed simplicity and innocence personified! It is extremely tough to keep things simple in this world that is full of complexities, but Garbage bin has managed to achieve this without even an iota of failure. Even the great Rabindranath Tagore said- “It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple”.
  3.     The inbuilt taste and fad for comics in us, is another reason for the success. We have grown up reading comics and it was so much fun. Whenever we hear the word ‘comics’, it brings a smile on our face. Reading comics is a habit which most of us developed in our childhood and as they say- “Old habits, Die hard”.
  4.     Another reason for the success of the concept is fantastic sketch work and animation. The characters are drawn in such a way that we are easily able to connect with them. You see the characters and you feel that this is exactly how your friends looked in the past.
  5.      The language of the posts also contributes to the success of Garbage bin. Language, no doubt has a strong correlation with human psychology. The dialect is friendly and easy to connect with. The slangs just add to the effects and the dialogues are really icing on the cake.
  6.    A strong, overt and logical reason for the grand success of Garbage bin is the fact that this contemporary world is obsessed with facebook and other social networking sites. The social media has played a huge role in the success. The world is on facebook- the kids, teenagers, adults- everyone is highly active user. Furthermore, it is easier and more convenient to read a comic strip on a cell phone, laptop or a tablet. Social media has no doubt evolved as an easy and fast way to spread the word across cities, states and even countries.
  7.     Success itself becomes a reason for further success! If you study history closely, you will notice that- “Nothing succeeds like success”. Thus, success breeds and fuels itself.

 Garbage bin helps to make us happy, makes us go back the memory lane and helps us to keep the child in us burning!

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A Tribute to Saadat Hasan Manto! #mantospeaks


 People love to hate him! They label him vulgar, cheap etc. But for me, Manto was a man with exceptional talent. I still remember, I read his story while browsing randomly on the internet and man it was goose-bumping stuff! The title “Thanda Ghosht”, itself was enough to give you an adrenalin rush. The story had everything; romance, fury, emotions, separation and of course sex- after all it was Manto stuff. I got sort of addicted to his stories since then, and believe me they take you to a different level every time you go through them.

 Manto’s stories may appear to be quixotic at times, but with the creative hat on- they do make sense. My gut feeling says Manto was too deep to comprehend for the people of Pakistan. His story “Khol-Do” which demonstrates the atrocities of women, the barbaric act of men- was taken as a piece that will instigate people to rape! Saadat Hasan Manto once announced in public- “If you find my stories dirty, the society you are living in is dirty. With my stories, I only expose the truth”.

 A man of Kashmiri origin, Manto was an iconoclast personality. He used to say- “To be a Kashmiri is to be handsome. And to be handsome, I don’t know”. Normally spotted in a white shirt or kurta, Manto had immense calmness on his face. Manto was an ardent wine lover and it is believed that it was his love for wine that brought about his early demise. Although he had all the fun elements in his stories, but on closer study and introspection you will find a flood of emotions. It was his unique style of masquerading emotions as desires!

 I personally feel the partition in 1947, gave him tremendous sorrow. This can be easily felt in his classic satire on partition- “Toba-tek Singh”. The protagonist, who is a lunatic Sikh, finds it impossible to believe that “Hindustan” and “Pakistan” are two separate nations. He denies living in either of the nations and prefers dying on an unknown land between the borders of the two nations.

“… इधर-उधर से कई अफ़सर दौड़े आए और उन्होंने देखा कि वह आदमी जो 15 बरस तक दिन-रात अपनी दाँगों पर खड़ा रहा था, औंधे मुँह लेटा है-उधर ख़ारदार तारों के पीछे हिंदुस्तान था, इधर वैसे ही तारों के पीछे पाकिस्तान ; दरमियान में ज़मीन के उस टुकड़े पर जिसका कोई नाम नहीं था, टोबा टेक सिंह पड़ा था.” – Saadat Hasan Manto.