It is the Indian values that make us win!


We Indians are known for our values and culture. That is what makes us special! The love for the nation is a natural phenomenon, something that I’ve always believed you don’t need to teach. India has always had a rich heritage and culture that is eclectic in nature. We have our values and that is what differentiates us from others. We aren’t materialistic, we value people over things. We believe that God made people to be loved and things to be used but unfortunately nowadays people love things and they use people!


I’ll share a candid experience, a situation wherein I kept my patience and didn’t leave my Indian values and things took care of themselves then. I was introduced into a new project and the project lead was an American guy, nerd who hardly spoke. We were total seven people in the team and I was the last and the youngest to join. The other five people were Indians as well and were pretty pedantic in nature. As I was new in the team I didn’t have a lot of idea about the project and apparently most of the discussions were esoteric. Things became tough, I couldn’t perform as no one was ready to transfer the project knowledge or help me get started with things.


Months went by but I didn’t lose hope. I started working doubly hard. To be candid, there were times when I felt like leaving the job but I wanted to leave on a good note. We Indians respect people and no matter how arrogant a person is, if you continue showing good behavior he will eventually succumb to your good natured personality. That’s what I did as well; no matter how bad I was treated initially I kept respecting others. Good behavior, patience and hard work helped me carve a niche for myself in the team.


The project lead called me one day in his cabin. I was surprised to hear that I was given a promotion. He said to me: ‘Things weren’t easy for you in the beginning but I appreciate your hard work. I have seen guys quit jobs for reasons like these. What made you stay here? I’m just a tad curious to know!’ I smiled and thanked him for the promotion letter. I told him: ‘We Indians are known for our values. We respect people and we always maintain our honesty towards our work. That said we like winning people! Yes you are right, I could have left the job as well but I wanted to prove a point.’ Well he looked pretty impressed and we shook hands as if we both understood each other.



You shouldn’t compromise your values just because things get tough at times. After all that is what we Indians are known for! We are extremely glad that Lufthansa recognizes the global Indian influence and is celebrating the same which is extremely apparent in their latest TVC. This definitely makes Lufthansa #MoreIndianThanYouThink


Winning is a state of mind!

India Today Conclave 2014

Winning is definitely a state of mind! It takes a lot of mental effort, dedication, devotion and of course determination. It is a lot more than mere defeating someone. You must know how to win, it’s an art. You don’t need guns to win; sometimes even a smile will suffice! Winning inundates you with confidence, brings you tranquility and gives you that adrenalin rush. You feel that in your nerves, the thrill and the excitement. Winning is not just about brains, it’s about hearts as well! When you win, others should also win with you. A win that benefits all is for sure more valuable. So, win to make others win along with you. It is not just about being winners, it’s about making winners as well!

Winning means bringing a smile on someone’s face-

Win to make people smile. A win for a smile is an excellent trade. If about connecting people with you that makes you winner. The more people you connect with you, the more powerful you become. Nothing can be as good as human company or empathy!

Winning means making the nation better-

If your nation improves and is moving forward on the path of development and progress, that is always a victory and a decent milestone for you. If you succeed in making your nation better, you are without even an iota of doubt, a winner. People have given their lives for this great nation and they are true winners, always! Learn to serve nation, winning shouldn’t be confined to personal interests.

Winning means making things better for future-

Win to make a better tomorrow. When I say a better tomorrow, I mean a better tomorrow for everyone around. Keep winning and keep improving things. If winning helps you move towards a better future, than definitely its worth a try. Keep trying, keep fighting.

Winning means staying young-

Yes, the enthusiasm and zeal of a winner never dies with age. Like wine, a winner gets better with age and keeps improving himself. So, stay young and keep the winning spirit and the fire burning!

 Winning is being modern yet traditional-

Often people tend to forget their traditions and culture in the pursuit of modernity. Winning is being modern and at the same time not shunning our traditions and cultures. A winner values traditions and tries to carry the legacy forward.

 Winning is making a better society-

Winning is trying to make this world a better place and contributing in this benevolent mission in one way or the other. We all belong to the society we live and we all are responsible for the good or the bad things that prevail in the society. We should not criticize the evils that prevail in the society, if we have never tried to eliminate them. People who have contributed to the mission of eliminating evils from the society are true winners.


Winning is spreading peace and harmony-

Let us try to win hearts. Let us try to spread peace and harmony in this beautiful world. We all are humans, let us all try to live in harmony. It is the mental strength that plays a huge role in the pursuit of a true victory. To win with a gun is easy, to win with a flower in hand is difficult and requires tremendous mental strength. To win a piece of land may be easy but to win hearts demands true devotion. Again, winning is a state of mind. Races are won in the minds, much before they actually begin on the tracks.

This blog post is written to win passes to meet the winners at the INDIA TODAY CONCLAVE 2014 



Knowledge is Great Britain- “London Calling” || The British carrying the legacy forward!

London Calling!

Knowledge is power. Education helps you become a better human. It is not just about growing professionally or technically, instead its about growing as a human of this grand global society. The problem today with most of the young Indian students is that they take higher studies as a medium of financial growth. For most of the youth these days, higher studies tantamount to higher salary packages. I personally think higher studies is about much more than mere fiscal growth. Its about growing as an individual, its about becoming a better international citizen. It is also about learning how to manage relationships, how to control anger and many others. To get higher education in the real sense, you need a place where you can get in touch with people coming from different backgrounds and culture. A place where you meet people who are mannered and more than happy to help. If the place you choose for higher studies has a lot of political and cultural history associated with it, that is really the icing on the cake!

Apparently, UK is a really befitting place for higher studies. The people are mannered and in general ready to help. The place has got immense cultural and political history associated with it. The lifestyle that people follow may be modern, but if you belong to the old school you are welcome as well. The place has some great facts to discover for the cricket fans and yes without even an iota of doubt it is a Shangri la for the all the football lovers across the globe. There are ample of sport lovers in the place and yeah a few couch potato types people as well!

If given a chance to study in the UK, I would surely choose to study international PR relations. For me this is the subject that suits my skills the most. PR relations is mainly about managing the relations between the organization and the public. So, you get a chance to do a lot of public interaction as well and that helps enhance your personality naturally. PR relations is about managing the reputation and also involves media interaction as well. Every organization, no matter how large or small, ultimately depends on its reputation for survival and success.

I would love to study international PR relations in London, England. The reason I chose London is because it is the place which is multi-cultural and has the essence of all! You get a chance to study the subject and practice it with the groups and the communities. Hence its not just about theoretical knowledge, its about practical knowledge too. You get to meet people of different cultures and beliefs. You learn, you share and you grow as an individual.  England is a superb place for all the ardent music lovers as well! Bands like the Pink Floyd and the Queen are few examples of the well known English bands. Long live the United Kingdom of Great Britain!

“This royal throne of kings, this sceptered isle,

This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,

This other Eden, demi-paradise,

This fortress built by Nature for herself

Against infection and the hand of war,

This happy breed of men, this little world,

This precious stone set in the silver sea.”

― William Shakespeare


Note: It is an article to promote the British Council