Colorful experience at the #BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet!


As bloggers we love to meet new people and interact. You get to learn something from everyone and that is the beauty of human interactions. It is extremely important to keep yourself open to meeting new people and interesting conversations. That’s how you learn new things and trends prevailing in the society. The IndiBlogger team has always been fabulous at providing platforms and opportunities for the bloggers to express their views. The bloggers meet is a fabulous way to bring the bloggers together. The latest IndiBlogger took place in New Delhi in association with Berger Paints.



Berger has introduced a new concept of Express Painting. A concept that is innovative and effective as well! The concept talks about automation of certain essential and repetitive tasks that are involved in painting. The idea is simple here, if something has to be done repeatedly why we can’t have a machine do that for us to make things easier for us. This not just helps to save time but the efficiency is enhanced as well! Another brilliant thing that Berger has started is training the painters. Now that really is a consumer centric initiative. A trained painter is definitely supposed to be more reliable. All this so that things can be executed faster, cleaner and better! Also if you delve into things, this move to train painters can also help mitigate unemployment in the country. So if you see things closely, this is modernization of painting coupled with corporate citizenship.


Berger has introduced some really effective no-mess tools to make life easier for us. Sanding as we know is something inevitable whenever we want to get out house painted. For this Berger has introduced the sanding machine so that you can do things faster and cleaner. For the washing part to clean stuff, Berger has introduced high pressure washer. Other tools like the airless paint sprayer, auto roller are of great utility as well! The good thing was that these tools were physically present at the meet. So we had these no-mess tools at our disposal and that made us realize that these are of tremendous utility.






The #BergerXP IndiBlogger meet at Delhi was pretty well organized and planned. We had interesting activities that involved all. It is a brilliant idea to have activities that involve everybody. Human beings feel valued when they’re involved in things. We feel like we are a part of a goal and we are contributing. The team activity was real fun. The first round made everyone of us do sanding and that is exactly when we realized the importance of the sanding machine. Really you must burn your own fingers to know what fire is! In the second round every team was given a theme and based on that we needed to paint our imagination. There was a Berger trained painter as well to tell us how to mix colors with accuracy and precision.





Post the activity everyone was waiting for the results. The results were great, we won! Yes I was the part of the winning team. We were Team 3 and we won. The theme given to us for the second round was ‘Blogging-Vlogging’. It was a great event overall and the fact that we won made things even better. Thanks a lot Berger for this event and the concept of Express Painting. The concept gives us a way to paint our homes in a hassle free manner. Our homes are so important to us and the walls speak aloud! Sometimes I wonder whether my home is a place or a person!


Fabulous music + Nice Ambience + Superb Food + Friendly Service = EATLO Café!










I have always been an ardent food lover! Although, I prefer street food but I keep experimenting and trying new options in the town. The gourmand inside me carries an insatiable desire for taste and hospitality! Delhi NCR region is deluged with café options and at times it becomes difficult to choose one. The region offers enormous options to the people and thus the competition is a tad tough for the cafes!


Recently, I came across this cool place to hang out at the ever awesome Shipra Mall, Ghaziabad. The café is called ‘EATLO’ and is a recent addition to the list of cafes in the town. Food is always special and when you add music with it, it becomes cosmic! The café is stylish in a way that might signal a cocktail bar just as much as a coffee shop. This surely is the place to go for friendly service that is also precise about what’s in the cup! As they say, “You must know what you’re drinking”. The ambience is cool and the food is superb as well! The place is an excellent evening option, especially for the people living in the Indirapuram, Ghaziabad region!


My personal experience was nice and I would definitely recommend the place to my friends! A few reasons why you must visit the place:


  • The ambience is pretty cool and there is no formality about the place.
  • The music is awesome. They mostly play Hindi songs. Some of the songs are from the albums of the 90’s era thus taking you back the memory lane!
  • The hospitality is pretty nice and the service is fast and friendly.
  • The iced brews are really awesome and definitely worth a try!


Andaaz Apna Apna- A tribute


We Indians should be proud of Bollywood. Yes, indeed Indian cinema industry has given some cult movies to the world. Movies that entertain and refresh you every time you watch them; no matter how old they are. That’s the special thing about these movies! No matter how many times you have seen them before, they are always good enough to catch your attention and keep you absorbed. These Indian movies are big hits not just in India but all over the world. People who don’t even understand Hindi; love watching these Indian movies with subtitles. Sometimes, even the subtitles aren’t required and only expressions suffice the purpose!


One such Indian movie that amazes you always with its sheer brilliance is ‘Andaz Apna Apna’. Yes, it’s been more than two decades since the movie was released but the movie still manages to grab attention. Two decades is a long time, things have changed with time! The trends in Indian cinema have changed; the dynamics in Indian cinema has changed but the movie still manages to impress and grab attention. This in itself is an example of the fact that ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ was a movie ahead of time. There are things that change or depreciate with time but at the same time there are things that retain their value and importance forever! ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ is one such thing that is fun to watch always. Like wine, ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ gets better, more interesting and more entertaining with time!

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