An Immune India


To Support the noble cause initiated by- Dabur Chyawanprash

There is no doubt that health is wealth and a country’s overall growth and development heavily hinges upon the health of the citizens. In a country like India where there is a huge gulf between the people belonging to the higher stratum of the society and those belonging to the lower stratum, keeping overall health of the nation on the higher side becomes a bit tough! A huge percentage of the nation’s population suffers from poverty, malnutrition et al. It is really sad and weird to see ample food being wasted in a lavish party and on the other hand people starving because of hunger. It would be really good if people start managing things properly and stop wastage of food.

Let us contemplate on a few points that can help us build an immune India-

Better Health Education-

Better or rather proper health education must be given to children from the very beginning. They must know that health is not just about physical health. Health means overall health- Physical, Mental and Spiritual. Government bodies must come forward to ensure better health education to children in remote areas as well.

Healthy Habits-

It is the duty of the elders to set example for the children by being health conscious themselves. The things children see and observe around them remains in their memory forever. So instead of just being theoretical, the elders also need to be practical and set good examples for the children. This will help children develop good habits.

 Use Social Media to Promote Health Awareness-

This era is all about social networking and micro blogging. Making use of these social networking and micro blogging sites for promoting health awareness would not only be a benevolent deed but also fair and correct use of social media. Posting a facebook status or tweeting about health awareness can really help us spread the word.

Promoting and Participating in Health Campaigns-

We should promote and participate in the health campaigns that are organized around us. We often hear about such health campaigns organized in our society but we usually shun them! Going to blood donation camp and donating blood will really make you feel like heaven. We can also participate is such events and campaigns and give our views and ideas about how to enhance the immunity of the overall nation.

Better Health Facilities-

The government must come forward to ensure better health facilities in hospitals across the nation. Special funds must be raised for hospitals in remote areas and villages. Camps must be organized in villages to help people understand the cardinal importance of health in their lives. There are a lot of superstitions that hamper health development; efforts must be made to make people understand the difference between fiction and facts.

A child represents a nation’s future. Our children are our future. We must give our best to ensure an immune and healthy India. We must lead by example and ensure that we leave good habits in our children.

“After all, it’s not important what you leave to your children; it’s what you leave in your children”.

Health is wealth



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