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Last year I wrote an article for Half Baked Beans, trying to figure out the reasons behind the success or rather behind the ever increasing success of Garbage Bin. This year I was lucky enough to get a chance to have a banter with the man behind the grand success of Garbage Bin!


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The rise and rise of Garbage bin- Also Published in Half Baked Beans!

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The rise and tremendous success of Garbage bin is a classic example that creativity, talent and hard work get what they actually deserve, sooner or later! In this era of rat-race and cut-throat competition, you need to do something out of the box to get recognition. The grand success of Garbage bin also stamps the fact that ‘ART’ still holds a special place in this world. The whole concept is a cock-tail of fantastic animation, innocent gags and great execution.

 Reasons for the tremendous success-

  1.      The cardinal reason of the success is the fact that every human carries crave to relive the ephemeral joys of childhood. Whenever we get a chance to go back the memory lane, we grab it impulsively. So, it serves the purpose of a “Time Machine” and who wants to miss a ride in it!
  2.     Simplicity is another reason for the grand success. It is a cliché but still applies- Simplicity intensifies beauty. Garbage bin is indeed simplicity and innocence personified! It is extremely tough to keep things simple in this world that is full of complexities, but Garbage bin has managed to achieve this without even an iota of failure. Even the great Rabindranath Tagore said- “It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple”.
  3.     The inbuilt taste and fad for comics in us, is another reason for the success. We have grown up reading comics and it was so much fun. Whenever we hear the word ‘comics’, it brings a smile on our face. Reading comics is a habit which most of us developed in our childhood and as they say- “Old habits, Die hard”.
  4.     Another reason for the success of the concept is fantastic sketch work and animation. The characters are drawn in such a way that we are easily able to connect with them. You see the characters and you feel that this is exactly how your friends looked in the past.
  5.      The language of the posts also contributes to the success of Garbage bin. Language, no doubt has a strong correlation with human psychology. The dialect is friendly and easy to connect with. The slangs just add to the effects and the dialogues are really icing on the cake.
  6.    A strong, overt and logical reason for the grand success of Garbage bin is the fact that this contemporary world is obsessed with facebook and other social networking sites. The social media has played a huge role in the success. The world is on facebook- the kids, teenagers, adults- everyone is highly active user. Furthermore, it is easier and more convenient to read a comic strip on a cell phone, laptop or a tablet. Social media has no doubt evolved as an easy and fast way to spread the word across cities, states and even countries.
  7.     Success itself becomes a reason for further success! If you study history closely, you will notice that- “Nothing succeeds like success”. Thus, success breeds and fuels itself.

 Garbage bin helps to make us happy, makes us go back the memory lane and helps us to keep the child in us burning!

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A Get-Together in London before ICC Champion’s Trophy!

London PubsIt was a bright sunny day in London, one of those typical British summer days! People were moving inside a Pub (mind you it’s not called Bar in London). You could see people of different origin, different characteristics, different vision and different beliefs! I was sitting just next to a round table, where some of the celebs were sitting!

 Shah Rude Khan, enjoying a mock-tail was cursing Uncle Sam! Show-Abs Akhtar enjoying a Beer was thinking about the times he used to bowl at 100 plus miles! MSD who usually prefers milk over other beverages, was having a mock-tail for a change as well! Captain Cook who looks like a typical British gentleman was busy pouring scotch in his glass! Shame Warne the spin-wizard was busy spinning beers on his table!

 Then Shah Rude broke the ice- “Well, with due due due respect to all the teams of the world, I guess KKR is the best”.

“I agree, I was a part before my depart. The team has everything, good and bad. Sometimes I feel, our team is nothing but just an extension of our attitude and personality”. – Show-Abs Akhtar said, flaunting his biceps!

“Well, we British play cricket in the good spirit. That is exactly what turns me on the game; Flint-off was the only turn-off! Statistics and mathematics are not as important as ethics for us”. – Captain Cook said, gulping his drink!

“Hey, I played cricket for style. That is the reason all the models in this city are crazy for me. I know how to spin the Balls”- Shame Warne said, flipping his Beer Cans!

“Hey Dhoni, I bought a new Versace watch, can you touch it. I heard whatever you touch turns to Gold”- said Shah Rude Khan with a tint of arrogance in his voice. He was the only one laughing at his joke!

“Well, if you want that I will do that as well! Right now, I am just Enjoying The Moment. And trying to keep myself as calm as possible”. – said MSD, with a smile on his face that had all the calmness of the world!

“Hey, anyone wants Kabab, I have some”- Show-Abs Akhtar said!

“Why you brought Kababs, we could have ordered here”. – said Shah Rude Khan, in a stammering voice!

“No Bhai, this is a DOOSRA type of Kabab, specially made by Saeed Ajmal”- replied Show-Abs Akhtar!

“Okay Lets go, we have a dinner today at Imran Khan’s place”- said MSD!

“He is here in London, I thought he was there in Lahore”- said Show-Abs Akhtar!

“He goes there once a week, he is an ardent traveler you know”- said Captain Cook!

“Okay, can I take a model with me to the dinner party, I guess Khan Sahab will like it”- said Shame Warne!

“Yes, yes sure”- said Shah Rude Khan!

And they all left for the dinner party!






Katernia Eco Wildlife!


We are pretty fortune that we are surrounded by so many natural things. Things that have both scientific value, as well as aesthetic value! Nature has blessed us with so many natural forests. But you need to have a clear view to enjoy the scenic beauty of the thick forests. We are so busy in this era of rat-race amid these skyscraper buildings that we miss and forget to appreciate the beauty of nature. Every single being in this universe has its importance. Albeit, we shun the existence of other beings on this planet. Thus, we need to find out time to appreciate the beauty of nature and to appreciate nature itself!

India is blesses with a variety of forests and wildlife sanctuary. We have ample of exotic and “rare to find” species of both flora and fauna. Thus, India is a “Hot Cake” for wildlife lovers all over the world. But it is rather ironical, that we Indians ourselves tend to forget that we are surrounded by such amazing wildlife points. One of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Uttar Pradesh is the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located about 200 Kilometers from Lucknow and 86 Kilometers from Bahraich.

Now a great reason for the tourists to get all gung-ho is the launch of Katernia eco Wildlife\eco Huts. It is started by a young and dedicated entrepreneur, Himanshu Kalia. A guy, who started his career in an IT Multinational, then did his further education from XLRI. No doubt, that landing in entirely different fields has helped him develop the element of versatility! The best thing he did before starting the great venture is spending time there, himself. As they say, the best way to learn about fire is to burn your own fingers into it. You ought to know the ground realities before you plunge into such a venture.

Katernia eco Wildlife\eco Huts not only gives you a chance to perceive exotic wildlife, it also offers you a stay in typical natural Indian ambience. The huts are made in such a way to give you a “close to nature feeling”. Furthermore, there are many additional adventurous activities offered like- Elephant Safari, Horse Safari, Nature Walk, Crocodile Walk, Camping etc.

When Should you go- November to June.

Total Cost- 2000 INR per person for Weekends. This includes food, stay and nature guide for one night and two days.

Enquire About- Elephant Safaris, Individual stories of each tiger, Cultural Programs, Crocodile Walk etc.

Yes Factor- High probability of Tiger spotting, Chance to spend time in extreme proximity with nature!


For Booking, you can contact Himanshu Kalia(+91-9451758642). You can also visit the official website-

We give special discount on online bookings. Also, people who are in touch with us on social networking websites can avail lucrative discounts. Please feel free to contact us, in-case you need some more information.





Knowledge has no limits………That Man in the Train!

Railway Stations in India are places where you will find the uncanny, weird, and strange people. The demography of the people in the Railway Station can be classified into two types- the people who are there for a train journey and others for whom Railway Station is like a home. The drunkards, beggars, someone selling cheap gadgets, Chai-wala, Paper-wala…….you will find everyone there.


 It was in May 2010, Aryan reached the Railway Station just in time………procrastination was his style, in his words! All drenched in sweat he sat on the stairs waiting for his Train. Feeling thirsty, he decided to go for a Lassi………“Bhaiya, ek lassi dena ”, he got no reply. He repeated the same at-least three times. Eventually, he tasted victory! Finally, the Train arrived. Everyone was busy in checking the coach numbers and all, but for Aryan it was never an issue. Someone who travels with a waiting ticket (that too 300+), hardly needs to care! When you have a waiting ticket, it’s as if you have committed the greatest sin of all times……………It’s like you made a Brahman eat chicken, or you made a Muslim eat Haraam food, or as if you made a Jew taste some Non-Kosher food! You just sit on somebody else’s seat and he gives you that- “Get up you Moron” look.


 Aryan spent the whole night standing somewhere near the Bathroom. He found amusement in that too! At-least, you have some interesting people to talk there! Some labors, students, daily merchants, railway staff! So, you get a chance to interact with people of different strata of the society. “They sleep so well near the bathroom as well”, Aryan used to wonder. Once a labor told him- “Soo jaate hain foot-path par akhbaar bichhakar…………….Hum Mazdoor neend ki goliyaan nahi khaate ”!


 Next morning he got a place to sit in a coach. He was surrounded with some students, they had just returned after giving some competitive exams. Some came after giving some bank papers and the others after giving SSC (Staff Selection Commission). There was a man sitting just opposite to Aryan, he was holding a walking stick in his hand. His clothes were dirty and sort of out-fashioned. He had some disability in his left leg, also had a couple of fingers extra in his left foot. A few wrinkles on his face, coupled with dusty hair. But that man had a really winsome smile, the smile had the element of authority too! He was modest in behavior as well. Aryan felt as if that man had something special about him! He had a shine on his face, as if he was intellectually enlightened. That man carried so much of positive energy around him!


While the students were discussing the question papers, something weird happened! That man knew all the answers; yeah he could answer any blessed question (except English). May it be aptitude, mathematics, physics, history or geography! Aryan asked the man, “What do you do?”……………..The man gave a modest reply, “I am a farmer Sir, I produce food, not just consume it!”…………….Aryan, “I thought you are a magician, you know any tricks?”………The man smiled and replied, “I know a few with Cards, nothing else. Actually, I love reading, that is my passion and the only source of recreation!”………………Aryan asked- “Are You Educated??”……………….The man became a bit serious, lost in deep concentration he replied- “Always wanted to, but I am not educated. I have studied till 8th only, due to some issues. But don’t you think I am educated, if you talk about education in the real sense! Do you define EDUCATION in limits of degrees and percentages! Don’t you think knowledge matters! Curbing creativity is not real education. I may be illiterate but I am Educated (he announced pompously)”.


Knowledge has no limits. You must always be open for learning, you will always gain. Lack of resources, adverse conditions can’t stop you, if you are determined and really focused. Gain knowledge, share knowledge……….It’s knowledge all around!

Failure in the first Interview.

There are some things that are rather inexplicable. Crave for the first job is one of them. It’s like making a girl friend for the first time in life; you become desperate, nervous, and impatient and you wonder will you ever have a girl friend in your life! “Job”, this three letter word keeps driving you crazy. And when you see people around you getting what you call “placed”, it just adds salt to the wound. Jealously is indeed a bitch, keeps haunting you.

Some people say, it’s the social pressure or the family pressure, which makes students even more nervous and makes it even worse for them. But for me, the real pressure is all about proving ourselves and doing justice to our talent and capabilities. It may sound a bit prosaic, but there are many who are not that well blessed physically or mentally. Because in the end, what matters the most is “You”. Even the holy Gita says- “You are the world and the world is you!”

I was checking mails on that evening; suddenly I noticed a mail from the placement department of our college. The mail said- “a pool campus is going to take place at GL Bajaj, Greater Noida. Eligible students must reach the college latest by 9 am!” Normally, I used to shun the idea of going to any sort of pool campus or placement drive. But this time I decided to go, more to check where I actually stand. I had to arrange the dress, take out a few printouts of my resume and more importantly sacrifice my sleep and wake up early that morning (I didn’t sleep actually). I reached there on time and the first thought that struck my mind was- “It’s so bloody crowded, why the hell did I come here?”  Seeing so many engineers, I had already given up the hope of getting selected. Then we moved inside the classrooms for the written test, I cursed myself throughout the way for sacrificing my sleep. The written test had four parts; aptitude, English, essay writing, data interpretation. To be very candid, I hardly knew anything in the aptitude section, still I tried all the questions, as there was nothing like negative marking.

The result of the written test was out in about 45 minutes. I was mentally prepared that I would never be selected. But the result was a through contrast to my perception, I had cleared it. This fact made me stop cursing myself and it was at least worth something going there. The second round was a Group Discussion round. I knew deep inside, that this was something I was good at! All I had to do to clear the GD round was; speaking a few idiomatic expressions and quoting a few famous lines. So, the GD round was also cleared. We were called the next day for the technical and HR interviews.

The night preceding the interviews was a restless one. I was trying to study everything but ended studying nothing at all. I don’t think it is practically possible to learn languages like C, C++ or JAVA in a few hours, all I was able to learn was a mere alphabet “C”.  So the technical part was like Null. I woke up early in the morning and left for the interviews. After waiting for ages, the call for the interview came. I tell you one thing, even if you try your level best to show that- “You don’t care!”, the nervousness becomes clearly visible on your face. I went inside the room and became almost blank. You start taking the entire burden that time, you start remembering all the hopes and inspirations you have.  The interviewer was really cooperative, after 10 odd minutes it became a friendly discussion. I tried my level best to flaunt my English to the extreme extent. Ultimately, the interviewer said- “Okay, you are technically zero. So, to test your IQ level I am giving you a couple of puzzles. Solve them and move to room no. 225 for the HR round. ” Suddenly, I had a ray of hope, just two puzzles and I am in! But destiny played it cruel gain. I couldn’t solve any of the two puzzles. The brain just went blank for that time. You may be carrying a lot of “grey matter”, but it hardly matters, if it doesn’t click at the right time. Soon the interviewer said- “Okay, I am sorry, you can leave for the day.”

I came out of the room. It was really like walking out of a dream, back to this mundane world. It was like; I was so near- yet so bloody far! It’s the fear that makes things worse for us I guess, the fear of loosing. Unless the mind is absolutely free from fear, every form of action brings about more mischief, more misery, and more confusion.  Whatever it was, the experience was really special. Failure leads to success; let’s see what we have in store for us!