Uttar Pradesh politics experiences a paradigm shift!


The politics in Uttar Pradesh traditionally has been politics of caste and religion. Yeah let’s call spade a spade. Things take time to change and it takes a lot of efforts to bring such ideological changes. The political parties will continue to be-fool us as long as we get trapped in their plots. For the past few decades political parties have be-fooled us a lot on the name of religion and caste. This has led to nothing but hatred and failures. This election has witnessed something different and marvelous. People apparently are rising above caste and religions and this for sure is a great sign for the state! Let’s try and keep things this way as long as we can. Let’s pledge to keep our nation and national interest above personal gains and profits. Let us keep voting on basis of development and progress in the upcoming elections as well! Let us try and help Uttar Pradesh achieve what the state really deserves. Uttar Pradesh would have been a different story if people realized this a few decades back, but let us let bygones be bygones and work towards building a state that has umpteen opportunities for the youth and treats people of all religions equally without any sort of discrimination!


The results stamp the fact that people of Uttar Pradesh have risen above politics of caste and religion. It is extremely pleasant to see that the new generation recognizes development. For the past decades political parties have be-fooled people on the name of religion and caste. This only led to division and marred our unity. Demonetization is accepted as long as it aspires to mitigate corruption. Surgical attacks are welcome if they boost national pride and patriotism. We hope that the new State government takes things notches up cultivating umpteen opportunities for the youth. When you have the same party incumbent at both state level and center then there is no scope of excuses. Let’s start afresh and aspire to make a state that will keep voting on the basis of issues like development, national interests et al.


Akhilesh Yadav in essence did a fair job. The family feud and the alliance with INC may have just hit the image. You can’t really blame petty things like the aforementioned when you know there was something huge like Modi in the grand scheme. Again, Akhilesh did nothing wrong but had a competition that’s way beyond him and beyond all political parties in conjunction as well for that matter!


Voices of a Common Man!


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A common man actually represents the nation. He may not be a connoisseur of politics or economics but it is the common man that makes the nation. No king or government can afford to eschew the voices of a common. History speaks it aloud that whenever the voices of a common man have been left unheard it has brought detrimental consequences. As the famous Latin maxim says, “Vox populi, vox Dei” which means that the voice of the people is the voice of the God. It is the common man who brings glory to the nation; it is the common man who works in the fields. The contributions of a common man to the nation are numerous and immense.

A common man has certain desires and needs. He knows that if the nation belongs to him, he also belongs to the nation. He needs security, he needs money, he needs proper diet/food, and he wants fair politics and a supportive government. Albeit, things cannot be flawless but we can surely make endeavors to mitigate the flaws in the system. Here we try to list a few items that came out of a common man’s voices-

Proper Health Facilities- There is no doubt that health is wealth and a country’s overall growth and development heavily hinges upon the health of the citizens. In a country like India where there is a huge gulf between the people belonging to the higher stratum of the society and those belonging to the lower stratum, keeping overall health of the nation on the higher side becomes a bit tough! A huge percentage of the nation’s population suffers from poverty, malnutrition et al. It is really sad and weird to see ample food being wasted in a lavish party and on the other hand people starving because of hunger. It would be really good if people start managing things properly and stop wastage of food. The government must come forward to ensure better health facilities in hospitals across the nation. Special funds must be raised for hospitals in remote areas and villages. Camps must be organized in villages to help people understand the cardinal importance of health in their lives. There are a lot of superstitions that hamper health development; efforts must be made to make people understand the difference between fiction and facts.

Fair Elections and Government- Although, being corrupt is the latest norm these days but efforts must be made to mitigate if not eliminate corruption. The nation and its people should unite to have fair elections. We must strive to vote on the basis of development and corruption issues instead of voting on the basis of caste, creed, religion and race. Most people these days vote against somebody rather than for somebody.

National Security and Harmony- A common man wants harmony around him and in the nation. We want people belonging to different religions and communities to live peacefully together. We all are born in the same land, raised in the same culture, we went to the same school; and then what instigates us to draw blood and fight?? We want national security as well, security from foreign powers which strive to attack and hurt us.

Balance between work and recreation- We want a balance to be maintained between work and recreation. Man is not a machine and recreation should be an integral part of the working system as well! As they say, “Eight hours work, eight hours sleep and eight hours recreation”. Furthermore, creative freedom must be given.

The list can go long! But again the higher authorities or the government will have to listen to the voices of a common man, sooner or later- Vox populi, vox Dei.

A Tribute to Baba Bulleh Shah-Exploring Sufism!

Sufi Rohan!

“Tear down the mosque and temple too, break all that divides
But do not break the human heart as it is there that God resides.”

                                                               -Bulleh Shah!

 Sometimes, you hear a few lines and they echo in your mind automatically. You start using them in public and in person too! While watching a Pakistani movie “Khuda Kay Liye”, I came across this song “Bandeya ho, Bandeya”. I just loved the lyrics instantly and was extremely curious to know about its genesis.

 After browsing a bit, I came to know that it was the composition of the Sufi poet\philosopher Bulleh Shah. The name was pretty much familiar, as I heard that in a few songs; “Bulla Ki Jaana Main Kaun!” etc. Slowly but Steadily I went through his works and life. Born in Bahawalpur, Punjab, now in Pakistan, Shah belonged to a Syed family. Bulleh Shah was beacon of hope and peace for the people of Punjab. He helped in maintaining friendly relations among Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus. He is believed to be extremely close to the Sikh Guru, Guru Teg Bahadur!

 May be its his “Sufi” attitude that is the reason of his benevolence and love for all nature! If you explore literature about Sufism, you come to know that “Tolerance” is an essential feature. And the origin or genesis of Sufism came from the fact that people from different cultures\mixed beliefs started living together. Sufis also rejected rituals, for them spiritual introspection was more important than external appearances. Sufis also separated Mosque and State. Shah Hussain stated: “Kings are busy in their kingdoms, the moneylenders are collecting their debts and the tiller is concerned about his village. We only seek the pleasure of our Sain (Lord, Beloved).” They also believed in one God and one must devote himself completely towards God.

Baba Bulleh Shah didn’t believe in caste, he didn’t differentiate people at all. He believed that we must leave the soul free! It’s all about Him-

“He is the Kite, and the string too!”

The modern world can learn a lot from Bulleh Shah. Humanity is what he taught us, harmony is what he preached. And we are really lucky that we live in a heterogeneous society, where we get a chance to meet people with different beliefs and traditions. Although, all the beliefs lead to the same path! 

Shakespearean Magic!

For me it has always been really tough to believe that Shakespeare was not born in the modern times. This Cosmic writer was so much ahead of time. As if, he could foresee and foretell! He beautifully demonstrated all the human feelings, emotions. Tragedy, Comedy, Romance, Revenge, Arrogance; you could find all traits in his dramas.


The first play that I came across was “Julius Caesar”. And it is still fresh in my memory. Quotes like-

“A dish fit for the Gods”

“Et tu, Brute!”

“Beware the Ides of March”

“But, for my own part, it was Greek to me”

These lines were beyond time. They fit perfectly into situations that we counter in our lives. The way in which Shakespeare has demonstrated “Male Ego”, “Acumen of a good Speaker” and “Will power of women”, in this play is simply awesome.


Coming to “Macbeth”, turning candid I have never read this play. I started a couple of times, but to no avail (laziness+laxity). But a couple of quotes from this play are really close to my heart and soul.

“Fair is foul and Foul is fair!”

“Out out brief candle, Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

The above stated lines have been my favourite Shakespearean quote. It beautifully describes the “Rat-race” sort of life we have these days. Full of drama, mixed moments and ultimately it all ends in smoke.


And when you talk about “Romance”, you talk about “Romeo and Juliet”. Perhaps, the most quoted couple ever. I always had this gut feeling, that Shakespeare must be a very romantic man himself! Someone, who could convert emotions into words with such tremendous flair, could impress anyone! The quote that I remember from this master-piece is-

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

It was not just about tragedy, drama and romance. It was Shakespeare who introduced us to Comedy! “The Comedy of errors”, is an example of impeccable Shakespearean comedy. Comedy had a slightly different meaning in those times. It meant confusion, a state of perplexion coupled with humour. Comedy meant an erratic situation that brought humour unintentionally and automatically. Shakespeare explored almost all the human emotions and was truly someone cosmic!





Comrade talks about Che!


Some youngsters were discussing “Politics” at a public place. Each one of them had his individual views. Everyone had his own ideology. A young lad said- “It is like hell everywhere, who to vote for??”……….Another guy synchronized his thought saying- “They are all corrupts!” Suddenly came a young lad, riding a dusty vintage Bike! The visor of the Bike had three letters written on it-“CHE”. He was wearing an Ernesto Tee as well!



A guy from that bunch of youngsters exclaimed- “Sexy Bike…..This is some awesome stuff!”…….A girl asked with curiosity- “What is this CHE??”…………The Comrade replied- “It is a Thesaurus for Revolution! It is about a man who fought for cultural change.” Another girl replied- “Yes, I have heard about him. He is known all over the world. His face is also used by many T-shirt brands.” ………….The Comrade smiled-“Yeah, you got it plumb!”                                                                      


The Comrade took out a cigarette from his pocket and lighted it. “So, what were you guys discussing??”- asked the Comrade………….“We were discussing the pathetic condition of politicians in our country, they are all corrupts.”- said a young boy with disgust in his voice. The Comrade replied- “You are people who can bring about a change, a revolution. CHE didn’t care about personal freedoms and rights. In fact, he wanted individualism to disappear from the nation. Thinking about us instead of thinking for the nation is a criminal act. CHE believed that youth must dedicate themselves to study, work and military services.”


 Everyone was amazed by his words. A young girl asked- “What is your name??”…………The Comrade replied- “People who know who CHE Guevara was and what he did, are actually called COMRADES!” The Comrade kick-started his bike and left. When you talk about politics, look for balanced debates. We live in an independent country and we fought long and hard for our independence. Only we can bring about a change in the present political scenario.

Long live CHE- Long live revolution!







Animal Farm……A Tribute to the Master-GEORGE ORWELL!


It is a story of my High School days. I was given an assignment to read a Novel and then write a synopsis of the same. The thought of reading English stuff has captivated me, since time immemorial. High School days were the days, when I was high on various aspects. The fad of Bikes kept haunting. I was high on hormones too (testosterones in particular). Friendship, first love (crush), dreams, board
exams………there were many elements.

 It was a normal Sunday morning. One of my father’s friends visited us. I asked him to suggest a good novel. He said, “I have one in my mind, that I read when I was young. Don’t worry; I will bring that for you”. The very next morning, he gave me a book- “Animal Farm- George Orwell”. The first thought that struck my mind was- “It’s a thin one, I can wrap it up in two weeks”! I read that book in two weeks. I was not an easy job though; I had to refer to the dictionary pretty often.

 My friends and some of the Teachers say that the book had a deep impact on me. I would say- “Pigs are the best, Men are bad”! It was this book, which made me learn the word- “Comrade”. I would refer to some of my friends, as “Comrades”. I still remember after the Morning Prayer, the class teacher told us a thought- “We all are equal”. I quickly raised my hand and said- “All Animals are equal. But some Animals are more equal than others”! Everyone was laughing, and the teacher asked me to leave the class (I am still unaware of the reason). Whenever, the monitor put forward any resolution. I would say- “It is always the Pigs who put forward the Resolutions. The other animals understand how to vote, but could never think of any resolutions of their own”! These things made me lose some of my friends. It made me lose social company and turn into a schizoid.

 Some girls thought that I was a lunatic. Whenever I would see an animal with four legs, I would say- “Four legs good, two legs bad”! I lived in my own world, my own Shangri La! I met a guy with weird hairstyle and a sexy T-shirt, some days back. He was standing near the road. We saw a man eating “boiled eggs”. The man looked at me and said- “You know what, Man is the only creature that consumes without producing”! I intervened in the middle and said- “He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits…..”! The man smiled, “We both sail in the same boat I guess, Animal Farm”!

Actually, We Love Uncle Sam!




















We criticise American Imperialism, American Ideology. But we would never turn down an opportunity to be in America. That is the real magic about “Uncle Sam”. Somewhere deep under, every young Indian wants to be there. And why not, it offers you all the luxury of the world. You get a chance to reside in the richest nation of the globe (or rather in the lap of the richest Uncle). The term “Uncle Sam”, is used as a national personification of the American Government. It is believed that it is named after Samuel Wilson, a meat-packer from Troy, New York.


If you want to go for “higher education”, Uncle Sam is the man. If you are a gadget freak, then Uncle Sam will shower heaps of APPLES on you. If you love fast-food and fast-life, go to Uncle Sam. Furthermore, even the climate of the United States is just awesome (although I have not been there). The roads lavish, the ambience awesome, no dust, latest fashion, fast bikes, Big cars, variety of food, open-minded culture………….and many other things, that can attract any youngster. May be that is the reason, Professor Rajesh Koothrappali, in the famous series THE BIG BANG THEORY, told a FBI agent- “Please don’t send me back to India. It is so crowded there. Here in US, I can live as a care-free bachelor. In India, it is like impossible!”


If you talk about America, I wager you have to talk about- THE HOLLYWOOD and ALCOHAL. A friend of mine, who has been to America recently, stated- “It is the same, as I saw it in the Hollywood”! There has always been a huge fad of Hollywood in India, especially in the metros. Everyone talks about, the Bryan Adams and the Angelina Jollies. Coming to the alcohol thing(the awaited one), America has a variety of Pubs- The Heterosexual pubs, The Gay pubs, The Stripper pubs etc. The list of varieties of alcohol is a long one. From orthodox whisky to the single malted ones, the Beers, the Vodkas, the Rums, and the Gins. The list of “mock tails” is also a long one- the virgin kiss, the cuba libre, the bourbon, grass hopper etc.


The Indians living there find it a bit difficult, to confess the fact that they actually love Uncle Sam. I still remember, I saw a man in a party. He was looking suave, wearing a black colour suit and having a Rolex in his left wrist. He was telling everyone, how much he missed India. He said- “I have been living in America for more than two decades, they don’t have any emotions whatsoever. It’s like a “machine life” there. No one really cares about you there, I miss my nation so much, specially the rich Indian culture.” Everyone was listening to him with great attention. Suddenly, there was a power cut. Power Cuts and summers, are like best buddies-they go “hand in hand”. Everyone was sweating, I was observing that man, and he was getting really uneasy. And finally he gave vent to his emotions- “You know what, that is what I hate about India. The power cuts, the traffic jams. It is so bloody crowded here. No roads, no modern facilities. It is like too below par, when you compare it to the US! ”.