It is the Indian values that make us win!


We Indians are known for our values and culture. That is what makes us special! The love for the nation is a natural phenomenon, something that I’ve always believed you don’t need to teach. India has always had a rich heritage and culture that is eclectic in nature. We have our values and that is what differentiates us from others. We aren’t materialistic, we value people over things. We believe that God made people to be loved and things to be used but unfortunately nowadays people love things and they use people!


I’ll share a candid experience, a situation wherein I kept my patience and didn’t leave my Indian values and things took care of themselves then. I was introduced into a new project and the project lead was an American guy, nerd who hardly spoke. We were total seven people in the team and I was the last and the youngest to join. The other five people were Indians as well and were pretty pedantic in nature. As I was new in the team I didn’t have a lot of idea about the project and apparently most of the discussions were esoteric. Things became tough, I couldn’t perform as no one was ready to transfer the project knowledge or help me get started with things.


Months went by but I didn’t lose hope. I started working doubly hard. To be candid, there were times when I felt like leaving the job but I wanted to leave on a good note. We Indians respect people and no matter how arrogant a person is, if you continue showing good behavior he will eventually succumb to your good natured personality. That’s what I did as well; no matter how bad I was treated initially I kept respecting others. Good behavior, patience and hard work helped me carve a niche for myself in the team.


The project lead called me one day in his cabin. I was surprised to hear that I was given a promotion. He said to me: ‘Things weren’t easy for you in the beginning but I appreciate your hard work. I have seen guys quit jobs for reasons like these. What made you stay here? I’m just a tad curious to know!’ I smiled and thanked him for the promotion letter. I told him: ‘We Indians are known for our values. We respect people and we always maintain our honesty towards our work. That said we like winning people! Yes you are right, I could have left the job as well but I wanted to prove a point.’ Well he looked pretty impressed and we shook hands as if we both understood each other.



You shouldn’t compromise your values just because things get tough at times. After all that is what we Indians are known for! We are extremely glad that Lufthansa recognizes the global Indian influence and is celebrating the same which is extremely apparent in their latest TVC. This definitely makes Lufthansa #MoreIndianThanYouThink


Colorful experience at the #BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet!


As bloggers we love to meet new people and interact. You get to learn something from everyone and that is the beauty of human interactions. It is extremely important to keep yourself open to meeting new people and interesting conversations. That’s how you learn new things and trends prevailing in the society. The IndiBlogger team has always been fabulous at providing platforms and opportunities for the bloggers to express their views. The bloggers meet is a fabulous way to bring the bloggers together. The latest IndiBlogger took place in New Delhi in association with Berger Paints.



Berger has introduced a new concept of Express Painting. A concept that is innovative and effective as well! The concept talks about automation of certain essential and repetitive tasks that are involved in painting. The idea is simple here, if something has to be done repeatedly why we can’t have a machine do that for us to make things easier for us. This not just helps to save time but the efficiency is enhanced as well! Another brilliant thing that Berger has started is training the painters. Now that really is a consumer centric initiative. A trained painter is definitely supposed to be more reliable. All this so that things can be executed faster, cleaner and better! Also if you delve into things, this move to train painters can also help mitigate unemployment in the country. So if you see things closely, this is modernization of painting coupled with corporate citizenship.


Berger has introduced some really effective no-mess tools to make life easier for us. Sanding as we know is something inevitable whenever we want to get out house painted. For this Berger has introduced the sanding machine so that you can do things faster and cleaner. For the washing part to clean stuff, Berger has introduced high pressure washer. Other tools like the airless paint sprayer, auto roller are of great utility as well! The good thing was that these tools were physically present at the meet. So we had these no-mess tools at our disposal and that made us realize that these are of tremendous utility.






The #BergerXP IndiBlogger meet at Delhi was pretty well organized and planned. We had interesting activities that involved all. It is a brilliant idea to have activities that involve everybody. Human beings feel valued when they’re involved in things. We feel like we are a part of a goal and we are contributing. The team activity was real fun. The first round made everyone of us do sanding and that is exactly when we realized the importance of the sanding machine. Really you must burn your own fingers to know what fire is! In the second round every team was given a theme and based on that we needed to paint our imagination. There was a Berger trained painter as well to tell us how to mix colors with accuracy and precision.





Post the activity everyone was waiting for the results. The results were great, we won! Yes I was the part of the winning team. We were Team 3 and we won. The theme given to us for the second round was ‘Blogging-Vlogging’. It was a great event overall and the fact that we won made things even better. Thanks a lot Berger for this event and the concept of Express Painting. The concept gives us a way to paint our homes in a hassle free manner. Our homes are so important to us and the walls speak aloud! Sometimes I wonder whether my home is a place or a person!

Fun with the Datsun redi-GO



The fad for cars among the Indian youth is increasing day by day. This fad is even more in the metro cities and urban youth. This fad has created a lot of scope for automobiles companies to come up with new and innovative models. Datsun has already made a decent impact in the Indian automobiles market and has been liked by all and sundry. Datsun’s innovation coupled with style has helped it impress the public. The needs of the urban drivers are dynamic and they want the automobiles companies to keep coming up with new and innovative launches. Indian urban life is busy and a tad hectic as well, people want a vehicle that befits their lifestyle and schedule.


The Datsun redi-GO has some brilliant and appealing features that are sure to impress all and sundry. Three features of the Datsun redi-GO that appeal the most to me are- Speed, Comfort /Space and the Funky/Stylish looks!


Speed: The Datsun redi-GO is sure going to be fun for those who like speedy rides. The vehicle is expected to have a 5-speed manual gearbox. So apparently when you’re in the fifth gear (top gear) you can get going at a rapid pace! Speed as we all know is a cardinal need of the urban youth. This feature really makes the Datsun redi-GO a brilliant and must have vehicle!


Comfort/Space: We know that for everyone in the urban cities, the comfort is a huge and prime factor. We want our vehicles to be spacious and comfortable. The Redi-GO is expected to be very spacious with a large boot thus making it a comfortable vehicle. The interiors of the vehicle are also supposed to be nice and comfortable, befitting the urban need. With the busy and hectic schedules that we have in urban life, comfort is always of cardinal importance and Redi-GO provides the riders exactly that!


Funky/Stylish looks: This is sure to grab attention of all. Yes, the funky and the stylish looks of the Redi-GO will for sure suffice to grab the attention of all! Looks matter a lot to the urban youth and there is not even an iota of doubt about this fact. The new Redi-GO is supposed to have a muscular bonnet and the rear hatch is also supposed to get a good muscular and stylish design. Looks appeal a lot to the urban youth and this is exactly where the Redi-GO scores!


India is a fabulous nation and the place is just apt for the people with fad for travelling and driving. Truly you can explore a lot in this fantastic nation. I would really like to take the Redi-GO for a drive to Jaipur to test it. I would like to test the Redi-GO for speed, control and mileage. I think these are major factors that need to be tested in a vehicle. The control is of prime importance and so is that speed. I would like to test how swift the shifting of gears is. I would also like to test and observe the mileage of the vehicle and this also is an important financial factor.


Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.



The importance of navigation apps!


In the recent times we have seen great advancement in the field of information technology. We have different mobile applications these days to perform various sorts of activities. Thus these mobile applications are of tremendous use. These days we heavily hinge upon the mobile applications to even perform our day to day activities. Thus, these mobile applications have become a part and parcel of our lives. The different sort of mobile applications are available on both the iOS as well as on the android platform. Thus, these mobile applications have great significance.


In this era of mobile apps we have a lot of navigation apps as well! These apps have huge importance and significance for people who travel frequently and for people who like to explore places. There are many navigation apps available on both the android as well as on the iOS platform as well! These mobile applications help the users to get the location of the different places. Thus, you can never get lost if you use the latest navigation apps! Even if you are driving a car or any vehicle for that matter, these navigation apps will help you reach the destination.


The mobile apps for the navigation purpose mainly use the GPS functionality of the mobile. The GPS is the global positioning system and helps the Users to locate the places. The GPS feature these days is a part and parcel of all the smart phones. The global positioning system feature helps the users to get the location and the position of various places accurately. Thus, the GPS feature is of great importance and if you are planning to get a new smart phone please ensure that it has the GPS feature as well! The GPS is a great feature for the modern day users and travelers. This feature becomes more useful when you are travelling to a new place. Not only this feature helps you trace places but also helps you to explore the locations.


There are various navigation apps available for the smart phone users these days. This competition in the mobile application field ensures that the Users have enough choices for the apps. There are fantastic mobile applications with superb User Interface that leads to decent User experience as well! If you want to install a navigation app, I would recommend reading its reviews first before you moved ahead with the installation thing. You should go ahead with a simple, smooth navigation app that will help you to locate places and positions.


A lot of modern day automobiles are also implementing that navigation systems and the GPS feature in the vehicles. This helps Users to locate things while driving and thus it facilitates driving for the Users. Thus, these navigation apps are of tremendous use for the Users.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

The impact of social media on common life!


In this era of technology the internet has become a part and parcel of our lives. It is amazing how our life revolves around the internet these days. Really the internet has a huge impact on our lives. Likewise social media has also become an integral part of our lives. We have somewhat become addicted to the social media. The impact of social media on common life is huge these days. This impact is even bigger in the metro cities. People now open the social networking sites almost impulsively whenever they start their computers! Everyone these days has an account on the social networking websites.


You can get news about the latest trends on the social media these days. The most famous social networking sites these days are facebook, twitter, instagram and some others as well! Each of the aforementioned social networking websites has a huge impact on the life of the common people. The internet has now becomes accessible easily to the common people. This is another reason that the social media has become so popular these days. People usually access the social networking sites these days using the corresponding mobile apps. The mobile apps have been things more convenient for the end users.


Facebook has become a huge hit in India and in the whole world actually! The users can even chat with their friends via the chat option of facebook. The impact of facebook is huge on both personal lives as well as on the professional life of the people. The page feature on facebook is a nice way to promote your business as well! Facebook has started another feature called ‘Facebook at Work’. This feature will help the teams to collaborate and interact in a better way. Really facebook has made a huge impact on the common life.


Twitter has also a huge impact on the life of the common people. Even celebs share their moments on twitter using the hash tags. The hash tag is a nice way to group related data or information together. The trending list of twitter is like the news headlines! The latest news is always there trending on twitter. Really, twitter has a huge impact on the life of the common people.


Another social networking site that has a huge impact on the common life is instagram. People use this application to post their photos on the internet. It is a really useful application for people who love to capture moments in photographs. The photos become accessible to all through this application. The application is really useful for people who like to travel and click pictures! In the recent times, the instagram has had a huge impact on the common life! People use it a lot to share their moments.


Thus the social media has a huge impact on the life of the common people.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

The impact of technology on common life!


This era is surely about technology and technological advancements! We are surrounded by technology and surely technology has become a part and parcel of our lives. Our lives definitely heavily hinges upon technology these days. In this era of rat race and cut throat competition we surely cannot shun the importance of technology in our lives. Technology for sure has touched various aspects of our life! The way modern science and research has made technology accessible to the common man is also a commendable thing! We use technology for most of our works these days. It is really amazing how technology has made a lot of things easier for us. Technology has really helped to reduce human efforts.


If we have to travel somewhere we use technology for that. Travelling is always fun. There are fast and convenient modes of transport these days, all thanks to the advancements made in technology. In the past, travelling from one place to another used to be a herculean task but that is definitely not the case anymore. You don’t need to worry a lot these days even if you have to travel great distances. People these days travel across countries and continents with ease and comfort! Travelling has really become easier with technology and it has helped mankind to increase productivity as well!


Talking to people has also become easy due to technological advancements. Man is a social animal and talking helps to reduce a lot of problems. It is a part and parcel of our lives. People can now connect and talk with others using the gadgets like mobile phones. Internet has played a huge role in technological advancements. People used to write letters in the past, now people have the luxury to communicate with anyone in a jiffy using the mobile phones and the internet.


These days even shopping has gone online because of the technological advancements. You don’t need to go out of your homes to shop these days. People have choice to select from various shopping sites these days. So people can choose, pay and shop from their homes these days without any need to go outside. Also, these shopping sites help users to connect with sellers living at a far distance as well!


Food ordering has also become easy and convenient due to the technological advancements. So technology has given us the facility to order food items of our choice in a jiffy. Users can now choose from a list of restaurants and place their order with ease and comfort. Now you can satisfy your hunger with ease these days! So in case you don’t have the facility to cook or you are too lazy to cook, you can place your order easily! All thanks to the technology!


Thus technology has made a huge impact on common life

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.