The FANTASTICO feeling you get whenever India wins a cricket match!



The fad for cricket is simply enormous in this nation. Cricket is really like a religion in India! The fantastico thing about cricket fans in India is that they are emotionally attached to the cricket team and they are always optimistic about the Indian cricket team. I am an ardent fan of cricket as well! I must confess that this sport has given me some fantastico moments and memories in my life! Cricket has always been like a part and parcel of my life! I still remember my childhood days when I used to either watch or play cricket whole day long!


I think a lot of people who are born in the 90s would remember Sachin’s fantastico innings at the Sharjah! The cricket matches at Sharjah used to be extremely exciting! That was truly a fantastico moment for all the cricket fans of the nation. We still remember that innings and whenever we watch it still excites us! That’s the beauty of cricket in this fantastico nation! The craze for Sachin is also huge in India.


We still remember the final that the Indian cricket team won in the Natwest series. Chasing a three hundred plus score was never easy against the English cricket team. It was a major win abroad for the Indian cricket team. All thanks to Kaif and Yuvraj who helped us make a comeback in the match and then eventually we won the match as well! That truly was a fantastico partnership between the two youngsters that helped us win the match! We still remember that match and we still relish it!


India winning the T20 world cup was also a fantastico moment for all the Indian cricket fans! It was a new format of the game and we performed really well to grab the world cup! This world cup gave the fans some really close encounters. The way Indian players adapted to the latest format of the game was really fantastico and amazing! The Indian team winning the T20 world was a special thing for all the cricket fans of the nation!


Then came the big thing, we won the world cup 2011 and it was a fantastico moment for all the people of the nation! People came out on the streets to celebrate the victory of the world cup. The final was played at Mumbai and our captain finished the match with a majestic six! The thrill was truly fantastico and the entire nation danced in joy! The Indian captain holding the world cup was a proud moment for all the citizens of the nation! This was the second time that we won the cricket world cup.


Whenever the Indian cricket team wins, we all get a fantastico feeling! Let us wish that our team keeps winning to bring more pride to our nation!




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