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Entertainment- ‘Kahin Bhi, Kabhi Bhi’ with the new Tata Sky+ Transfer


Well, there is not even an iota of doubt that television and the internet has become a part and parcel of our lives! We can’t imagine a life without internet and television. Our entertainment heavily hinges upon these two and thus these are of cardinal importance. That said, we have moved onto smaller screens these days! Yes, I am talking about our cell phones! We want our cell phones to be our TV, to be our laptop, to be our music player et al. Yeah, so we sort of multitask with our cell phones.


So people who are heavily dependent on their cell phones use them for entertainment purposes as well! The people who commute on a daily basis using public transport are heavily dependent on their cell phones. They use their cell phones to listen music, watch videos et al. The main problem that the people who commute on a daily basis to their offices face is that by the time they reach their places back from work, its either too late to watch television or they are too tired! So apparently, they miss out their favorite shows, movies and matches.



Well, to be candid I use my cell phone a lot for entertainment purposes while I am commuting to my office from my place! I love watching shows, movies and sports. TV shows like Seinfeld, The Big Bang Theory are my favorite. I think these shows are cool and the humor is simply amazing. Seinfeld is all about how simple things can be so humorous if presented in a nice manner. There is humor all around us. You find interesting and funny people everywhere, its just about observation! The street is full of moments, you just need to have the curiosity to pick them up! I still remember I was famous in my college days for my fad for these  shows. Now its a thoroughly different story, I rarely get time to watch the latest seasons of my favorite shows. At times even if I reach my place on time, the TV room is already occupied and again I miss to watch my shows!


I am glad that now we have the new Tata Sky+ Transfer that gives us the facility to record our favorite TV shows and transfer the same to our cell phones, tablets, I-pads etc. This really simplifies a lot of things, I will not miss out on my favorite shows and matches now. I can record my favorite shows and then transfer them to my cell phone using the new Tata Sky+ Transfer. So, that I can watch them anytime and anywhere. Its like you have all your favorite stuff in your cell phone, cool! Now I can watch my favorite shows while travelling to my office and I can keep myself updated with the latest seasons and trends as well! Even on weekends, if some important work comes up that doesn’t mean I have to miss my TV shows or matches, they are all saved in my cell phone! This really is revolutionary technology by Tata Sky that truly befits the modern lifestyle!


5 things to learn from Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper








Sheldon Lee Cooper is known to us all, isn’t it! One of the best fictional characters that television has ever seen. Apparently, a lion’s share of The Big Bang Theory’s success should go to the character of Sheldon Cooper. All credits to Jim Parsons for doing full justice to the role. If you observe closely, all the characters in the show are given almost equal footage but Sheldon Cooper makes it miles ahead from the rest of the characters! There is something special about the character, or rather everything about the character is special. Although, the character may seem funny and light but there is a lot to learn from it!


  • Strategize, plan and then move ahead. That’s the way Sheldon does everything in this life. There is nothing that’s not planned and there is a strategy and proper documentation for everything. May it be selecting a room-mate (The room-mate agreement) or selecting a dress for a Halloween party; everything is bestowed with a lot of logic, intelligence and planning.


  • Be specific. Often we beat around the bush, don’t we! That’s something that Sheldon never does. Being specific at times may sound harsh but in the long run that’s always a better thing to do. Also, Sheldon has this fabulous ability to concentrate for hours at a stretch.


  • Always remember your priorities and be passionate about things you like. Yes, that’s what Sheldon always does! He always remembers his priorities and pays full attention to them. At times, we get flummoxed in things and forget our priorities. Also, Sheldon’s passion for science is amazing. Actually, passion is an understatement for what Sheldon has for science!


  • Do what you like, don’t care about what the world would think! Sheldon does what he likes. He may sound blunt at times, but that’s your problem not his. May it be his favourite sitting spot (The sweet spot) or his meal preferences, he does what he likes without giving a damn.


  • Even if you care for people, don’t tell them that you do! Yes, at times we notice that Sheldon actually cares for his friends but never shows it. He has empathy for his friends. He celebrates their success and becomes concerned at their under achievements, but he hardly shows it. When you keep showing people that you care for them, the essence abates and people may start taking you for granted.