5 Rajat Kapoor movies you must watch!


Rajat Kapoor does theater, he does movies of different sorts and he for sure is a versatile actor. Often we complain about the shortage of realistic cinema in Bollywood these days. That’s mostly because movies of the aforementioned sort don’t usually get a place in the multiplexes and if they get they run short of audience. Still there are people who want to watch realistic cinema, they value it and they cherish it!


I have tried to muster a collection of Rajat Kapoor movies. Out of that collection, here I am listing five movies I think are less watched but deserve attention. I am pretty sure you’ll like these. This list is purely out of my personal experience, so no lies and no canards either!


Raat Gayi, Baat Gayi: A movie that is a brilliant satire on the so called high suave society. The protagonist Rajat Kapoor gets so drunk at a party that he doesn’t remember iota about what happened that night. Throughout the movie he is skeptical about things, confused and this confusion leads to interesting events.


I’m 24: A movie in essence about online dating. A movie that demonstrates how reality can be different than what we see online! The protagonist dates a girl online and tells us that he is really good looking but in reality it is a different story altogether. A simple yet impressive story and definitely leaves an impact on the audience.


Bheja Fry: The story of Bheja fry revolves around a simpleton guy. Rajat Kapoor in this particular movie plays the role of a suave man, apparently a character that really suits his persona. The movie is sure to tickle your funny bone. It is a simple story but with some really strong and impressive performances.


Hulla: Another Rajat Kapoor movie that is simple yet extremely relevant. The movie displays the life of a couple living in a gated society in Mumbai. The man gets disturbed by the whistling watchman and scolds him for the same. On the other hand, the secretary of the society insists that the whistling is for the safety of the society. The movie is an extremely interesting one and showcases day to day activities that happen around us.


Siddharth: The Prisoner: Well this one is a pure Rajat Kapoor show! He hardly speaks in the movie but his gestures and expressions speak aloud! It is a story of a writer who by fate gets a briefcase full of cash but in the process lost his manuscript. So the crave waves between greed and selflessness. Rajat Kapoor with this brooding looks does absolute justice to the role. In the end, he leaves it all. He leaves it all to start afresh!


Well these are just some of the Rajat Kapoor movies mentioned here. He has done umpteen number of movies and keeps experimenting to serve something new and different to the audiences.


An Interview with an Item Girl!

Rohan Kalia

Item songs or item numbers have become a part and parcel of every Bollywood movie these days. Looks as if the Bollywood flicks are all about these item numbers- All pump and show! The concept of these item numbers didn’t come suddenly out of the blue, neither did the item girls land in a jiffy from Mars. The concept already existed in Bollywood, camouflaged by one thing or the other. We saw yester years Bollywood actresses like Vyjayanthimala and Padmini demonstrating their moves on various item numbers- Though the precise term “Item Number” was nonexistent at that time!

You feel at times whether there is any logic or reason behind these item songs! Well, I have never seen an item number taking the story of a movie forward or taking the story anywhere for that matter. They don’t really contribute or gel with the plot of the movie. Still they exist and are bloody rampant these days as well. So if we take direction and the concept in consideration, the item numbers are not of any significant avail. There is no smoke without fire. Likewise, there must be some reason for the vast usage and presence of these item numbers in Bollywood. Well, there are a good percentage of people who come to watch the movie just because of its hit item number. People belonging to the lower strata of the society iron out there frustration through these numbers. It is like a great source of recreation for them.

Most of the item numbers or songs use local languages and the popular slangs. Thus, it becomes rather easy for the general mass to connect with such numbers. The element of vulgarity is becoming an essential ingredient in most of the item numbers these days. May be that’s a trick of the trade as well to make such numbers the “talk of the town”!
Here is an interview with an Item Girl-
The anchor- “Shall we begin?”
Item Girl- “Begin what?”
The anchor- “The interview”
Item Girl- “Okay….okay”
The anchor- “Well, you have gained so much fame in the recent past. You must be feeling proud!”
Item Girl- “Well, but I had to work real hard for this. I had to work day and night or may be night and night….err…err. ”
The anchor- “Okay. Hard work is always the key to success.”
Item Girl- “Yes- It took me several nights to become an overnight success!”
The anchor- “So, what is next. You must be aiming more things, more achievements.”
Item Girl- “Yes- I aspire to be a cheer-leader in the next IPL season. That would really be a dream come true.”
The anchor- “Okay, we wish you all the luck. But why are you called Item Girl, don’t you have a name?”
Item Girl- “We are called Item Girls, because we do Item Songs.”
The anchor- “But why are these songs called Item Songs?”
Item Girl- “They are called because Item Girls perform them!”
The anchor- “You don’t make any sense.”
Item Girl- “I am not expected to make sense. My songs don’t make sense either.”
The anchor- “Okay. Thank you so much for your time. No more on item songs, let’s call it the swan song!”
Item Girl- “Swan, what?”
The anchor- “Leave it, beyond you. Thanks, anyways.”

The rise and rise of Garbage bin- Also Published in Half Baked Beans!

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The rise and tremendous success of Garbage bin is a classic example that creativity, talent and hard work get what they actually deserve, sooner or later! In this era of rat-race and cut-throat competition, you need to do something out of the box to get recognition. The grand success of Garbage bin also stamps the fact that ‘ART’ still holds a special place in this world. The whole concept is a cock-tail of fantastic animation, innocent gags and great execution.

 Reasons for the tremendous success-

  1.      The cardinal reason of the success is the fact that every human carries crave to relive the ephemeral joys of childhood. Whenever we get a chance to go back the memory lane, we grab it impulsively. So, it serves the purpose of a “Time Machine” and who wants to miss a ride in it!
  2.     Simplicity is another reason for the grand success. It is a cliché but still applies- Simplicity intensifies beauty. Garbage bin is indeed simplicity and innocence personified! It is extremely tough to keep things simple in this world that is full of complexities, but Garbage bin has managed to achieve this without even an iota of failure. Even the great Rabindranath Tagore said- “It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple”.
  3.     The inbuilt taste and fad for comics in us, is another reason for the success. We have grown up reading comics and it was so much fun. Whenever we hear the word ‘comics’, it brings a smile on our face. Reading comics is a habit which most of us developed in our childhood and as they say- “Old habits, Die hard”.
  4.     Another reason for the success of the concept is fantastic sketch work and animation. The characters are drawn in such a way that we are easily able to connect with them. You see the characters and you feel that this is exactly how your friends looked in the past.
  5.      The language of the posts also contributes to the success of Garbage bin. Language, no doubt has a strong correlation with human psychology. The dialect is friendly and easy to connect with. The slangs just add to the effects and the dialogues are really icing on the cake.
  6.    A strong, overt and logical reason for the grand success of Garbage bin is the fact that this contemporary world is obsessed with facebook and other social networking sites. The social media has played a huge role in the success. The world is on facebook- the kids, teenagers, adults- everyone is highly active user. Furthermore, it is easier and more convenient to read a comic strip on a cell phone, laptop or a tablet. Social media has no doubt evolved as an easy and fast way to spread the word across cities, states and even countries.
  7.     Success itself becomes a reason for further success! If you study history closely, you will notice that- “Nothing succeeds like success”. Thus, success breeds and fuels itself.

 Garbage bin helps to make us happy, makes us go back the memory lane and helps us to keep the child in us burning!

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A Get-Together in London before ICC Champion’s Trophy!

London PubsIt was a bright sunny day in London, one of those typical British summer days! People were moving inside a Pub (mind you it’s not called Bar in London). You could see people of different origin, different characteristics, different vision and different beliefs! I was sitting just next to a round table, where some of the celebs were sitting!

 Shah Rude Khan, enjoying a mock-tail was cursing Uncle Sam! Show-Abs Akhtar enjoying a Beer was thinking about the times he used to bowl at 100 plus miles! MSD who usually prefers milk over other beverages, was having a mock-tail for a change as well! Captain Cook who looks like a typical British gentleman was busy pouring scotch in his glass! Shame Warne the spin-wizard was busy spinning beers on his table!

 Then Shah Rude broke the ice- “Well, with due due due respect to all the teams of the world, I guess KKR is the best”.

“I agree, I was a part before my depart. The team has everything, good and bad. Sometimes I feel, our team is nothing but just an extension of our attitude and personality”. – Show-Abs Akhtar said, flaunting his biceps!

“Well, we British play cricket in the good spirit. That is exactly what turns me on the game; Flint-off was the only turn-off! Statistics and mathematics are not as important as ethics for us”. – Captain Cook said, gulping his drink!

“Hey, I played cricket for style. That is the reason all the models in this city are crazy for me. I know how to spin the Balls”- Shame Warne said, flipping his Beer Cans!

“Hey Dhoni, I bought a new Versace watch, can you touch it. I heard whatever you touch turns to Gold”- said Shah Rude Khan with a tint of arrogance in his voice. He was the only one laughing at his joke!

“Well, if you want that I will do that as well! Right now, I am just Enjoying The Moment. And trying to keep myself as calm as possible”. – said MSD, with a smile on his face that had all the calmness of the world!

“Hey, anyone wants Kabab, I have some”- Show-Abs Akhtar said!

“Why you brought Kababs, we could have ordered here”. – said Shah Rude Khan, in a stammering voice!

“No Bhai, this is a DOOSRA type of Kabab, specially made by Saeed Ajmal”- replied Show-Abs Akhtar!

“Okay Lets go, we have a dinner today at Imran Khan’s place”- said MSD!

“He is here in London, I thought he was there in Lahore”- said Show-Abs Akhtar!

“He goes there once a week, he is an ardent traveler you know”- said Captain Cook!

“Okay, can I take a model with me to the dinner party, I guess Khan Sahab will like it”- said Shame Warne!

“Yes, yes sure”- said Shah Rude Khan!

And they all left for the dinner party!






Cricket in IPL is like Alcohol in Beer! Also published in Half Baked Beans


Web-Link: http://halfbakedvoices.blogspot.in/2013/05/cricket-in-ipl-is-like-alcohol-in-beer.html

Cricket is more than a sport in the Indian subcontinent. The fad for cricket in this part of the world is just enormous. Cricket has seen a dramatic change in the last decade. A new version of the sport has evolved, that is the T-20 format. The new format befits this era of rat-race! But with the evolvement of new methods and new formats the quality of cricket has undergone abatement as well! A cricket match is now a packet of entertainment that has everything, but the essence of the sport is missing! So cricket has undergone a great change in style and approach. T20 cricket has appeared as a great equalizer. It is easier for a team like Bangladesh to beat a team like Australia in a T20 match! Thus, margin for error is almost zero in this format!

 Indians are just crazy about cricket. We eat cricket, drink cricket, sleep cricket and obviously think cricket as well! This fad for cricket in our nation has served as a hotbed for IPL. IPL has everything;glamour, big players, big names, lavish preparations-But the “cricket” is missing. Well, cricket is about the three “T”- Talent, Technique and Temperament! A good player must have all the above mentioned! Test cricket is a format that requires all the three. That is the reason Test cricket is a real test of a player. But T20 cricket is all about talent, not a lot of technique or temperament is involved! These days IPL is turning out to be an epidemic and there is no antidote to it either! People are so absorbed in it that everything plays second fiddle to it. Although, we don’t get to see quality cricket in an IPL match, but it is full of “masala” and that is what gets everyone absorbed in it! A Beer can make you feel “high”, but that feeling is for a short-span of time. You experience a surge of intoxication for a while, but then it decays exponentially as well!

So, we get to see only some percentage of actual cricket in an IPL match! It is actually a “cricket show”, instead of being a “cricket match”. Just like having a Beer or two may satisfy the urge of alcohol, but it is not real alcohol intake! But again IPL is the need of the hour because of the busy schedule that people have these days! But someone who really values the sport will prefer a Test match over an IPL match. Cricket in IPL is actually titular cricket! Sometimes I feel, IPL should add a cognomen to its name-“The Pseudo Cricket”!

Katernia Eco Wildlife!


We are pretty fortune that we are surrounded by so many natural things. Things that have both scientific value, as well as aesthetic value! Nature has blessed us with so many natural forests. But you need to have a clear view to enjoy the scenic beauty of the thick forests. We are so busy in this era of rat-race amid these skyscraper buildings that we miss and forget to appreciate the beauty of nature. Every single being in this universe has its importance. Albeit, we shun the existence of other beings on this planet. Thus, we need to find out time to appreciate the beauty of nature and to appreciate nature itself!

India is blesses with a variety of forests and wildlife sanctuary. We have ample of exotic and “rare to find” species of both flora and fauna. Thus, India is a “Hot Cake” for wildlife lovers all over the world. But it is rather ironical, that we Indians ourselves tend to forget that we are surrounded by such amazing wildlife points. One of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Uttar Pradesh is the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located about 200 Kilometers from Lucknow and 86 Kilometers from Bahraich.

Now a great reason for the tourists to get all gung-ho is the launch of Katernia eco Wildlife\eco Huts. It is started by a young and dedicated entrepreneur, Himanshu Kalia. A guy, who started his career in an IT Multinational, then did his further education from XLRI. No doubt, that landing in entirely different fields has helped him develop the element of versatility! The best thing he did before starting the great venture is spending time there, himself. As they say, the best way to learn about fire is to burn your own fingers into it. You ought to know the ground realities before you plunge into such a venture.

Katernia eco Wildlife\eco Huts not only gives you a chance to perceive exotic wildlife, it also offers you a stay in typical natural Indian ambience. The huts are made in such a way to give you a “close to nature feeling”. Furthermore, there are many additional adventurous activities offered like- Elephant Safari, Horse Safari, Nature Walk, Crocodile Walk, Camping etc.

When Should you go- November to June.

Total Cost- 2000 INR per person for Weekends. This includes food, stay and nature guide for one night and two days.

Enquire About- Elephant Safaris, Individual stories of each tiger, Cultural Programs, Crocodile Walk etc.

Yes Factor- High probability of Tiger spotting, Chance to spend time in extreme proximity with nature!


For Booking, you can contact Himanshu Kalia(+91-9451758642). You can also visit the official website- http://katerniaecowildlife.com/

We give special discount on online bookings. Also, people who are in touch with us on social networking websites can avail lucrative discounts. Please feel free to contact us, in-case you need some more information.





The Red Muffler!

Che Snap

It was a typical hot day in the month of June. I was sitting on a chair under a Tree at my place, playing taash(cards) with a few boys who lived in the neighborhood. As usual there was no electricity, but ironically it made things better as people came out of their places to meet one-another and chit chat! I was getting a few phone calls on my cell, but I didn’t pick any. I prefer keeping my phone in the silent mode whenever I am in my hometown. I decided to go for a ride on my vintage scooter. My scooter is not just an ordinary machine; it consumes one litre of crude oil for 10 miles. This is something I usually brag about when I am with my friends, I say pompously- “Only a Kalia Sahab can afford it”!

 I parked my scooter outside my friend’s shop in the market place. My friend owns a tailoring shop, he is a Muslim. We love spending time together and discussing things. In the summers, with no electricity mind you, the fun is even more. I entered the shop and he greeted me warmly-“Hey, look who is here”. It is pretty intentional that I visit him in the afternoon, because his father goes home to rest in the summer afternoons. He ordered tea for us and we began playing Ludo together. I said sipping tea-

“Kahin kuch jal raha hain kya”??

“Nahi Bhai, bagal ke hotel main murga ban raha hain”.

“For you- where there is smoke, there is chicken-tikka”- I replied. We both laughed and continued with the Ludo game.

 Suddenly, a young lad came into the shop. He was a Muslim; I knew when he introduced himself to us. He was a decent looking guy, wearing a Che T-shirt! He came to take his trousers that he gave few days back to be tailored. I asked him sarcastically-

“So, how is the revolution going”?

“It is not going sir, it is coming”.

The way he spoke and usage of the word “Sir”, assured me that he did his schooling from an English medium school. I asked him again-

“So, what do you know about Che Guevara”?

“Err, he was a really good man. He was very religious also”.

“Well bhai, I don’t know who told you all this. But Che was a communist who neither believed in God, nor in religion”.

“What, Che was a “comma”, whats that”?

“No, no- Che was a full stop”- I said sarcastically!

My friend knew me very well, I loved playing with people. Although, I lost more than I won but I enjoyed it. I headed out to get myself a pack of cigarettes and a “Saada khushbu-wala Paan”. I came back and played a Laal Band song on my cell-phone. The lad said impulsively-

“Hey that’s a Muslim band”.

“Nah, that’s a socialist band”.

“You are a cynical”- he said wearing his Red Cap that had “revolution” printed on it.

“Aah, you got that Red Cap too, you are a true rebel”- I commented.

My friend was smiling. “Kalia Sahab, stop playing with him now”- he said.

I was on a swing, was enjoying it. I further asked him- “So, you are starting the revolution! From where are you starting it, any plans”??

The guy looked confused, he had no answer.

“So, people call you Kalia Sahab”?

“Yes, actually they call me whatever they feel like! But you can call me Sir”- I said in a serious tone.

“Kyun bhai”??

“Don’t call me bhai, call me Sir”- I said.

“Okay, can I borrow a cigarette”??

I gave him one from my pack and quoted looking at my friend, who was seriously enjoying the episode-

Udhaar bade Showk se;

Lekin Inqallab, agle Chowk se!”

My friend picked up a Red color cloth from the ground and gave it to me. I wrapped it around my neck.

“That is actually wearing a Red Muffler”- My friend announced!