Ek Nayi League Promises to be Interesting!









Cricket is more than a sport in the Indian subcontinent. The fad for cricket in this part of the world is just enormous. Cricket has seen a dramatic change in the last decade. A new version of the sport has evolved, that is the T-20 format. The new format befits this era of rat-race! Indians are just crazy about cricket. We eat cricket, drink cricket, sleep cricket and obviously think cricket as well! So anything that involves cricket or cricketers is welcomed with open arms in this nation. India is for sure a cricket loving nation!


Ek Nayi League involves the great cricketing legend Kapil Dev! That’s enough for the league to become a huge hit! The nation loves Kapil Dev, the man who won the first world cup for India. It was under his captaincy that India won the world cup in 1983. Thus, the respect for the man in this nation is immense. Also, the fact that Kapil Dev is such a modest man makes the league a lot more interesting and awaited! We all enjoy when the legend Kapil Dev is in the commentary box, may it be international matches or the IPL matches. Presence of Kapil Dev is always special and entertaining as well!


I have repeatedly gone through the videos that Kapil Dev has posted on his twitter account about Ek Nayi League! The videos are really awesome and definitely enticing. Kapil talks about cricketing giants like Yuvraj, Dhoni in the videos. Also, in one of the videos Kapil talks about the famous Indian standup comedian Kapil Sharma. The videos are funny for sure and the project Ek Nayi League is indeed promising!


Having gone through the videos one thing is for sure that the league is going to be a mind game! The videos are really hilarious and entertaining as well! As we can hear Kapil Dev repeatedly saying that if you play with your heart you are going to face the debacle. So the
league probably will be a mind game wherein the contestants will need to get others eliminated in order to remain in the contest! Also, most probably Kapil Dev himself is going to conduct and host the league! So, with Kapil Dev as a host the league promises to be ultra-special!


So the Ek Nayi League promises to be a contest wherein the contestants can’t trust anyone! One of those shows that require you to be diplomatic and clever! So the contestants must always be ready for challenges! One of those where you have to play mind games to stay alive in the league! One thing is for sure this will be immensely interesting!


Ek Nayi League is definitely promising and the idea of such a league is indeed refreshing!


Note: This blog post is written to promote Ek Nayi League






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