The Jug in my life!


Friends are a part and parcel of life! We really can’t shun the importance of friends in our life. You generally have a lot of friends in life but there is always that special ‘jug’, someone you can really hinge upon. As you grow up you realize that friendship is a special bond and a special treasure. You always need a friend you can bank upon and to be candid and truthful such friends are rare. This blog post is dedicated to a special friend of mine who has always supported me. I am writing about Jug in my life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda.


I met this friend of mine during my school days. We know each other for more than a decade now! So at times it feels as if we know each other since time immemorial. I still remember the time we had in our school life. We were like brothers in arms. And see, how things have molded since then. We were really close in our school days- we shared food, used to hang out together and share secrets too! I still remember; I was brimming w­­­­ith excitement when I visited his place for the first time ever. The adrenaline rush was no less in him as well; even he was is passionate as anything about our friendship. This mutual feeling is something extremely special.


It is amazing how a friend can boost you up with confidence to achieve things in life. This is what the jug in your life can do to you! He or she can make you do wonders and at the same time teach you how to remain grounded and modest. This jug in my life has always helped me in academics and even helped me improve in sports as well. We still discuss many topics like politics, history and there is always something to learn from these discussions.


You have an emotional association with this jug in your life. A true friend is someone who has empathy with you and then it becomes an eternal bond. A feeling and connection that you can only feel and can’t really glib about! This friend of mine has helped me improve as a human as well and has helped me understand the values of relations in life. We live in different cities now but the bond is still the same and unchanged. We still care for each other and there is not even an iota of change in our friendship!  ­­­­­










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