Don’t hinge too much on gadgets, take a break!


Recently I realized that over dependence on gadgets can lead to stress which culminates into frustration. We are too busy talking and chatting with everyone that we are continuously shunning ourselves. You text someone, then you await reply and the loop is never-ending! It has become compulsive to take pictures and put on social media, tell people where you traveled and what you ate!  We are too bust in these non-important things that we miss the real fun! Makes no sense telling people what you ate if you didn’t relish it!


I decided to give it a break by not using smart phone. Initially it was tough but then I got inured to it. A lot of people started treating me as if as I did a crime. What, you’re not on WhatsApp! I landed in awkward situations at times but then I got used to it. When I came to Delhi, I didn’t even have a cell phone while most guys of my age had! I never complained. I still remember I used to call my friends and family from a public booth in Ghaziabad and it was such an awesome feeling. I still remember the call rates, it was two rupees for every minute. Those were brilliant days and now I wonder how much unnecessary dependence on gadgets we have fostered in the recent times!


Its not like that I have a problem with technology or modernization but I am just taking a break to observe a changes in me! I am still addicted to chatting, I still crave to put photos of the food I order in restaurants but these addictions/cravings have undergone some abatement in the recent past. I have picked up sports and physical activities instead to keep myself busy and occupied. It has helped me improve my physique and has also helped me feel more confident about myself.


I would recommend others to try this as well! Reduce your dependence on your mobile phone. Take out time for yourself and your loved ones. There are a lot of things you can do better than staying glued to your cell phone. Pick up a sports, meet an old friend, read something, learn something. Lets try to reduce the ever-increasing stress and anxiety levels that is creeping in our generation and becoming a part and parcel of our routines.




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