It’s just Quikr in Bangalore!










We IT people often keep relocating for better roles and responsibilities. Thus, relocation is a part and parcel of our job. Whenever you relocate you need to keep a lot of things in mind. A lot of arrangements are needed for relocation. In India the main IT hubs are cities like Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune et al.


Bangalore is always a fantastic option for all the IT people. The city is full of fantastic multinationals. Furthermore, there are some fantastic startups in Bangalore. There are some superb ecommerce domain organizations in Bangalore, Flipkart is an apt example!


You cannot buy everything brand new when you relocate. Sometimes you can get some really good stuff for your use that is not new but is as good as brand new. Furniture becomes a main problem when you relocate to a place temporarily. Quikr is a website where you can browse and find products that you need. The products may not be new but will suffice all your requirements and needs. I am planning to switch jobs and relocate to Bangalore. Thus, I will need to get some furniture, household items and other stuff after I relocate. I will be sure to use Quikr to find things that I need after relocating to relocate.


  1. Bed: Yes, I will use Quikr to find an apt single bed for me. Something that fits in my budget. I am glad that the Quikr website has filter options as well so that I can easily find the one in my budget.
  2. Study table: I am an ardent reader. I have a table here as well but before I relocate I will give this one to a friend of mine. I will use Quikr to buy an apt study table for me.
  3. Desktop/Computer: I will again use Quikr to find an apt computer for me. Although, I have a laptop and will carry that as well but I find working on a desktop more convenient.
  4. Bean Bags: Although, I can buy them brand new as well but I will prefer something that is light on the pocket when I relocate. Thus, I will be looking for bean bags on Quikr after I relocate.
  5. Set of Chairs: I will also be looking for a suitable set of chairs on Quikr after I relocate. I am pretty sure that I will find something that befits my taste and style.
  6. Other Household items and Kitchen items: I will also browse through out the Quikr application to find other useful household items and kitchen items for myself. May be a microwave oven that is in an excellent condition or a nice induction cooker. Anything that fits in my budget.


Note: This blog post is written to promote the brand Quikr



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