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This is something extremely relevant is the current ecosystem. It is a story that has various aspects. It involves the beautiful relation between a master and his disciple; it involves two friends belonging to two different faiths and people belonging to different strata of the society. How rare it is these days to find people who keep humanity above religion and don’t let their ego come in the way of interacting with people! The competition, envy is getting deep rooted in us and apparently we are forgetting the fact that after all we are all humans. It gets my goat when I read online, people killing people in the name of religion. I am not an erudite but I’m pretty sure no religion teaches us to kill. I usually come across balderdash that people post against each other on social media as if trying to prove that one religion is better than the other. When will this ‘my religion is better than yours’ thing end!


In this blog post trying to mention an example that demonstrates the communion across religions and status. Sufism has many such examples that can help us mitigate the existential tension among religions. Mian Mir a sufi saint and his life is a brilliant example that blazes a trail for all of us. Mian Mir a Muslim sufi was invited to lay the foundation of the Harmandir Sahib popularly known as ‘The Golden Temple’. Mian Mir, a quintessential Sufi loved simplicity and had a huge disdain for gloating and arrogance. The Mughal emperor Jahangir wanted to meet Mian Mir but Mian Mir never really entertained him. Mian Mir didn’t like his greed and insatiable desire for power.


Mian Mir liked Dara Shikoh, a Mughal emperor with Sufi inclination. Dara Shikoh was a learned man who believed in humanity and had not even an iota of arrogance in him. Dara Shikoh was a highly devoted disciple of the Saint Mian Mir and the saint liked him as well. Mian Mir was also friends with Guru Arjan Dev Ji the fifth Sikh guru. It was Guru Arjan Dev Ji who invited Mian Mir to lay the foundation stone of the golden temple. The shrine of the saint Mian Mir is visited and believed by Sikhs and people of other religions as well!


When our genesis is so eclectic in nature, what then instigates us to draw blood in the name of religion! This is a beautiful example and teaches us that religion and stature shouldn’t stop us from befriending people and loving them. We are all humans after all. Even if someone doesn’t treat you well, reciprocate with utmost generosity.

“What forgiveness is?

Sufi replied: It’s the fragrance that flowers give when they are crushed.”


Cricket in IPL is like Alcohol in Beer! Also published in Half Baked Beans



Cricket is more than a sport in the Indian subcontinent. The fad for cricket in this part of the world is just enormous. Cricket has seen a dramatic change in the last decade. A new version of the sport has evolved, that is the T-20 format. The new format befits this era of rat-race! But with the evolvement of new methods and new formats the quality of cricket has undergone abatement as well! A cricket match is now a packet of entertainment that has everything, but the essence of the sport is missing! So cricket has undergone a great change in style and approach. T20 cricket has appeared as a great equalizer. It is easier for a team like Bangladesh to beat a team like Australia in a T20 match! Thus, margin for error is almost zero in this format!

 Indians are just crazy about cricket. We eat cricket, drink cricket, sleep cricket and obviously think cricket as well! This fad for cricket in our nation has served as a hotbed for IPL. IPL has everything;glamour, big players, big names, lavish preparations-But the “cricket” is missing. Well, cricket is about the three “T”- Talent, Technique and Temperament! A good player must have all the above mentioned! Test cricket is a format that requires all the three. That is the reason Test cricket is a real test of a player. But T20 cricket is all about talent, not a lot of technique or temperament is involved! These days IPL is turning out to be an epidemic and there is no antidote to it either! People are so absorbed in it that everything plays second fiddle to it. Although, we don’t get to see quality cricket in an IPL match, but it is full of “masala” and that is what gets everyone absorbed in it! A Beer can make you feel “high”, but that feeling is for a short-span of time. You experience a surge of intoxication for a while, but then it decays exponentially as well!

So, we get to see only some percentage of actual cricket in an IPL match! It is actually a “cricket show”, instead of being a “cricket match”. Just like having a Beer or two may satisfy the urge of alcohol, but it is not real alcohol intake! But again IPL is the need of the hour because of the busy schedule that people have these days! But someone who really values the sport will prefer a Test match over an IPL match. Cricket in IPL is actually titular cricket! Sometimes I feel, IPL should add a cognomen to its name-“The Pseudo Cricket”!