Flat Mate

#MagicOfWarmth moment with my friend!


I have always believed that you need empathy in friendship. In this era of rat-race and cut throat competition wherein everyone is busy, human company is rare. I still remember and cherish a #MagicOfWarmth moment that I shared with my flat mate half a decade back. People who live away from home know how important a flat mate is! Your life heavily hinges on your flat mate. It was my first year of job and I started sharing my place with this friend of mine whom I barely knew prior to living with him. When we started sharing the flat we used to rarely talk and would sometimes have tea together in the weekends.

I always believe that tea is the king of brews (being an ardent tea lover) and I was the one who always made the tea for both of us. At times we had differences of opinion as well and I think that is a part and parcel of sharing a flat with a flat mate. I always believe that different people would have different opinions about things and this mechanism is completely natural as well! We worked in different organizations as well and both of jobs were completely different from one another. That is the reason we never discussed work when we used to talk. We would discuss cricket, cinema and things like these. As aforementioned we used to talk rarely but we had a sort of mutual understanding and connection.

One day I was not well and was feeling feverish. The flat mate of mine came to me and said ‘Aren’t you going to office today’? I replied ‘no’ as I was not feeling well. The condition became worse and I was having high fever now! I was feeling extremely powerless and low. My flat mate was extremely regular to work; he would not take a leave even if he is not well! I wanted to have tea and eat something but had no energy to leave the bed. Also there wasn’t anyone to prepare tea or food for me.

Suddenly the door bell rang. When I opened the door I saw it was my flat mate. He said with a winsome smile of his face, ‘I think I should make tea for us today for a change. I don’t feel like going to office today. Let us have tea, talk and then visit a doctor’. To be candid I became emotional, although I had always portrayed myself as someone stolid in front of him. This was a really special #MagicOfWarmth moment that I still remember. I always feel and believe that the best thing you can gift someone is time!

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