Time to #ShareTheLoad



The time has come to start sharing the load! Yes, sharing the load in all aspects! Washing clothes and other things of this sort are not meant to be just for the ladies or the females of the family. We have been observing this from time immemorial that washing clothes and other stuff is considered to be a lady’s duty by default. This for sure is a biased thing and we must strive to abate this thing and try to gradually eliminate this as well!


Our kids follow us or rather copy us. We should always try to set good examples for our kids to follow. It is our duty to ensure good habits in our kids. If we leave washing of the clothes only for the ladies, the next generation will start following this procedure as well! This way this thing will be something like never ending. Very often we observe that only the girl child is asked to wash clothes or assist her mother in doing the same. The same task can be done by the male child as well and his father can take the responsibility of washing the clothes also. So, make sure you are setting the correct examples for your kids.


It is of cardinal importance to end this prejudice in the society. We should try to implement the concept of equality in all the spheres. This is also a part of the equality implementation thing. The males can surely take up the responsibility to end this prejudice by setting befitting examples for the next generation to follow. The male members of the family should start taking active partition in the washing of clothes and other similar related stuff as well! Also, the females must raise a voice that washing the clothes is not only their responsibility. We all can share the workload for the betterment of all and for the implementation of equality.



To be candid, the misogynist approach still persists in our society and we must always strive to end this thing. This is more prevalent in the rural areas and villages of the nation. The females in these areas are often considered as inferiors and there is an apparent prejudice in a lot of the things. The young girls and female kids must be told that washing the clothes is not only their responsibility. They have equal rights and have the freedom to do things of their choice. Together we should strive to end this prejudice to make our society even better!


I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.



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