The impact of technology on common life!


This era is surely about technology and technological advancements! We are surrounded by technology and surely technology has become a part and parcel of our lives. Our lives definitely heavily hinges upon technology these days. In this era of rat race and cut throat competition we surely cannot shun the importance of technology in our lives. Technology for sure has touched various aspects of our life! The way modern science and research has made technology accessible to the common man is also a commendable thing! We use technology for most of our works these days. It is really amazing how technology has made a lot of things easier for us. Technology has really helped to reduce human efforts.


If we have to travel somewhere we use technology for that. Travelling is always fun. There are fast and convenient modes of transport these days, all thanks to the advancements made in technology. In the past, travelling from one place to another used to be a herculean task but that is definitely not the case anymore. You don’t need to worry a lot these days even if you have to travel great distances. People these days travel across countries and continents with ease and comfort! Travelling has really become easier with technology and it has helped mankind to increase productivity as well!


Talking to people has also become easy due to technological advancements. Man is a social animal and talking helps to reduce a lot of problems. It is a part and parcel of our lives. People can now connect and talk with others using the gadgets like mobile phones. Internet has played a huge role in technological advancements. People used to write letters in the past, now people have the luxury to communicate with anyone in a jiffy using the mobile phones and the internet.


These days even shopping has gone online because of the technological advancements. You don’t need to go out of your homes to shop these days. People have choice to select from various shopping sites these days. So people can choose, pay and shop from their homes these days without any need to go outside. Also, these shopping sites help users to connect with sellers living at a far distance as well!


Food ordering has also become easy and convenient due to the technological advancements. So technology has given us the facility to order food items of our choice in a jiffy. Users can now choose from a list of restaurants and place their order with ease and comfort. Now you can satisfy your hunger with ease these days! So in case you don’t have the facility to cook or you are too lazy to cook, you can place your order easily! All thanks to the technology!


Thus technology has made a huge impact on common life

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