My City- My Noida



India is a fabulous nation and it offers a great deal of variety as well! India is a land of multiple languages, religions, races, cultures etc. We all live together in this great nation. I have lived in a few cities and to be frank each city has something unique to offer! There is something special about every city! When you select a city to live in you need to keep certain things in your mind. The city should offer decent opportunities, the city but be well designed as far as the infrastructure is concerned. You should be able to connect with the people of that place, that’s important as well!


I have been living in Noida for almost a decade and I have developed a kind of bond for this city. I came to college to do my graduation and that was real fun time. I made a lot of new friends during my graduation days. Truly, I enjoyed my college life in this city. I have a lot of friends here. After I completed my graduation, I landed my first job in Noida itself. Then I switched a few jobs but I have been living in this very city. This city is kind of my city now!


There are a lot of things that this city offers. Noida is close to Delhi which itself is a brilliant advantage. The city also has metro connectivity to Delhi which is again a huge plus point. The place is apt for career oriented young people. The city has a lot of training institutions and training centers. There are a lot of decent opportunities across various domains for software folks in this city as well! Also, the city offers a lot for people aspiring to make careers in journalism and media. Thus as far as career opportunities are concerned, the city has a lot to offer. The city also has some fabulous restaurants and food joints! So it’s a decent place for foodies as well!


You can enjoy long drives on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway! The Expressway has been designed brilliantly for an awesome drive experience. The road is well designed to ensure great driving experience. Offices of many MNCs, BPOs, and ITES firms are located along this high-speed link. Owing to good connectivity of the area and infrastructure many residential sectors have also come up along the Expressway. A great thing about this Noida Expressway is that the Expressway is toll-free for all times!


Noida is fast emerging as a popular destination for party goers with a reverberating nightlife. Noida nightclubs boast of great music, hi-tech sound systems and decors that range from simple to dramatic. On weekends you can party all night long in Noida…and at some clubs during the week too. So put your dancing shoes on and get ready to groove!

Note: This blog post is written to promote Tata Motors



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