‘Real Togetherness’ means spending time with your loved ones!



This era is all about technology and the digital world. People are so much dependent on technology that they are ignoring the importance of nature and real togetherness. Everything has its pros and cons and the same goes for technology as well! There is no doubt that internet has become a part and parcel of our lives. Our daily life heavily hinges upon the internet. We are so dependent on the internet that we use it to perform even our day to day basic activities. If you look at the people around you, you will find everyone busy with his or her cellphone or laptop. Everyone is so dependent on cellphones these days. Thus, we are consistently shunning the importance of humans in our lives.


Doing a conference call with friends or having a group chat over the internet, isn’t actually being together! Talking with someone over Skype or telephone doesn’t actually tantamount to meeting someone in reality. These things are good and fine but meeting someone in reality is an entirely different experience altogether. The schedule these days that the people have is so hectic and busy, that we often forget the importance of human interactions. When you actually interact with someone in reality, it exudes optimism in you! Remember the times when everyone use to sit together and chat for hours! You feel good about yourself and this is an awesome feeling. On the other hand, the people you meet feel good as well! They feel that they are being given some importance. The good you do comes back to you as well! If you go and meet or interact with someone, consequently that person would probably return the favors as well!

If you really want to experience real togetherness instead of the titular one, do spend time with your loved ones. Listen to them and try to understand them. This will make you feel nice as well. Whenever you get a chance to actually interact with your loved ones, just grab it. Apparently, nothing can replace actual human interactions! Technology is good and must be used as a convenience. One must not be over dependent on the technology. Over dependence on technology leads to mitigation of human interactions! The smart phones are everywhere these days but I think the people must get smarter and go ahead and actually interact with their loved ones. So take out some time, sit with your loved ones and let the banter start!


Nature is the best teacher! Whenever you get a chance, take a ride with your loved ones to a place that has natural ambiance. Go with your loved ones and spend some time in the nature’s lap. Go spend some time and experience tranquility. Appreciate nature and spend time with your loved ones!

Note: This blog post is written to promote Kissan India


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