The sweet melody amid worldly noises at the Noida sector 18 metro station



Well those who live in Noida know that sector 18 is apparently the most happening sector of the city. The fact that the sector has a metro station as well makes it even busier. I am sure people who have visited the Noida sector 18 metro station must have noticed and heard the sweet flute music that you get to hear as soon as you’re about to exit the metro station. Well, I see no apparent reason for people not noticing the beautiful music. There is a lot of rush at the sector 18 metro station as aforementioned this is one of the busiest sectors in Noida. Yet amid all the worldy noises, you hear the cosmic flute music as soon as you’re about to exit the metro station.


I noticed this about two months back! Then at times I would deliberately stop at the sector 18 metro station  while coming back from work just to listen to the flute music, although I had to go to city center metro station. The music was sort of a tranquilizer for me! I observed the man playing the flute, the man rarely spoke to anyone. No matter how many people are passing by the man was always busy with his flute. The music is such that you hear it from about fifty meters away as well!




One day just out of curiosity I sat with the man. He continued playing the flute and gave me a magnanimous smile. Then the banter started! He told me that he stays at the metro station mainly from 6:30 to 10:30, also that he does it mainly because he likes music. The name of the man is Kuldeep Singh Rohilla and he belongs to Julana village in Jind district in the state of Haryana. Music has been his passion since his childhood, he started with a musiccal instrument called ‘benjo’. The man has been living in Noida for decades now. He makes and sells tea in the morning time and plays flute in the evenings! If you remember, this is the same man who used to play flute at GIP mall some time back.


Listening to Kuldeep Singh Rohilla’s flute music amid all the worldly noises is indeed a unique and special experience. Music is always beautiful and at times it takes you into a different zone altogether. I am attaching a couple of snaps with this blog post so that people reading this find it easier to recognize the man and the location as well!






    1. He doesn’t sell flutes as far as I know. Yes, the people passing by give him money but he never asks anyone for money. The music is something unique and makes you realize that tranquility lies within us!

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