Benefits of a balanced healthy diet








A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body! There is no doubt that health is of cardinal importance. Thus it is extremely important to maintain and follow a proper diet plan. Eating a balanced diet offers numerous health benefits that help you stay fit both mentally and physically. Physical workout is also extremely important to maintain a healthy body. We can never shun the importance of a balanced healthy diet. Good health is extremely important for leading a proper life!


In this era of rat-race and cut throat competition, the lifestyles of people aren’t that well organized and this causes several health issues. Thus to mitigate the health issues, maintaining a balanced diet is important. It’s not just about eating but it’s also about eating the correct diet!

A few of the benefits of maintaining a balanced healthy diet are:

  • It helps you to stay in shape and stay fit.
  • It helps you to reduce stress.
  • It helps you keep your digestive system properly functioning.
  • It helps you maintain the agility and enthusiasm throughout the day.
  • It makes you feel confident about yourself.
  • Also helps you maintain a proper work-life balance.


Often people opt for crash diet in order to achieve their goal of losing weight in a jiffy! This trend is becoming pretty popular these days. People take the crash diet courses to lose a lot of weight in no time. In crash diet plans you need to restrict yourself and this is a tad tough. Although it is believed that the results of the crash diet are fast yet it has certain disadvantages as well! Thus apparently it is like a shortcut! It may seem to bring immediate results but it is not the best thing to do in the long run! Some of the disadvantages of the crash diet are:

  • Nutrients are deprived. This plan deprives you of the necessary nutrients. Even though foods with calories may be bad especially if you take in too much, it does not mean that these foods do not contain the nutrients that your body needs as well. Thus these foods are also important
  • If you totally remove the calories from the diet, then you can expect to be deprived of the essential nutrients that your body needs that can only be acquired by certain foods rich in calories. Thus foods that are rich in calories can also be a good source of nutrients.
  • It can lead to starvation at times.
  • It can cause weakness in the body.
  • It can increase your stress levels as well!

Thus, these were some of the disadvantages of the crash diet. So it is pretty apparent that crash diet has both pros and cons. So try implementing a balanced healthy diet in your life to stay fit and healthy. Including honey in your diet or replacing sugar with honey can be a good step towards a healthy diet as honey offers many benefits.

Note: This blog post is written to promote Dabur Honey



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