Last day at college!








College life is always special! You make friends, you learn things, you gain experience about life and you develop skills. Life definitely changes a lot after college! You start missing the college life then. The entire ecosystem of the college is of cardinal importance for the development of personality. You grow as an individual in the college.


You gain knowledge in college. Knowledge is power. Education helps you become a better human. It is not just about growing professionally or technically, instead it’s about growing as a human of this grand global society. The problem today with most of the young Indian students is that they take higher studies or college studies as a medium of financial growth. For most of the youth these days, higher studies tantamount to higher salary packages. I personally think higher studies is about much more than mere fiscal growth. It’s about growing as an individual, it’s about becoming a better international citizen. It is also about learning how to manage relationships, how to control anger and many others.


We had an awesome group in college. I know it’s a kind of cliché as everyone things that his college life was the best ever! We were four guys belonging to different parts of this great nation. Apparently, the thing common among the four of us was the common passion for music and travelling. We were passionate about life and always wanted to be winners! Winning is definitely a state of mind! It takes a lot of mental effort, dedication, devotion and determination. It is a lot more than mere defeating someone. You must know how to win, it’s an art. You don’t need guns to win; sometimes even a smile will suffice! Winning inundates you with confidence, brings you tranquility and gives you that adrenalin rush. You feel that in your nerves, the thrill and the excitement. Winning is not just about brains, it’s about hearts as well! When you win, others should also win with you. A win that benefits all is for sure more valuable. So, win to make others win along with you. It is not just about being winners, it’s about making winners as well!


The memories of the last day at college are still pretty vivid in our minds! We came early and sat in the college ground. We discussed music and planned a travel for the next month. Travelling together was always great fun for all of us. Then we four went to meet almost all our teachers in the college. While coming back we promised to stay in contact. We clicked a few photographs together and those photographs are still extremely special. It was a memorable day and a day well spent! It truly filled us with optimism and motivation!


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  1. Great point that we should not study just to improve our financial well being, exactly the reason why most of the grads are not fit for the industry after they pass out.

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