Landing my first job, on my own!







Life is all about moving on, it’s not about getting stuck at a place! I belong to a small place but I too had ambitions and wanted to do something on my own. I always feel that there is something special about the youth of small towns. They have passion and want to prove a point to the world. The desire for success and recognition is immense!


Although I never had decent knowledge about computers, but I decided to pursue engineering in my graduation. It was tough as it demanded me to leave my hometown and shift to a thoroughly new place. I came to the capital of the nation to pursue my graduation in engineering. The experience was special. I learnt a lot of new things and developed a few skills as well! The span of my graduation was four years. These were special four years of my life. I made a few friends and got to meet some really talented people.



There are some things that are rather inexplicable. Crave for the first job is one of them. It’s like making a girlfriend for the first time in life; you become desperate, nervous, and impatient and you wonder will you ever have a girlfriend in your life! “Job”, this three letter word keeps driving you crazy. And when you see people around you getting what you call “placed”, it just adds salt to the wound. Jealously is indeed a bitch, keeps haunting you.


Some people say, it’s the social pressure or the family pressure, which makes students even more nervous and makes it even worse for them. But for me, the real pressure is all about proving ourselves and doing justice to our talent and capabilities. In the end, what matters the most is “You”. Even the holy Gita says- “You are the world and the world is you!”


Although, my cousin had his own software startup but I refused to join that. I wanted to do something on my own, even if it demanded me to struggle that was okay for me. When you achieve something after struggle, the success becomes even more special! I gave a few interviews and got shortlisted for a couple of jobs. I was pretty excited as I was just a step away from my first job.



It was the month of June, a typical hot day in north India. I went for my final round of interview in an IT company. I was nervous but had self confidence as well! The interview went really well and they gave me the confirmation immediately after the interview. It was a special feeling. I felt more confident about myself as an individual. Always believe in your capabilities, you can start a new life whenever you want to!


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