Visiting my storeroom after years, went back the memory lane!








It is really amazing how visiting a place can take you back the memory lane. Childhood is bestowed with a lot of innocence and devoid of malice. A little piece of chocolate or cake, has the potential of bringing calories of joy and ecstasy. A ride with Father or a lullaby by Mom, gives abundance of serenity and tranquillity. But, like every good thing (this one actually goes for bad things as well) even the joys of childhood are ephemeral.


I visited my home-town this Holi and met a lot of old friends from school and neighbourhood. It was fun and we had great time together, reliving the old moments. This time I also entered in our home’s storeroom after many years and it really made me emotional. Although, the place was a little messy but it had some really special things for me.

I was my first bicycle in the storeroom. The same bicycle that meant a lot to me almost a decade back. I used to go to school on that very bicycle. I was so passionate about my bicycle that I used to ask everyone to click a photo of me with my bicycle. Now, the same bicycle is lying in the storeroom! As they say, life is all about moving on!


I saw my bat lying in a corner in the storeroom, unnoticed in a moribund condition. About 40% of the willow has already been eaten by termites; it is no more than a piece of ordinary wood now! I took the bat in my hands, and it operated as a “Time Machine”, taking me back to my childhood. I was in class 3rd when I bought my first “branded” cricket bat (I was brand conscious since childhood!). We used to have a huge break for summers, break from school and more importantly from studies. Video-games and some indoor games were like life-line during the summer holidays. But cricket was always the first choice, the passion for cricket was almost like inexplicable and fanatic. It was cricket all day long. Even at times, when I was short of companions, I used to play with the wall. And even today I wonder, how fleet is the flight of imagination!

I also found some of my old class 10th books lying in the storeroom. The same books that were of cardinal importance few years back. It was actually an awesome experience visiting the storeroom. It made me realize my responsibilities towards those who were with me during my childhood days. It filled me with optimism and it is amazing how memories can exude positivity in you! Let us try to remain attached to our roots and hope for a better future!


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