5 Things on my bucket list!









Life is a beautiful gift! Every human being has the right to enjoy his or her life. We all have dreams, desires and ambitions. Often due to responsibilities and other reasons, we are made to shun our personal desires and ambitions. It is very natural for every human being to have desires in life. Life comes up with certain situations or responsibilities that hold you back from pursuing your dreams or goals. Life is all about moving on, it’s not about getting stuck at a place!



If given a chance to pursue my dreams, I would definitely like to do a few things. These are the things that I have been wanting to do since childhood. As you grow up you realize that life is definitely not a bed of roses! You have to take up a few responsibilities and you have to make a few compromises in life. Here is a list of the five things that I would like to do if given a chance.


Travel for a year and explore:

I love to travel! I love exploring new places and new cultures. I strongly believe that travelling makes you a better person. The more you travel, the richer you become! If given a chance I would like to travel with no work pressure whatsoever. I will start with India and then would like to travel Europe! I would like to take a lot of pictures while travelling so that the memories remain with me forever.


Go abroad for higher studies:

I always wanted to pursue higher studies. Education makes you a better human being! I would like to study either literature or political science from a foreign university. This will give me a chance to interact with different people and will surely help me enhance my knowledge and skills.


Own a farmhouse:

I would like to have a farmhouse of my own. A place where I can go to relax and have fun. I would like my farmhouse to have a swimming pool and a billiards table as well! I would love to go there every evening and have fun with my friends.


Own a lavish SUV:

I love cars! I would like to own an expensive SUV. I carry a special crave for SUVs. They are more robust and run perfectly fine on all terrains. I would like to go on long drives on my SUV. This will definitely suit my personality and help me leave an impression! I would also like my SUV to have the best of the interiors and all the latest gadgets.


Own a Café:

Another think that’s on my list is owning a café! Yes, I would like to have a café of own. I would also love my café to have the best interiors and music systems. The café would a wide range of genres of music. From Psychedelic rock to Punk rock, from Bollywood classic to Sufi, the café would play them all! I would also like my café to have a decent collection of books in it.


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