A healthy child makes a happy home!










There is no doubt that health is wealth and a country’s overall growth and development heavily hinges upon the health of the citizens, children in particular. A child is a family’s joy! A healthy child means a happy family, which then makes a happy home! It is amazing and really great to see a healthy child playing around in the garden or in any part of the home for that matter. Childhood is a gift of God and a family should ensure that the children have a healthy and happy childhood.



In a country like India where there is a huge gulf between the people belonging to the higher stratum of the society and those belonging to the lower stratum, keeping overall health of the family on the higher side becomes a bit tough! A huge percentage of the nation’s population suffers from poverty and thus it becomes tough for some families to maintain the health of their children.  It is really sad and weird to see ample food being wasted in a lavish party and on the other hand people starving because of hunger.




How a healthy child makes for a healthy home?


The family is happy-


A family that has healthy children is always happy. As they say, ‘Health is wealth’. The family has fun playing around with the healthy child. Furthermore, a happy child helps the whole family to have fun time together.



The family remains healthy-


It is the duty of the elders to set example for the children by being health conscious themselves. The things children see and observe around them remains in their memory forever. So instead of just being theoretical, the elders also need to be practical and set good examples for the children. Likewise, a healthy child ensures that the whole family is healthy as well! The child makes everyone run around him and makes sure everyone is on his or her toes. A healthy child like a live-wire ensures that the family has a lot of liveliness.


Low mental stress in the family-


The life of the entire family resides in the child. A healthy child means no mental stress for all the family members. The whole family can stay relaxed and tension free. Their major concern always is the child’s health and if the child is happy and healthy  that means that the whole family is tension free.



A healthy child helps the family stay united and strengthens the bond-


A child never discriminates between anyone. Also, everyone loves playing with a child. A healthy child helps a family bond better. A healthy child ensures that everyone in the family is connected to one another.


A healthy child exudes positivity in the home-


There is no doubt that a healthy child brings a smile on everyone’s face. A healthy child is positivity personified. The whole ambience and environment of the family becomes better if the child is happy.


That’s the reason we must ensure proper health for our children.


“After all, it’s not important what you leave to your children; it’s what you leave in your children”.


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