The more you travel the richer you become. It is all about travelling, keep moving in life. When you travel you not only cover distances, you also explore! You learn new cultures, land in un-chartered situations. It also helps you to explore yourself. You get a chance to know the real “you”! 

India is a land of diversified culture and traditions. You get to see people of different religions, beliefs, cultures and traditions living here. This is what makes this nation incredible. India is like a huge family where each family member contributes to the well being and prosperity of the grand family.

I still remember my trip to North-East India along with a few friends of mine. It was a special experience indeed! Northeast India is the eastern most region of the country. This region comprises of the seven states that are commonly termed as the Seven Sisters- Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura—and the Himalayan state of Sikkim. Apparently, few of the best things about this part of the nation are the people, the culture, the natural beauty and proximity of the great Himalayas. Northeast region is bestowed with beautiful landscapes and places of great aesthetic value. The Himalayas as we know is something really special. It is a land of prayers! It is a land of immense cultural and spiritual importance. The land of Himalayas fills you with faith, which is a beautiful feeling. It gives you strength, hope and a reason to believe in spirituality.

 The northeastern region is predominantly hilly. The region is also blessed with some of the most spectacular forest areas. There are a lot of wildlife sanctuaries in the region as well. We really loved the hospitality that people in this part of the nation offer. We also learnt a lot about meditation, self realization, spirituality and religions. The northeastern region is rich in spirituality as well. The Buddhism religion is also present here. The impact of Buddhism is overtly visible in the benevolent nature of the people. Before our visit to the region, I still remember a friend told me that the people in Sikkim are extremely hospitable. That’s what my friend told me about the north-eastern people- “They welcome you with great warmth and enthusiasm. They hear and understand you just like you want to be heard, understood and believed in”.

Gangtok is surely a must visit place. The people and their benevolent nature is a special and rare thing! You will also notice prayers written in pieces of cloth and flags, hanging on the streets. It is believed that these prayers are carried to God by the winds that roam these highlands. This really was a special experience for us. The food, the people and the ambience everything about the place is simply awesome and exciting! 

The northeastern people treat their guests really well; they deserve the same respect and hospitality. We must always remember that we are all a part of the same family. Our message should always be love as far as it reaches.

This post is written for #JodeyDilonKo meet by Zindagi TV and indiblogger. 

Jai Hind!    





  1. Ahh I want to travel to the North-East! What was your favourite state/location? I read your comments about Buddhism – is this the predominant religion or is there (like much of the rest of India) a brilliant and confusing mix?

    1. Sikkim is a fantastic place to visit. Well, as far as my knowledge goes Buddhism is the predominant religion in Sikkim but we can’t say the same about the whole of the North-East.

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