Shahi Tukray | The Baadshahi Dessert!

I am not a great cook but I have a sweet tooth! I just love eating sweets and my love for sweets is rather inexplicable. Although, I am not good at cooking but I keep experimenting things. I still remember the first time I made a ‘Shahi Toast’ or rather ‘Shahi Tukray’ at my place. It was pure experimentation but then the best things aren’t always planned. When you make something tasty and serve it and present it in a beautiful way it just adds to the effect. I used a beautiful plate coupled with a stylish tray to serve the dish.


The dessert tasted really nice and I was pretty proud of my culinary skills. I started reading, browsing about the dish on the internet. I found many interesting stories about the dessert. Some people believe that the dessert was  introduced by the Mughals as a royal sweet-dish, hence it is called ‘Shahi’ Tukray. While some people say, that it were actually the British who introduced the dish which they ate in the form of bread pudding. The dessert is drenched in sugary syrup and decorated with almonds, silver coating. The textured softness and the fluffiness just add to the taste and aroma of the royal dessert!


Well, the ingredients that you need to make this royal dessert include:

  • Bread
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Almond
  • Cardamom


The dish is sure to make everyone drool with it’s taste and aroma. If served well, the dish can always fully justify its royal name. You can serve the dish in a beautiful bowl or plate. A well presented dish offers more taste for sure! So, try making ‘Shahi Tukray’ and serve it in a royal manner using Borosil glassware.





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