Reality Television……Reality Shows……Reality Strikes!


The last few years has seen tremendous rise in the public interest for reality shows. People these days prefer watching reality shows over conventional TV shows. This fad for the reality shows has taken it’s toll over the audience irrespective of the age factor. Everyone these days seems to be all gung-ho about the reality shows. This genre of television programming has really impressed all and sundry! Reality shows or the concept of reality television aims at proving the audience a real experience. The genre aims at demonstrating unplanned and unscripted situations, along with actual occurrences.

The genre came into existence most probably in the 1990s with a show named THE REAL WORLD, started in the Unites States and on the channel MTV. Then the early 2000s witnessed some reality shows like ‘Survivor’ and ‘Big Brother’. Apparently, The United States of America and the American audience has played a cardinal role initially in the advent and then in the ever succeeding success of the reality shows. The reality shows and the concept of reality television has also faced criticism at times, along with the popularity.

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