Green Rock store- Your search for cool merchandise ends here!


Indian market is saturated with merchandise brands that sell Tees that are either too common or have become out of fashion! The need and the taste of the consumers is always dynamic and the brands or the brand owners must keep this dynamics in their minds. If you roam around the metro cities in India you will, most probably observe people wearing Tees with the same caption or similar designs. Apparently, the reason for this is that people are facing a huge lack of options and choices. The number of brands that sell Tees with ‘out of the box’ captions or designs are very few in number. Thus, the consumers are forced to buy the same humdrum sort of stuff again and again!

Green Rock store is one of those brands that has made an effort to eliminate the lack of choices for the end consumers. The young Indian youth has a huge fad about the TV series, animation, movies et al. That’s exactly the theme of Green Rock store. The store aims at making cool Tees that are inspired by TV series or movies. That said, they don’t restrict themselves to merely tees but they make hoodies, posters and would soon venture into laptop skins, coasters etc. . So, if you have an idea in your mind, you can always share the same with Green Rock store. The stuff of the cloth is worth a buy as well! After-all, you want to preserve your style statement as well! Also, the brand is more than happy to take bulk orders. So, if you want your companions in college or may be in the company to have cool Tees or any other merchandise of that sort, contact Green Rock store without any delay whatsoever! Also, if you don’t have an idea for design or caption in mind, Green Rock store would always be there to suggest you.

So, all the Big bang Theory fans here is your Big chance to buy a Tee that says a huge Bazinga to everyone! Also, all the Breaking Bad fans, Green Rock has some really cool designs that will surely impress you. All the How I Met Your Mother fans can also visit the store to buy stuff and can tell everyone How I Met Green Rock!

Green Rock store has already demonstrated its ground level presence in this Comic Con event in New Delhi. Many colleges in the Delhi region have already ordered their bulk stuff and the response so far has been really good. The huge crowd and all gung-ho response at the Comic Con festival has encouraged the brand to take things further from here. The Delhi based store is all set to rock the market. Visit the Green Rock store today and order your stuff for an amazing and impressive experience.

Join the facebook page of Green Rock store to stay updated about the latest offers and stuffs. Also, visit the Green Rock store website to view the latest designs and buy cool stuff of your choice.


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