That Smelly Guy in School!






I have been a fragrance fret all my life! Yes, I love to smell good and I love being surrounded by people who smell good as well. But as they say, it is not only you that or rather who controls your life. Likewise, you have to add times adjust with people that don’t smell that good or stink for that matter. Whenever, I say people that don’t smell that good, I am actually using a euphemism for stinking people. Yes, a good smell or fragrance exudes optimism and hope in me. It makes me believe that this world is a beautiful place to live in. The people living in this world are so nice and beautiful.


If I go back the memory lane, there was a guy in our school who used to smell really bad. Nobody wanted to sit with him. Not only that, that guy was immensely arrogant as well. Fortune and I were like daggers drawn towards each other, I was made to sit with him after the sitting arrangement of the examinations was finalized. Heck, it was damn tough concentrating man. I was never really good at studies but was not on the bad side either. I still remember that guy used to peep into my copy to cheat. I preferred handing him over my sheet to allowing him come close to me and look into my sheet. After the first two exams were over, I was into deep confusion and frustration. Bad smell, man it can make you feel like a moron! It can stop you from feeling good about yourself.


Then I had a couple of ideas and I implemented them. They helped a lot to a great extent. The first thing I did, was to drench my handkerchief in perfume. I kept that in my pocket and used it whenever things went beyond control or whenever I couldn’t endure it anymore. The second thing I did is buying perfumed or scented stationary items. Yes, those scented pencils, pens, rubbers and others. These stuff really helped me mitigate the bad smell around me.


That guy was not poor at all, instead he came from a really rich family. He had the most expensive of pens, bags and other items of these sorts. At times I wondered if he was so rich why did he smell so bad! But then that’s why they termed it “stinking rich”.


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