Awesome and enriching experience at the Skyscanner Indiblogger meet

The Meet!

The Skyscanner Indiblogger meet that was at the Le Meridian Hotel, New Delhi, was indeed a special experience. It was about superb food, great ambience, interesting people, classic banters and a learning experience. The hotel Le Meridian where the meet took place is located in Janpath, in the heart of the city. The ambience was really good and befitting to the theme of the meet. The food was really awesome. Not only the lunch, even the tea session was enormous fun! The meet made me so curious about the skyscanner website that I started browsing and scanning the website immediately!

 The skyscanner website has some really exciting features. The overall look and feel of the website is simple yet stylish. When you browse through the website, you feel like getting stuck to every webpage you click! The website no doubt will suffice to draw the attention of all the ardent travellers across the world.

Few of the special features that the website offers are-

  • You can select the “Prefer directs” option and view all the direct flights in a single go.
  • You can use the skyscanner website to book hotels and hire cars/taxis as well. So, it is not restricted to mere flight booking.
  • You can also compare all the airlines through the skyscanner website.
  • Skyscanner website helps you to explore! You can explore cities, countries et al.
  • You can view all the popular airlines of the world and all the airlines to popular countries on a single page.
  • Skyscanner website helps you search the cheapest airlines to a particular destination.
  • The ‘Everywhere search’ feature is a really attractive feature for all the travellers. “The traveller sees what he sees, the tourist sees what he has come to see”, probably this is the quote that inspired the skyscanner people to have the ‘Everywhere search’ feature on the website. As they say, “A good traveller has no plans”. This feature is definitely for the travellers. All you need to do, is just specify your present location (departure point) and type everywhere in the destination field. You can enter the dates for your travel. If you want you can even click on whole month or whole year, to find the best prices for you.

When I heard about this feature of the skyscanner website in the meet, I was really excited. This is an extremely useful feature for people like me, who like travelling but cannot afford playing ducks and drakes with money.

 A huge thanks to the skyscanner team that was there at the meet. The skyscanner team was really nice and the members were modest. The way Kavitha, the senior marketing manager at skyscanner, introduced us to the website was really superb. Kavitha also told us how skyscanner came into existence and what are the future plans. The video that was shown was amazing and made us marvel at the sheer creativity.

Many thanks to the Indiblogger team as well, for bringing in yet again a superb meet. These Indiblogger meets help us, the bloggers, to stay in touch and share thoughts and experiences. This is always an enriching experience. Also, I would like to thank for the Tees and the Bags that were given to the bloggers. These are really special gifts. Overall a fantastic experience and I wish both, Skyscanner and Indiblogger tremendous success in the future!



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