Complete their Stories- For the man from the Great Himalayas!

Do right!

While there are so many people squandering money over things they apparently don’t need, there is a man living in the proximity of the Great Himalayas needing money to get basic survival kit! This really is astonishing and ironical at the same time. The man who has contributed to the environment and helped us keeping things green all his life, struggling to get basic survival items! At the same time, there are many of us worried about getting the latest gadgets or may be the latest collection of dresses. Is a gadget that is nothing more than a mere pass time more valuable than a human life?? Is a fancy dress or a pair of shoes more significant than the life of a man?? Please, contemplate on these questions for a minute.

His name is Aatmaram, probably not that fashionable a name but whatever he does contributes to the conservation of nature and our rich Himalayan culture. He has been living a life like this since time immemorial. He has more animal companions than humans! May be we humans have become so bloody insensitive that animals have surpassed and won over us as far as understanding/deciphering  of emotions are concern! This era is all about money and materialism. People don’t feel for you they just pretend. They pretend to be happier than they actually are! They pretend to be more excited than they actually are! And they pretend to be more concerned than they actually are! Yes, there is a huge drama going on these days.

He is a nomadic. You know who is a nomadic! Someone, who has no permanent place to live. A day here and a day there, that is how life goes. Everything in life is either ephemeral or transitory! That doesn’t mean that meaning nomadic is a walk in the park. That’s really tough and requires tremendous courage. Those who think that nomads are not disciplined, should closely observe and examine the life and the lifestyle of a nomad. Being a nomad actually requires even more discipline. I still remember these beautiful lines that I heard few months back-

“bada mushkil hai banjara mizaaj hona bhi

Ek saleeqa bhi chahiye awargi ke liye”

He lives in the proximity to the great Himalayas. The Himalayas that is our pride and that helps us blaze abroad our culture far and wide. The Himalayas that is so bloody rich in culture. The same Himalayas we brag about, everywhere. The quintessential Himalayan culture is all about simplicity and benevolence. They keep things simple and don’t complicate them. There is a saying in Tibet: “If a problem can be solved there is no use worrying about it. If it can’t be solved, worrying will do no good”. Lets help the man for humanity and for our pride, the Himalayas. The Himalayas as I have been telling, is something really special. It is a land of prayers! It is a land of immense cultural and spiritual importance. The land of Himalayas fills you with faith, which is a beautiful feeling. It gives you strength, hope and a reason to believe in spirituality.

India is like a huge family where each family member contributes to the well being and prosperity of the grand family. Let us keep this going. Let the emotions flow, let us become benevolent. We are all humans, let us keep up the humanity. They say human emotions are contagious, an initiative taken by you can lead to exponential growth in our mission! Let us start donating!

Donate, Don’t Think- Just Do Right!


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