After all, we are all humans!


Well, I went for a coffee to a coffee cafe that is near my place and I observed a strange thing about myself. I entered the shop and seated myself to my favourite sweet spot near the window and ordered a coffee for myself. I love sitting near the window whether it is a coffee shop, a restaurant, a train or a bus. I am always willing to grab the grand and special window seat. To be candid, the window seat exudes positivity in me. It gives me solace and at the same time makes me feel big as if I can simply sit and enjoy the grand show around me! To add to this, the window seat gives me hope as well for some strange unknown reasons. It gives me a feeling that I can understand and believe things better!

So, here I was sitting near the window sipping coffee. There was hardly anyone around. That is the reason I like the place, there is not much crowd around. A gentleman walked in and ordered something for himself at the counter. I didn’t bother much about it until he came and sat just next to me. It made me feel uneasy, I didn’t like it. I just could not digest that when the whole place was vacant why he chose to sit next to me! I really annoyed me and I felt really uneasy about it. Though, he appeared to be a nice man and smiled looking at me as if to bid me hello. I didn’t like it. I finished my coffee in haste and left that place after paying the bill.

When I thought about the whole incident few hours later, I didn’t like my own behaviour. Though, when I observe people and situations around me I notice that this is a common strange habit. You travel in a bus and there is no one sitting next to you. Suddenly, someone comes and grabs that seat next to you even when there are many other seats vacant. You really feel bad and annoyed about it. Few days later, I went into a restaurant to have some food. The place was pretty much vacant when I entered. There was an old man reading a newspaper sitting in one corner sipping soup. Just diagonally opposite to him sat a young brat reading a cricket magazine. I ordered the food and sat just next to that young brat. I felt like discussing cricket with him. He never noticed me as if he was completely denying my presence there. To be frank, it really made me feel bad. But as they say, “Life goes a complete circle”.

When we were young, we were always happy to meet people. I still remember that several times I played cricket with unknown people and they always treated me well. We were so happy to meet new people, as if we were all brothers and there wasn’t any difference at all! Then, what instigates us to offend, avoid and hurt  humans when we grow up! We must check ourselves before we start facing scarcity of human company as well. Appreciate the people around you, appreciate what you have! Because when you have it, you don’t value it and when you don’t have it with you anymore then you miss it!



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