Katernia Eco Wildlife!


We are pretty fortune that we are surrounded by so many natural things. Things that have both scientific value, as well as aesthetic value! Nature has blessed us with so many natural forests. But you need to have a clear view to enjoy the scenic beauty of the thick forests. We are so busy in this era of rat-race amid these skyscraper buildings that we miss and forget to appreciate the beauty of nature. Every single being in this universe has its importance. Albeit, we shun the existence of other beings on this planet. Thus, we need to find out time to appreciate the beauty of nature and to appreciate nature itself!

India is blesses with a variety of forests and wildlife sanctuary. We have ample of exotic and “rare to find” species of both flora and fauna. Thus, India is a “Hot Cake” for wildlife lovers all over the world. But it is rather ironical, that we Indians ourselves tend to forget that we are surrounded by such amazing wildlife points. One of the best wildlife sanctuaries in Uttar Pradesh is the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary. It is located about 200 Kilometers from Lucknow and 86 Kilometers from Bahraich.

Now a great reason for the tourists to get all gung-ho is the launch of Katernia eco Wildlife\eco Huts. It is started by a young and dedicated entrepreneur, Himanshu Kalia. A guy, who started his career in an IT Multinational, then did his further education from XLRI. No doubt, that landing in entirely different fields has helped him develop the element of versatility! The best thing he did before starting the great venture is spending time there, himself. As they say, the best way to learn about fire is to burn your own fingers into it. You ought to know the ground realities before you plunge into such a venture.

Katernia eco Wildlife\eco Huts not only gives you a chance to perceive exotic wildlife, it also offers you a stay in typical natural Indian ambience. The huts are made in such a way to give you a “close to nature feeling”. Furthermore, there are many additional adventurous activities offered like- Elephant Safari, Horse Safari, Nature Walk, Crocodile Walk, Camping etc.

When Should you go- November to June.

Total Cost- 2000 INR per person for Weekends. This includes food, stay and nature guide for one night and two days.

Enquire About- Elephant Safaris, Individual stories of each tiger, Cultural Programs, Crocodile Walk etc.

Yes Factor- High probability of Tiger spotting, Chance to spend time in extreme proximity with nature!


For Booking, you can contact Himanshu Kalia(+91-9451758642). You can also visit the official website- http://katerniaecowildlife.com/

We give special discount on online bookings. Also, people who are in touch with us on social networking websites can avail lucrative discounts. Please feel free to contact us, in-case you need some more information.






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