A Poem About Me!



I have a lot of words,
Like sky full of birds!
But should I put them and arrange,
Caging birds, I find it strange!
I speak with the same tune,
To the Boss and the Peon!

I like talking about wine,
Impulsive-Mistake not mine!
I like playing Pool,
Makes me look Cool!
I love talking Revolution,
That seems to be the only Solution!
I love travelling places,
Meet people of different races!
I am not a Deal Done,
There is a lot to be won!

– Rohan Kalia Sufi!




  1. Dear Rohan !

    Though i do not have glittering words of praise..!
    yet i wish almighty bless you with all of his grace !!

    words are words …! but to decorate them, is an Art.
    How thoughts reach 2 others, it’s a very difficult part..

    when You are near to success, redefine your goal.
    seek it, read it, beat it and make a good score.

    Best of luck ..

    My Wishes Always
    with you .

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