The Laughter……The Humour…….Three of us!


I guess humour is the most significant activity of human brain. It brings zeal to life. It brings refreshment to life which otherwise becomes monotonous. Furthermore, humour is a great vehicle for getting a message across. I consider humour something pious as well. Life otherwise, is full of agony and pain. As quoted by Thomas Hardy- “Happiness is but a short interlude, in the general drama of pain.”

 I have been blessed with people possessing great “sense of humour”. But a couple of people I lived with have the best of the lot. They are so bloody spontaneous. One of them is in United States (Uncle Sam we love you) and the other one has lost interest in humour these days (I guess). We three had such good time together, that I am compelled to write this post today. We would laugh like anything, cracking jokes even in desperate situations. That is another great thing about humour. Once you start practicing humour, you develop an ability and acumen to tackle tough situations with a smile on your face.

 One guy from our Trio is a Bengali lad. He is tall, actually someone with Colossus like figure. The other guy is a slim guy with fantastic dressing sense. His typical Bihari-UP jokes can tickle anyone’s funny bone. We would have “shayaris” together, watch funny Govinda Movies together, discuss Rajnikant and watch late night online shopping “King Size Adds” together.

 And I still remember (and miss) the “hand-shaking”, whenever anything said was expected to evoke laughter. There was an emotional association among us. And humour and the mutual taste for humour made that bond even stronger. Well I finish this post right here hoping those days will come back again. And the memories remain vivid and beautiful ever.

 “And I still remember (and miss) the “hand-shaking”, whenever anything said was expected to evoke laughter.”




















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