Comrade talks about Che!


Some youngsters were discussing “Politics” at a public place. Each one of them had his individual views. Everyone had his own ideology. A young lad said- “It is like hell everywhere, who to vote for??”……….Another guy synchronized his thought saying- “They are all corrupts!” Suddenly came a young lad, riding a dusty vintage Bike! The visor of the Bike had three letters written on it-“CHE”. He was wearing an Ernesto Tee as well!



A guy from that bunch of youngsters exclaimed- “Sexy Bike…..This is some awesome stuff!”…….A girl asked with curiosity- “What is this CHE??”…………The Comrade replied- “It is a Thesaurus for Revolution! It is about a man who fought for cultural change.” Another girl replied- “Yes, I have heard about him. He is known all over the world. His face is also used by many T-shirt brands.” ………….The Comrade smiled-“Yeah, you got it plumb!”                                                                      


The Comrade took out a cigarette from his pocket and lighted it. “So, what were you guys discussing??”- asked the Comrade………….“We were discussing the pathetic condition of politicians in our country, they are all corrupts.”- said a young boy with disgust in his voice. The Comrade replied- “You are people who can bring about a change, a revolution. CHE didn’t care about personal freedoms and rights. In fact, he wanted individualism to disappear from the nation. Thinking about us instead of thinking for the nation is a criminal act. CHE believed that youth must dedicate themselves to study, work and military services.”


 Everyone was amazed by his words. A young girl asked- “What is your name??”…………The Comrade replied- “People who know who CHE Guevara was and what he did, are actually called COMRADES!” The Comrade kick-started his bike and left. When you talk about politics, look for balanced debates. We live in an independent country and we fought long and hard for our independence. Only we can bring about a change in the present political scenario.

Long live CHE- Long live revolution!








One comment

  1. Man! u Nailed it this tyme…!!!!
    i am getting to know u better….
    i hope u think like this in the future and make a change come to this little world of ours called India!

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