It’s all about words……And words are all we have!


Writing they say is an Art! Whatever you have in mind, or more importantly in heart, can be expressed with ease and effect. The genre, the words, the grammar, the style; they all hardly matter, if you write with heart. Some write for money, some for fame and some for satisfaction. Actually, it all depends!

 Aryan was driving his bike with great satisfaction and the intensity he usually carried. He would park his bike anywhere, grab a piece of paper and start writing. He could write anywhere, place didn’t really matter! Writing was something he liked. Though, people didn’t like it a lot!

 He parked his bike in a corner to have a smoke. He took out a cigarette from his bag, lighted it. “Whenever you smoke, it reveals you to yourself”- that’s what he said. While smoking, he took out a scrap of paper from his pocket and started writing. Just as he finished scribbling, he started looking at people here and there! He saw a girl standing. Aryan went to her and said with great confidence and style- “Read this”. The girl gave an intimidated look. Aryan handed over that piece of paper to her. She read it, had a smile on her face. “Nice, actually awesome”- she said. Aryan replied- “When you write something, you carry a crave to be read. And when you are appreciated, especially by a girl. It feels even better!”


Aryan started moving, she followed him. “Excuse me, do you know me?” ……..“No”-replied Aryan. “But who are you?”- asked the girl.

“I am the youth”- said Aryan.

“What do you mean by the youth?”- asked the girl.

“Yes youth, hormones assuring every emotion would be felt to the fullest. I see the world around me full of colour and beauty!”- replied Aryan with zeal in his voice.

“Do you mean I am beautiful?” – The girl asked.

“Every thought I scribbled down, stamps your beauty. My pen blazed with declaration”- replied Aryan.

Aryan kick-started his bike and left. The girl stood there in confusion and agitation.

 “It’s all about words, and words are all we have!”







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