You Actually Live Alone……..May Be Not!


You may live in the hallucination of being accompanied by a hell lot of people, but you actually live alone. People come and they leave (thank God they do). It is really amazing how people come, touch your life and leave as if you never existed in their life. But, to be candid, I do the same! Life is all about exploration, meeting new people, learning new cultures and moving on. This whimsical post actually is a sort of confession. I put people in certain categories, each having its own importance. I personally want to thank them that they touched my life. But more importantly, the “awesomeness” lies in the fact that they made an exit! Just at the right time, when I wanted space to accommodate new beings!




I am usually friends with anybody. Yes, that is true. But the pool of friends around me keeps changing. I will hang out with a group of buddies for a while and then it’s over. I do it because; all I want is to meet people of same psychology for some time. Learn their habits, read their minds and move on. That is exactly how you learn different shades of life. I have been music lovers, travellers, good-for-nothing guys (that is what the society calls them), the drunkards, the nerds etc. It is not that I forget them; they are always remembered (once in a while).




Girls, to be frank exude thoughtlessness in my mind. I carry sort of mixed emotions for them. Sometimes (actually, most of the times), a girl for me, is exploration of all that is physical! And sometimes, it’s about exploration of the mind and thoughts. Some girls make me behave like an old. While, some pull out the child inside me. I don’t really know, but usually I mess it up with girls. This is the only art or skill, that has nothing to do with experience, I guess. I have met some interesting girls too, but again they made an early exit! One thing I found common among all the girls that I have met, they all think they are good looking. May be sir John Lennon was right-

 “When you say, she is looking good;

  She acts as if it’s understood”.


 To sum up, friends come in my life and exit. Girls come in my life and exit. But I tell you, I never forget them. Even, when I am alone, I am actually not (I sound like a paranoid)! I have the memories, the good days, the flash backs, the sky. And the fact that they made an exit from your life, gives you the luxury to imagine life if you had them with you!

“The Streets are filled with moments………you just need to steal a few from it.”  




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