Little LuckNow, published by Parlance Publishers

Childhood is deprived of malice or any other worldly vices. Love is the most amazing feeling in this universe. Childhood coupled with Love, can be miraculous in itself. A child’s heart is pure; it can feel the rhythm of love without any glitches. Love can do wonders. It can instigate wars; it can make you do whimsical stuff! Love as they say, has no barriers of class, religion or “age”. But, can a child fall in love? Normally, we associate the young people, teenagers in particular, with love.

 But can a child fall in love and actually mean it? Nitya Prakash, a well-known author, answers this question in his latest novel “Little LuckNow”. A breath taking story of Kapil, an eleven year old boy who falls in “true love”. The story takes us into the psychologies of a child. The narration is captivating and makes us plunge deep into Kapil’s mind.

 Little LuckNow is the third novel by Nitya Prakash. Previously, he has written two novels- “Dear, I hate you”, a romantic fiction that moved our hearts and souls. And “RIP- In the name of Love”, a thriller jam-packed with twists and turns.

 “Little Lucknow” is the first book to be published by Parlance Publishers, a new publishing house that is the outcome of hard work, dedication, devotion and determination.  The three youngsters that led to the formation of Parlance Publishers are Aman Sharma, Pankaj Agrawal and Ritesh Agrawal.


 “Little Lucknow” has already become the “talk of the town”.  It is being marketed by Authors Empire Literary Company, a literary organization that provides literary agents, book marketing and editorial services.

 The Grand book launch is scheduled on 25th July at Vesta Maurya Palace Jaipur. There could not be a better place for a Grand and majestic launch, then Jaipur- “The Royal City”.

 With a fresh new concept, innovative story line and a simple-sweet theme, Little Lucknow is sure to be a Blockbuster on the best seller charts very soon.


–          A report by Rohan Kalia 


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