Habits…….Let Them Prevail!


A man is known by the habits he keeps! I have been a store-house of uncanny habits myself. It is due to such uncanny habits of mine that people find me boring and irritating sometimes (though some find me interesting big time). I have another strange habit of observing habits! I try my best to notice what people around me do on a regular basis. Now, after reiterating this habit (of noticing people) for years, it happens almost automatically.

 If the habits persist, they culminate into culture. Most of the cultural practices are an outcome of a habit, I guess! If you observe people around you in a public place, you are sure to find people with strange habits. If you talk in terms of phycology, habits heavily hinge upon age and mental state. You
will easily find a brat who touches his cheeks in anxiety. Someone, who bites his nails or crosses his feet when nervous.

 Habit for me, is a cardinal part of your personality. They become an insignia of yours. As you grow old, you tend to hold onto these habits tenaciously. With age, creeps in a fear of holding on to things! You undergo an unusual pressure, as if the whole world is trying to change you from the core (and that happens also). Even if you want to change them, it becomes pretty impossible. As they say- “Some habits lie too old to be changed”.

 Observe things around you with a free mind and an uncontaminated soul. You may find many soothing and interesting things. “Talk” as much as you can (as I do)! It is all about words, and words are all we have! Life can sometimes become taxing, stay original and you can mitigate the trauma! It is just about the “small” things, that ultimately makes the “big” difference. Keep your core unaltered, stick to your natural habits (the good ones actually). And you will feel that the noose of this worldly pressure, loosens a little!



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